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31 Dec 2013
Depor’s coach fears that Culio could leave after receiving an important offer and says that a new contract with the playmaker could be the solution. He also confirmed the renewal of Antonio Núñez and explained Arizmendi’s case.

Since Wednesday it’s a holiday, coach Fernando Vázquez decided to advance his midweek press conference to Monday, just before the first training of the week. El Profesor talked for twenty minutes, mainly trying to explain the case of Culio, who has an important offer in order to leave the club. He also talked of the summer window, the situation with Arizmendi’s injury and even confirmed that Antonio Núñez signed a renewal lasting until June 30. The following it’s a recompilation of what the coach said.

“Núñez has just renewed for Depor. It is the news of the day. It’s until the end of the season.”

“Nothing new. As you might know the lad has an important offer in order to leave. I was expecting that today he was going to be here training, but his flight was delayed in Madrid. He arrives later on the night. It’s the same old thing: important interests coming from outside the club and no one wants to cut a big chance for a player, though I, as the coach, am also defending the interests of Depor. Let’s see if we can fix it.”

“He arrives later in the day. Tomorrow he will be here and will have to talk to the club. He’s an important player. It’s clear. I would love to have him until the end of the season. Until he’s in front of me telling that it’s an important offer I cannot say anything else; we’ll see how we fix it. This is a negotiation and I don’t know what will happen. I believe the player could opt in asking something to the club and there could be a negotiation. I don’t know. If the player wants to leave then there will be a conflict, because evidently I am defending the interests of the club. For us it’s an important player. Still, we have to talk, so right now we are talking to the wind. He has a contract with Depor and I understand that he belongs to the club until the end of the season. It would be difficult to understand to see him leaving now, at least for me. “

“I haven’t talked to him, but know what he’s thinking through other persons. He would want to leave unless Deportivo can offer him a contract for three or four years, to say something. It’s like that. It’s our current situation, and it’s complicated taking in mind the current state of the club. For me the key will be a negotiation Culio-Depor. The key is there: the counteroffer the player could be accepting, but it’s complicated as we don’t know where we could be in one year. It’s a hard decision.”

“We’re talking hypothetically, because the hope is that Culio could stay at Deportivo. You know my opinion. If Culio leaves then we will be worse than before, evidently I hope that if Culio leaves it will be in exchange for something. I don’t think the administrators would allow his exit now, because the case is different to the one had with Bruno Gama. Evidently they won’t deprive us of something that was already approved.”

“We all agree that we need footballers, so let’s have a reunion with the candidates, only to talk of the sporting subject. I believe the situation is feasible. I don’t have to talk to them, but the club. The president said in the last press conference that he was open to listen. If we all want the best for the club then let’s do it. I hope the president will be able to administrate the sporting subject until January. The only one that can sign players until the end of January is the current president, then there will be some days remaining, but who cares when the reinforcements are signed? In those days they should decide.”

“The administrators have to approve the signings, then la liga must give their approval. We all know the conditions, and the solutions are there. I don’t think it’s complicated. In any case I have a team that until now it has been competing, if we can’t make the signings then what we have here, which will be the 95% to the 97% of what I will have until the end, will be the most important thing. The ones that are here right now are the ones pulling things forward. It’s clear. The only exception is Culio. This mess won’t be more important than the team that’s training here today.”

“We already said it: we would be content with two wingers and one striker. It’s would be perfect. You always have needs, but well…”

“He said before that he wasn’t going to be a candidate and now said he won’t be the president. I respect his decision and I guess it was the right call.”

“Arizmendi was staying in Madrid. Other doctors saw his case. There’s no diagnosis and there are three possibilities, so they will go one by one in order to see if they can determine the real problem. He stayed in Madrid and arrives tomorrow. We’ll be eliminating probabilities until fixing the problem. If this works out then it’s over, if not we will search for the next possibility.”

“We are in a marathon at kilometer 17, at the beginning you are thinking about ending it, then you realize you are first and are content for it. It doesn’t mean we will stay there at the end of the race, but it’s better than to be lagging and thinking of how to reach the top. We are content for been the first place, but you don’t know what will happen until kilometer 42. I hope we can endure. Endure, Depor, endure!”



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