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30 Dec 2013
Veteran defender Manuel Pablo was the player with more minutes in 2013; Riki and Borja Bastón were the players that scored more goals, while Valerón, Bruno Gama and Culio were the ones with more assists.

Up to 43 players had minutes during the 42 official games disputed by Deportivo in 2013 (21 at Primera, 19 at Segunda and 2 in Copa Del Rey). Álex Bergantiños (35), Manuel Pablo (34) and Juan Dominguez (32) were the only ones that played in at least 30 matches.

There were seven academy players that performed with the first team during the year, mainly in the two matches played in Copa Del Rey: centre-backs Uxío Marcos, Stefan Deák, Quique Fornos, centre midfielder Paulo Teles, winger Jesús Cañizares ‘Cañi’, playmaker Javier Abruñedo ‘Bicho’ and striker Dani Iglesias.

Manuel Pablo was the player with more minutes during the year (2,885), a surprising stat taking in mind that the captain is also the elder player at the squad (37). Álex Bergantiños played one more game, but had lesser minutes (2,731), because he was normally a substitute during last season.

The list of the ten players with more minutes is completed with Juan Dominguez (2,686), Daniel Aranzubia (1,890), Luís Miguel Afonso ‘Pizzi’ (1,799), Bruno Gama (1,716), German Lux (1,710), Pablo Insua (1,763), Claudiano Bezerra ‘Kaká’ (1,585) and Carlos Marchena (1,581).

Deportivo only scored 50 goals in the year, and those goals were well distributed as 18 players scored at least once. So, it isn’t surprising that no one netted ten or more goals in the year. The top scorers in 2013 were Riki and Borja Bastón, both with seven goals added to their tallies.

Luis Fernández had the better average as he scored 5 goals in 935 minutes (1 goal every 187 minutes). Other important scorers in the year were Pizzi, Bruno Gama and Carlos Marchena, the three of them with four goals in favour.

Three players were the ones with more assists in the year: Bruno Gama, Juan Carlos Valerón and Juan Culio. The trio brought four assists. Pizzi gave three and there were six players with two: Manuel Pablo, Álex Bergantiños, Abel Aguilar, Juan Carlos Real, Antonio Núñez and Paulo Teles.

The most booked player was Juan Culio, the Argentine playmaker received nine yellow cards in the nineteen matchdays he has played at Segunda, previously Colombian Abel Aguilar saw eight yellows in the Primera matches played in 2013

Finally, nine players were sent off during the year. Six of them when Depor were playing at Primera: Manuel Pablo, Carlos Marchena, Silvio Azevedo, Abel Aguilar, Pablo Assunção and Evaldo Fabiano. Two were sent off with the team performing at Segunda: Luis Carlos Correia ‘Luisinho’ and Juan Culio. And the other expulsion took place during the Copa Del Rey: Stefan Deák.



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