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14 Dec 2013
The current president of Deportivo presented his candidacy to re-election during an act that took place on Thursday. There are minor changes at his team, while he plans a re-organization, including the expansion of the academy’s project.

Augusto César Lendoiro finally presented his candidacy to re-election. Clearly it is a program based in the achievements made during the past 25 years, just to point out the facts that the he chose the mythic Colegio Salesiano –the place where he was elected president for the first time- in order to make his presentation and that the slogan of the campaign is “confidence & history”

Three were the main axes explained during his presentation

1- Organisation: His planned board of directors will continue to be composed by three men; two are his all-time friends Felipe Marcos & Jesús Rebollo. The novelty is that former player and former sporting director Antonio Eduardo López ‘Beci’ is going to replace Pachi Dopico, who announced his retirement. There’s also a planned reorganization inside the club, with external teams focused in legal, commercial and financial issues.

2- The administration process: The future of the club is going through the agreement with the creditors and the meeting to take place on January 10. Lendoiro already has a verbal agreement with the banks and with several of the creditors representing at least the 50% of the total, which would guarantee the votes for the club’s plan. However, there’s no agreement yet with the Tax Agency, the major creditor of the club.

3- Future plans: The plan of the current president is to expand the academy project, which includes to build up two more pitches at Abegondo (artificial turf) and to hire more scouts in order to get the best youngsters in Galicia. At the same time there’s the plan to reinforce the relation with Jorge Mendes and allow the participation of investment groups at the club.

Also worth to mention the brand new “Galician feeling” surrounding the figure of the president, starting with the fact that his entire press conference was in Galician, while he talked of proposing a new shirt with the Galician flag –probably a second kit- and a new anthem for the club.

The slogan of the campaign: “confidence & history”

Lendoiro during the presentation

Lendoiro talked for almost one and a half hours surrounded by friends

From left to right: Beci, Felipe Marcos, Lendoiro & Rebollo

The president remembered the achievements of the club during his period, “This must grow up. When we landed here the club only had twenty-one years at Primera, now it had the double, forty-two. We clinched six titles that are pretty to anyone. This is football, nothing else, and we understand a lot about this. Deportivo is the only obligation I have with the fans. Many people only remember us because we brought Evaldo and Manteca [Martinez[, but we also brought Bebeto.”

Two of the axes in his speech were the promotion to Primera and the agreement with the creditors in order to close the administration case of the club, “Our campaign won’t be offensive and we aren’t going to tell jokes. There are only two subjects that we want to discuss: the agreement and the promotion.”

“The solution is going through a good agreement with the creditors, one that can be fulfilled and we need time to do it. We are asking for the same treatment gave to other clubs. We aren’t asking for favours, because we want to pay the debt. The only thing that should matter is to clinch the promotion and we need to play this game together, no matter who wins the elections.” He added.

In the rest of the presentation –it last one and a half hours- Lendoiro continued listing the good things done in the past 25 years and also emphasized the good prices always offered to the socios. He once again left an open door to Jorge Mendes, who should be in A Coruña in the coming days according to his words. “Deportivo is viable and if we have an important viability then it could allow the return of our successes.” He finalized.



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