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19 Dec 2013
Antonio Núñez admitted that the club is negotiating the extension of his contract, which is ending on December 31. The winger said that he remains tranquil and is thankful for the confidence of the club.

Winger Antonio Núñez hasn’t had a positive start of season; the injuries and his late arrival have limited his participation to only 138 minutes distributed in six games. His contract is curious as it’s lasting until December 31, this as a consequence of the salary cap at la liga and the current situation of the club.

It means that the upcoming game against CD Numancia could be his last at Deportivo. Coach Fernando Vázquez has already said in public that he wants to keep the winger, and on Wednesday the player himself told to reporters during a press conference that all the parties involved are already negotiating.

Despite the deadline is approaching, Núñez told to reporters that he remains calm, “Three or four weeks ago… the day after I suffered the injury they told me that I should remain calm, because their intention was to renew my contract; that they’ll try it and that I should be focused in my recovery. Nothing more. The coach also informed it at the time. He counts with me and everything is fine.”

“I am calm and have patience, because I’m conscious that I’ve been off for the past matchdays and the only thing to do is to keep working in order to be at the top. Also to participate in all the possible games, and then the issue of the renewal is in the hands of the club, the administrators of whoever is responsible.” He added.

The winger is conscious of his physical problems and wanted to thank the coach for the confidence, “Since the first day I thankful with both, the coach and the club, for the opportunity; even with the bad luck I had with the injuries they counted with me and surely it’s something to thank. My contract ends in fifteen days and for now I’m patient. I am not nervous with the issue, because they already told me their plans and I’m only waiting for the call.”

He is optimistic about the future and even joked about the duration of the new contract, “For what I know we are pending of the administrator’s approval and his permission, but it’s in their hands. As far as I understand the new contract is until June, but if they want to give me an extra year then I will be delighted [he laughed].”

Finally, Antonio Núñez didn’t want to valorize his performance after the first 18 matchdays in liga, “The coach is who valorizes my performance, I just have tried to yield in all the minutes I had. Besides, according to the circumstances, the coach has trusted in me as he gave me minutes in all the games despite I hadn’t been at the top. Let’s hope this confidence will remain and that I can also contribute to the team.”



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