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24 Nov 2013
Exchange of comments between both coaches after Depor’s manager stated in midweek that his team is able to win this game. Vázquez didn’t confirm if he’s going to repeat the lineup, while explained that the presence of Uxío brings balance.

Claudio Barragán Escobar is a well-known figure for the Deportivismo; he played during four years at Depor and was one of the strikers during the Super Depor era (between 1991 & 1995). His career at Depor was crowned with the Copa Del Rey in 1995 and ended making 114 appearances at Primera scoring 35 goals.

He was transferred to UD Salamanca in 1995 and also played for Elche CF. Precisely in this club he began his career as a coach. He was the assistant of Galician coach David Vidal and was named as the head coach for the Segunda matchday 07 of the season 2008/09. He had an acceptable first year clinching the permanence, but was fired one year later.

And the Valencian man found the success as a coach at SD Ponferradina, club where he has spent the last four years –curiously the job was offered to Fernando Vázquez first- He landed at the middle of the season 2010/11 when the team was fighting to survive at Segunda, he didn’t clinch the permanence, but one year later was allowing a quick return to Liga Adelante, Then, for the season 2012/13, he made a phenomenal job ending seventh at the standings and just missing the promotion seats by the tie-breaker with UD Las Palmas. For this season his goal is once again the permanence and this is his first official confrontation against Fernando Vázquez.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon; he talked to reporters for fourteen minutes. He spent almost the half of the time explaining that he didn’t want to offend anyone when he said in midweek that his team was perfectly able to win this game, this after the complaints of Claudio, “I don’t know what he could have understood; I was hailing his team. In any case in my career there was never a moment in which I disrespected anyone. I always admire my rivals. In the specific case of Ponferradina I had a total respect for their incredible work. I respect their fans and their stadium was always complicated. I respect their players; I would like to have some of them on here.”

“Neither had I wanted to disrespect someone like Claudio Barragán. But it was normal what I said, because I said that my team is capable of winning there, and also said that he would also think the same of his team. I have plenty of confidence in my players. We’ll try to win, that’s all I said. I’m careless of what Claudio can say and only care of what the fans can believe, because I respect them. I respect Claudio Barragán too, because he’s doing a great job in a modest club.” He added regarding the issue.

The Galician coach doesn’t understand the reasons why he was suspended for this game, this after been shown a yellow card against RCD Mallorca, “It was a hard hit for me. I was expecting to be down there. I didn’t know the expulsion in Zaragoza was going to be included in the list of yellow cards. I thought it was four yellow cards, but now I’m suspended for one more game. It’s difficult to explain it. They aren’t showing me yellow card for insulting, this time I just opened my arms because I was complaining after the referee whistled a foul to Manuel Pablo that wasn’t… in any case I need to be more serene and careful.”

About Ponferradina, El Profesor stated that,  “They only lost a few times at home and it could lead you to think that they won’t fail anymore, but it’s just an statistic, because you’ll realize that a team, after losing at home, is more insecure. I see things like that. They lost recently against Tenerife and then Lugo, and it should bring them the feeling that they aren’t so strong, which is favourable to us.”

He was asked if the lineup of the past game is going to be repeated, but his short response was, “There are chances”. Then he explained why the presence of Uxío Marcos brings more balance to his team, I believe that the list of picked players is now more balanced, because now there’s one more centre-back; the other day we only had two. We are losing Antonio [Núñez], which is a hard hit for him, but I believe our team is more balanced now.”

Once again the Castrofeito-born coach was insisting that Deportivo need to improve in offense, “We still have to improve. We need to be better in this aspect. Many of my players still have to offer more, I know they have more, but for some certain reasons it has been hard for them to show this up. Evidently I recognize that some of them have improved, but I believe we can offer more. Let’s see if we can show it. We can improve in a collective sense, but also individually. “

Finally, Vázquez was asked about next week’s derby against CD Lugo, “Emotionally a derby is different, but the maths are the maths and the three points in Ponferrada have the same value that the ones against Lugo. But surely there’s more emotion and it’s an important game as it’s a direct rival. We must try to win in Ponferrada and then against Lugo, then against Alavés, Numancia and so on.”

Ponferradina’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he was remembering his stage at the Galician club, “Without doubt I'm history at Deportivo, because I played four seasons there and I’m grateful to them in all aspects as I was always welcomed there, but right now my head is focused in Ponferradina. My only story is the Deportiva and we’ll fight to get the three points on Sunday.”

He wasn’t content after knowing that Fernando Vázquez said in midweek that Depor have enough skills to pick up the victory at El Toralín, “The protagonists must be the players. We cannot talk as we can disrespect the rival, but it isn’t my style. I never disrespected any team. If he’s convinced then it’s a signal that he has faith, but I also have faith in my team.”

The Valencian coach was also talking of his squad, “We are a fearful team; the only thing we are missing is the last pass, as it happened in the previous meeting against Lugo, so we need to fix these details. I believe the team is fine and have faith in this squad.”

About Deportivo the comment was, “The league is too long and there’s no doubt they have a great team, especially in defense, because they have allowed only a few goals and it’s says a lot about them. Off course it’s a tough team to beat. Against them we need to be strong and to not allow their attacks, and we also need to be dogs up front. It all depends of our inspiration on Sunday. Their team is going from less to more, but we must valorize them at the end of the season; off course their goal is to return to Primera División.”

Finally, Claudio was asked about the possibility of repeating the presence of some of the players at the lineup, but only answered that, “There are people dragging some issues and therefore we have to wait until Saturday to know how they will respond. You always try to make things with a good intention, though not always you guess right.”



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