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26 Nov 2013
The papers emphasized that Deportivo have reached the leadership at Segunda, they also analyzed the virtues, mainly defensive strengths, of a team that achieves the results without doing too much during the meetings.

Deporte Campeón: Depor takes over. You cannot ask for more. Deportivo won their fourth straight game and took advantage of the failure of Recreativo de Huelva to claim the lead at Segunda División. Fifteen matchdays after the start of the hard tournament Fernando Vazquez’s men take the lead thanks to their identity. Strong defense, commitment on the field, to know how to take advantage of the favorable wind in the games... These keys have catapulted the Galicians within the recent matchdays to command the silver league.

Vazquez repeated the starting eleven that won last weekend against Mallorca. He chose the same actors for a different scenario though El Toralín seemed, at times, as a thumbnail Riazor. Everything was white and blue and the spirit of the Galicians beat the one of the locals at the stands. Fifteen matchdays after the beginning of this new adventure at Segunda for Depor, competing with much larger squads, against illustrious veterans, a couple of good signings and encouraging homegrown players are forming the basis of the team, Vazquez´s men have taken the lead in the championship. No. You cannot ask for more. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Depor is a juicer. The new leader at Segunda Division is Deportivo La Coruña. Fernando Vázquez’s team conquered the top of the standings at the same time they reached the zenith of its style on this season: to squeeze the errors of the rival and when they don’t commit errors, then exploit their individual resources and their experience. It was the case of the game in El Toralín: a penalty in the only combinative action for the memory allowed the goal of Culio, and Lux showed his caste as an Argentine international with his best performance at Deportivo. The Argentine keeper made three key saves against Ponferradina, side that suffered in the flesh everything that has converted Depor into the leader of Segunda, a condition that was conquered before thousands of fans that turned El Toralín into a small Riazor.

Rarely (maybe leaving behind the performance at the Mini Estadi ) Depor exaggerated so much its features on this season as it happened in Ponferrada. A spark of combination produced the penalty on Luisinho that was transformed by Culio and then the Galician team clung to its proverbial defensive security and, especially, to the inspiration of Lux, who showed his international class. Two saves by the Argentine (plus a spectacular action annulled for an offside) weighed as much or more in the game than the goal of Culio. Because Depor barely had the ball, because they didn’t wanted it and because they didn’t have it too much after Ponferradina were losing it.

The game was stuck in the second part, continuous interruptions, changes ... Slower pace with the passage of minutes, a perfect setting for a Depor that seized the slightest advantage conceded by the opponent or the higher quality of its squad. The quality players walked on tip toes in the games, men like Juan Dominguez, but Depor left El Toralín as the leader after Lux had his best game at Deportivo. Victory and leadership, full party for the thousands that travelled to Ponferrada. Miguel Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña:  Lux rises the new leader. Deportivo grows and grows from the defensive line, reinforced last night by German Lux and his saves, a few  but meritorious . His performance was critical for the Galician team that returns to A Coruña with three points and the leadership. They command Segunda, mainly because it’s a team. A team with bold letters. Solidary, sacrificed and capable of doing the job in such difficult scenarios like El Toralín, one of those fields that, no matter what Claudio says, it is an obligation to aspire to the victory in order to dream with the promotion. Depor didn’t need too much to achieve the fourth straight win. They didn’t even need the ball.

It was enough with the penalty committed over Luisinho transformed by Culio on the half-hour mark. Later they learned to administrate their advantage, as so often occurs when the team plays on the road during this season. Vazquez’s team feels comfortable when it gets ahead on the scoresheet. It is a compact unit, very difficult to break. They don’t give any advantage, practically nothing. There are no facilities and the rivals end mad, desperate before the orderly and efficient defensive system of the Galicians.

Last night the only response from Ponferradina came in set-pieces. It had many free-kicks near the area, enough to win the prize of a goal, but the few times they surprised the defense Lux showed up to keep a clean sheet for the ninth time in fifteen matchdays. It’s easy to say it, but it’s an outstanding statistic, the better to explain why Deportivo are now leading Segunda. A place of honor built from honesty and commitment to a short squad, but generous in the efforts and with a clear plan, which has been created by Fernando Vazquez to obtain the most from the players he has. Possibly not the most attractive or appealing to the viewer, but it’s the best under the circumstances. They’re playing to win, not to please, and the Galician team is specializing on that, planning practical games. The team barely does the necessary tasks to win and so far, it’s enough with that. Eugenio Cobas.

AS: Culio puts Deportivo at the top with a controversial penalty. Deportivo took the victory, and the leadership, from El Toralín virtually without making the merits in a game in which Ponferradina had the ball possession and that was decided by a debatable penalty of Carpio over Luisinho, action that was transformed by Culio at the half-hour mark. Deportivo took the field with a very clear idea: to leave the ball to Ponferradina and wait for a failure to hunt down them in the counterattacks. The result of this, Claudio’s men had the ball in the first half, but they were unable to overcome the double line of four men in front of Lux’s goal.

Although the opportunities were for the locals, Deportivo was the side that claimed the lead. Carpio fouled Luisinho inside the box. A penalty discussed by Los Bercianos that was seized by Culio. With the passage of minutes, Deportivo were getting more delayed on the pitch, but Ponferradina couldn’t find the path to Lux’s goal. Acorán, the most active local attacker, tried it on a loose ball inside the area, but the keeper of Deportivo pulled out the shot with his legs. The Canarian had the tie three minutes before the end, but Lux showed up gain to avoid it and give the leadership to a Deportivo that added three points barely deserving it.Alex Estébanez

Diario de Leon: Depor goes out from El Toralín as the leader. RC Deportivo beat Ponferradina  0-1 in a duel in which, perhaps, the fairest thing would have been a tie. But football knows nothing of justice and without doing too much Ponferradina did enough to deserve a goal. Its opponent, doing little, did score and won.

The game won’t enter into history. Ponferradina aren’t living a lucid moment, what leads them to concede goals and lose with the opponent almost doing nothing to deserve it. Of the four most offensive men on the pitch the brightest one was Acorán, and that taking in mind that since a while ago he hasn’t being so critical. On his boots were the best opportunities for the locals, mainly a header in a free-kick of Samuel that had as response a great save by Lux, though it was annulled for offside.  Roberto Otero



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