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27 Dec 2013
It was a tough year for Depor’s youngsters; the financial situation had an impact and some players left, but Depor has had important results in the second part of the year. Juvenil A is fighting for the title for the first time in three years.

2013 was a year of sacrifice and shortage at Depor’s academy. The financial crisis and the administration process dragged the problems to Depor’s youngest teams. The most resounding problem was the famous conflict with the buses, the conveyance that allowed the kids to attend to Abegondo and that was cancelled in order to save money.

Several kids left the club as to go training was an impossible mission for them and their parents, but a few of them left Deportivo as they had better offers, it’s the case of the Leira brothers or Julio Delgado, the latter one of the three players that joined RC Celta causing a conflict with the club from Vigo.

But the true is that the problems haven’t affected the results of the major part of the teams, actually some of them have improved. That’s the case of Juvenil A, after missing a title within the last three years the team coached by Jaime Sánchez ended the year fighting with RC Celta for the first place at División de Honor.

This team only made three signings, but the performance of players like centre-back Hugo Díaz, midfielders Diego Enjamio and Gabi Sanin, plus attackers Samu, Pancho Cotos and Manu Nogueira have revitalized the team.

The exception on this season has been Juvenil B, the team coached by Francisco Varela won the title at Liga Nacional during the season 2012/13, but currently is only third, eleven points behind surprising leader ED Val Miñor. But there are interesting players at this team, like right-back Pablo Marti, midfielder Álvaro Naveira and right winger Roi Peiteado, the latter signed from RC Celta.

Both Cadetes team remain competitive after winning the titles on their leagues during the season 2012/13. Cadete A with Juan Ignacio Subirán is currently second at División de Honor, three points behind RC Celta, once again lead by the performance of Aarón Sánchez, plus strikers Adrián Castro and Adrián Pose.

Meanwhile, Cadete B won the league at Liga Gallega on the previous season and is currently the leader on this campaign. Their solid results are in part possible thanks to the power of the attacking trio: Ruben Sande, Manu Mosquera and Manu Ramos. Midfielder Anton Concheiro has also exploded recently with his goals.

The other six teams at the club -Infantiles, Alevines & Benjamines- remain to be competitive though it’s also true that they perform in weak leagues without a major competition and playing matches in which the scores are usually big, as example the 33-0 win of Infantil B sawn two weeks ago.



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