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29 Dec 2013
Football is played on the pitch, but many times the words can end affecting the performance of any team. This first part is listing the best quotes related to Deportivo during the first six months of the year that’s ending.

The following is a collecting of the best quotes related to Deportivo that were made between January and June of 2013. Many of them were made at the press rooms of Abegondo and the Riazor, there also quotes from interviews and a couple of comments made in private conversations.

January 10: Augusto César Lendoiro trying to explain why the club went into administration:
"This is a pity, but it isn't a shame as we did everything possible in order to reach an agreement with the Tax Agency. The Treasury pushed us to make this decision, but we still think the same thing of the Ley Concursal. Now all we ask to receive the same treatment of the other clubs that were forced to enter into administration."

February 10: The fans at the Riazor chanting during the 0-3 loss at home against Granada CF:
”Less Portuguese players, more Galicians”

February 11: Domingos Paciência trying to explain why he was leaving Depor after only 44 days in the job:
“Apart from the mistakes we have committed, we have been very unlucky in decisive moments as well, and why not? The errors of the referees have been expensive.”

February 11: Fernando Vázquez surprised as Depor contacted him in order to sign for their first team:
"I feel excited. This is a difficult moment and I land here in order to help Deportivo. I didn't know Deportivo wanted to sign me. I was surprised. To save this team is my dream. It's complicated, but nothing is impossible.”

February 20: José Luis Naya, the ex-speaker of the Riazor, talking to reporters after announcing he was retiring after 44 years:
“It was the work of a lifetime and I always did it without earning any cent, because I was enchanted to be in front of the microphone in order to cheer up people.”

March 13: Iago Aspas before the Galician derby played at the Riazor (3-1 win for Depor)
“We are hoping to defeat them and choke them a little more. If we win in A Coruña then we will leave them with both feet at Segunda."

March 13: Juan Dominguez on the chances for both Celta and Depor to clinch the permanence:
“I believe it’s possible to see both clubs saved. I believe we both can go out from there. They’ve more points. Actually any side currently in relegation can go out of there. That’s why I cannot rule out anyone. There’s hope until the mathematics say so.”

March 16: Celta’s defender Hugo Mallo after his polemic pictures from the Derby
”This badge doesn’t deserve this. I ask for apologies. I am screwed up. It won’t happen again. I ask apologies to Deportivo and their players. I didn’t want to offend. Besides, it’s a club that had a nice gesture with me when I got injured.”

March 16: Carlos Marchena explaining the red card of Iago Aspas during the derby:
“I don’t know him to have an opinion if he loses his mind or not. Today he just made a mistake. That’s it. Sometimes these things happen during the games. He hit me with the head and the referee saw it. There’s no doubt that I have a large experience, but it had nothing to do with it. It’s a big mistake when the referee sees it. Nothing more.”

March 23: Domingos Paciência trying to explain once again why he left Deportivo:
“I heard the chant: less Portuguese, more Galicians and I didn’t expect for that. The fans always had an exceptional behavior, encouraging the players and everything else. But suddenly they began singing it and attacking our players; they scratched the car of one of my assistants. We didn’t deserve that, so I went and talked to club’s officials and told them I couldn’t continue, it was better that they should seek for a Spanish coach, who understands better how things work on there.”

April 07: Aythami Artiles asking for apologies after denying to shake hands with Fernando Vázquez after been replaced in the 3-2 win over Real Zaragoza:
“The coach replaced me and later the partners told me that he wanted to give me his hand, I don’t know. I just didn’t watch him. I want to apologize. I simply didn’t watch him as I was upset. I want to ask apologies to the fans, the club and my partners, because these things can happen.”

April 14:   Levante’s Juan Ignacio Martinez after his team was beaten 0-4 by Depor:
“This was that rough day that you have at home. It was the worst home game since my arrival, but the responsible for this is only me. The guilty person is in front of you. It’s pretty hard to allow three goals in a matter of 27 minutes.”

April 29:   Judge Rafael Garcia warning the club and the creditors that they were the only responsible ones for the situation at Depor:
“This court won’t be the one saving the club. If all the parties involved cannot negotiate then this is over. It’s very clear.”

May 02:   Fernando Vázquez talking about the match-fixing scandal involving the game against Levante:
“There were some declarations from one player. I read about it and, as a Deportivista, fell offended. It’s my feeling. Now we, the Deportivistas, have a clear conscious and don’t know how the conscience of Barkero is. The games can be explained in thousand ways and under our current situation I think is unthinkable that our players haven’t been paid and that later we have the resources to pay for weird stuff. “

May 02: Riki talking about the match-fixing scandal involving the game against Levante:
”We’ve enough problems to be worried by what others say. If we left the drop zone it was by our own effort. I’m careless about this incident.”

May 03: Augusto César Lendoiro talking about the match-fixing scandal involving the game against Levante:
“This is outrageous. I waited two days to see if someone will ask for apologies to Deportivo, but nothing happened. If there’s a team that has been honorable in Spain, both legally and in a sporting sense, it is Deportivo. I hope Barkero understands the mess in which he entrapped himself, and unfortunately we are on it too.”

May 06: Julio César Maestre, one of the club’s administrators, talking of the problems lived by the players and their unpaid wages:
“This is not Madrid or Barcelona. Here there are players with tinny wages that haven’t been paid since last season. The city should build up a monument to the players. I know cases of clubs in administration in which the players refused to train. Some of them are living a very bad moment in a personal sense, because they maintain their family and are only getting 1,000 or 1,200 Euros per month.”

May 06: Javier Tebas, the president of the LFP, saying that Depor have nothing to do with the match-fixing scandal at Levante:
“No one is accusing Depor, because in this world of traps there also cases related to illegal gambling. Beyond the clubs we are investigating the players; I´m sure the clubs have nothing to do with this."

May 20: German Lux talking to Oliveira at the changing room after he shushed the fans in the 2-0 win over RCD Espanyol:
“What’s going on with you, do you want to send us back to Segunda?”

May 20:   Nélson Oliveira during a press conference after shushing the fans in the home clash against RCD Espanyol:
“I want to ask apologies to the fans, but I believe I had my reasons to… nothing justifies what I did yesterday, but it’s a reflection of what has happened throughout the season. In my opinion they whistled me a lot of times and it was unfair, because I was going out to play just for ten minutes and believe I couldn’t do more. I am not superman to go out and score a hat-trick in ten minutes, or something like that. But that’s just my opinion. The public have other opinion and must be respected.”

May 27: Fernando Vázquez after the 3-1 loss at Malaga CF in the penultimate matchday of the season:
“Surely we weren’t too far when I arrived to the team and now we depend of ourselves. The disappointment is big, the changing room is a little sad, but it means that we were hopeful of wining in Malaga. Now we have the last chance, the last bullet and it’s good.”

June 02: Fernando Vázquez after losing against Real Sociedad, result that sent Depor back to Segunda:
“You can notice what’s going on looking at my face, and it should tell you what’s going on at the changing room right now… the effort that we were requesting since months ago, the sacrifice and the slogan that yes we can, well it wasn’t enough. In the end we were unable to do it.”

June 02: Lendoiro after Depor suffered the relegation to Segunda:
“What can we say? It’s a sad night. What we were expecting, to save ourselves, it didn’t happen. But what we cannot deny is the support from the fans and the sacrifice of the players and the coaching staff. Now we must raise the head, because tomorrow is another day and we must return to Primera, the place where we should be due to our sporting and social status.”

June 02:   Aranzubia on the relegation of Deportivo:
“It’s a pity that we were unable to do it when it was so close, but we didn’t make a good season and, if we are going down, it is because we deserved it.”

June 02: Juan Domínguez on the relegation of Deportivo:
“The team didn’t deserve it, several players leave, among them Valerón, who doesn’t deserve this end, but football is like this and we must fight against a lot of things. It’s totally unfair our position at the standings. We fought against everything, passing through very delicate situations, changes on the bench; we rowed and rowed to end dying at the shore in a very unfair way.”

June 02: Valerón saying good-bye after thirteen years at the club:
“Deportivo will always be in my heart. I made the decision some weeks ago; sadly we couldn't clinch the goal. With all my love I want to thank you all for everything I lived here. This is not a retirement; just that my stage at Depor has ended. I spent too many years here and I'm tired. I'm at the limit."

June 02: Manuel Pablo as Valerón was leaving:
"The half of my life is leaving with him."

June 04: Riki announces that he’s leaving Depor after seven years in A Coruña:
“These seven years have been... I thought it would last more, but the last three were complicated and I need a change. I tried, but things don't work as you wish. I hope Deportivo will be fine. It will be always in my heart and this is a tough decision. Deportivo will always be in my heart.”

June 10: Fernando Vázquez on the goal for the new season after signing a renewal:
“We want to be as higher as possible, but having players from here. We want to work with youngsters, but also want to clinch the promotion on next season."

June 16: Manuel Pablo talking of Depor’s relegation:
“It was a bad season, and there are no excuses. You end out with a terrible feeling after suffering the relegation in the last matchday. We arrived to the last game in liga against Real Sociedad having options, we depended on ourselves and we failed. It’s what you have for been gambling with only one card.”

June 20: German Conchado, former lawyer of the club, talking of Lendoiro, his family and Ernesto Bello:
“If Augusto [Lendoiro] wants to stay then he will only, probably, lengthen the fall, which will be harder. He would have to shed weight, releasing part of his family, especially his maleficent brother in law, who is embedded in the structure of the club, also some of his more disloyal and useless collaborators, starting with the sporting director.”

June 23: José Luis Devesa, the coach of Fabril, talking of CD El Palo and the infamous promotion series against the Andalusians:
“I find it demeaning to have teams that are allowed to be in a national league with this behavior. People cannot come threatening you when nothing is happening. If I tell you what the players were told is to report it to the police. It’s cowardly and shameful.”

June 24:   Lendoiro on the rumours that Depor were going to suffer the relegation on June 30:
“It’s a lie that this will happen; these rumours just make the fans nervous. I don’t even want to talk about it, because these things make me mad. What will happen on June 30? Nothing. I insist nothing will happen.”



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