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26 Nov 2013
Fernando Vázquez didn’t give importance to the fact of been the leader at this point of the season and also admitted that he was expecting more from his team. The players were happy for the result and for been at the top of the standings.

Despite the victory, coach Fernando Vázquez wasn’t totally happy with the performance of his team, “I was waiting for a little more from my team. For our way to play we are solid at defense, but in attack we are only doing the necessary in order to win. Let’s see if someday we can do our best to achieve the impossible.”

“So far it has been enough with defending. We want to play in attack when the team has the ball possession, but it has been hard to us. Ponferradina didn’t allow us, they pressed us and took the ball away from us. In any case it was what I expected. For our team, the fans and taking in mind our situation, to win the game was the important thing. No one can deny that Deportivo worked hard, with that, and our great goalkeeper, we avoided to see Ponferradina scoring a goal.” He added.

With the victory Depor are the new leaders in the league, but the Galician coach didn’t give importance to it, “This is a long race. The important thing is to add points. It doesn’t matter if it’s now or at the end. We have added an important number of points, we still without losing in our more recent games and it’s vital, but the important thing comes at the end of May. We are content off course, but the leadership doesn’t have any value, it’s useless, though you are always feeling warm up there.”

Lux and Culio were the best players in the match, and the Castrofeito-born coach was aware of it, “Culio is improving; I changed his position and he's feeling looser as he has lesser defensive tasks. He scored the goal and has that point of leadership. About Lux, it’s a luxury to have him as a goalkeeper; his name says it all [he laughed]”

Finally, Vázquez wanted to thank to the big support of the fans that travelled to Ponferrada for the game, “The fans are the strength of my team. To all of them we are dedicating this victory. They follow us everywhere, today it was massive in a near city, and the love transmitted to my team is impressive.”

Álex Bergantiños admitted that the team didn’t play pretty, but emphasized the importance of the three points, “This has been a hard worked victory, maybe it wasn’t pleasant to watch as there were only a few opportunities. The important thing is that we claimed the lead with the penalty and since then the team knew how to suffer. Ponferradina bet in the aerial game and we had to clear out all the balls. In the end we clinched an away victory and that’s the important thing.”

Pablo Insua was content with the defensive performance of the team, “We are having a solid performance at the back; the team is feeling secure. When we claim the lead the rivals are incapable to turn down the score. Today we committed a lot of fouls, but I believe that we were pretty good at defense. The team knows what we are doing and I believe that we have our own identity.”

Juan Carlos commented that, “We are content for the three points and the leadership; this is a tough stadium, so we are content. We are going game by game and are passing through a positive streak. We are working hard every week and luckily we are clinching the results doing little. Let’s see if we can keep the streak.”

Javier Arizmendi was a starter in the game and also wanted to thank the support of the fans, "The true is that any flattery for the fans is falling short; they always supported us and it's something to thanks. The good thing is that we were able to respond with a victory."

About the game, the Madrilenian commented that, “We were able to score a goal and after that we were able to keep the clean sheet. It isn't easy to win here. It's important to have clinched four straight victories, but now we must think in how to face a good team like Lugo. We are strong at defense, though our offensive level has been poor. But I believe we can improve. Ponferradina try to play football and I believe it will be a rival to have in mind."

Diego Seoane was a starter for the second straight opportunity; he commented that, “The true is that the game was complicated, but we are doing the right things and are progressing. It was an ugly match to play and we claimed the three points. Now we face Lugo in a pretty game facing a rival that’s also at the top.”

Striker Luis Fernández was emphasizing the leadership in the league, “I am content for playing again as a starter and especially for clinching the three points and been the leaders. It brings morale to the team. We are working hard, our philosophy is to keep a clean sheet and seize the first opportunity that we can get; in this way we got the three points.”

At Ponferradina, Claudio Barragán was content despite the defeat, “All the defeats are painful, but I’m content with the attitude of my team and my players.  It’s difficult to create opportunities before this Deportivo, and they made big saves against the chances that we created. We won’t change our way to play. I’m sure our streak is going to change. Today we tried, but were facing the team with the lesser number of goals allowed in the league. We are in the right path despite the results haven’t been favourable within the last games.”

About Depor, the ex-striker of the Super Depor team said that, “I can only wish the best to Fernando Vázquez, because Deportivo is in my heart. I don’t want more problems with him. I wish the best to him and to his team. I also want to congratulate their fans as they behaved and also for the victory.”

Around 1,500 Depor’s fans travelled for the game; the environment was a party prior and during the game, but there were problems after the final whistle. Many fans and some journalists denounced that the police charged against them without any provocation. What happened is that a few fans jumped into the pitch in order to celebrate with the players and the police didn’t like it. There were some arrests and it was reported that some persons suffered minor injuries.

Fernando Vázquez also had problems as he was at the stands –joined by Depor’s security chief and the spokesman of the club- a person insulted him and the coach commented the issue, “Someone at the stands told me something ugly. I don’t know the motives. I guess they were upset for the defeat, but we came here in order to win. I don’t think this has anything to do with the declarations of Claudio. I always respected Ponferradina, because I had my motives to love this city.”



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