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11 Jan 2014
Depor’s coach talked more of the problems surrounding the club, including the exit of Culio, than of the game, while Girona’s trainer is hopeful his team can get the three points at the Riazor.

Francisco Javier López Castro  is a Catalan coach that hasn’t found any glory as a player and neither as a football coach ; his career as a footballer lasted 14 years (from 1985 to 1999) and the best he could get was to play at Segunda División with Villarreal CF (between the years 1993-96).

He started to work as a coach at Valencian club CD Onda, club where he achieved the promotion to Segunda B. Since then he has worked in ten different clubs and his main goal was to achieve two promotions to Segunda A with CD Castellón (2004/05) and UD Salamanca (2005/06).

On the Segunda season 2010/11 he was the coach of CD Xérez and the behavior of the team was erratic as it had several ups and downs throughout the Segunda tournament. He left the club one year later and joined FC Cartagena, team that was one of the big failures on the Segunda season 2011/12. The Catalan man only lasted three months in the job after only winning 2 of 14 games –including a 2-1 win over Depor-

Jsvi López spent two years on the sidelines and just returned to coach as, at the end of December, he was hired as the new coach of Girona FC replacing Ricardo Rodríguez. His debut hasn’t been positive after suffering a 0-2 loss visiting RCD Mallorca and a tasteless 1-1 draw at home before SD Ponferradina. This is his first meeting against Fernando Vázquez

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s morning; it was a long press conference that lasted twenty-five minutes. He talked more of the situation surrounding the club, including the departure of Culio and the possible signings, than of the game games against Girona FC. He admitted the problems to be focused in the game, “There are two parallel realities: what’s happening outside the team, with the great appointment to sign the deal with the creditors, and in the other side there’s the squad. To have the team at the first place is important in order to have things under control. Tomorrow there’s a game and it’s important. It’s not only the future of the club, but also the future of the team, which is played tomorrow.”

He later admitted that the players are a little worried as they haven’t been paid for the past two months, “When there’s a judge and an administrator you expect that everybody will be up to date with their payments, so it’s a little surprising that the players and the employees haven’t been paid, it creates a feeling of unrest, but well as I said on last week I hope this is just transitory. My feeling right now is to be bemused as I was told that it was going to happen tomorrow, then the next day and so on.”

“I just hope everything will be fixed before the deal with the creditors is signed, because I wouldn’t understand that the administrator will leave leaving behind this mess. Anyhow the team is dealing with it and is feeling calm, though I cannot deny that there’s a little restlessness. But we must focus, because I also believe that the future is based in the sporting subject. There are two pillars on here. The team must be strong and later you have the fans, which are very important. The true is that this is the first time that I live a situation like this.” He added.

Later the Galician tactician assured that Depor will sign replacements in order to cover the exit of Culio,
“The true is that, if Depor wouldn’t be in the current situation, then Culio will probably be on here. The situation is like that. The impact represented by his exit is based in what we can get in order to replace him. Other players will come and these arrivals will make us more competitive. La liga already approved that we can use those resources, so it’s certain thing. We are just waiting to collect the money of Culio. He is undergoing the medicals and I don’t know if we that money already arrived, but it isn’t bad as we remember that’s only for six months and we can sign something important. You can be sure that the money collected with the exit of Culio will be used to reinforce the team.”

“I was worried, because we could lose Culio and also the money for his transfer, so I thought the best solution was to negotiate and talk, but in the end we are taking an advantage. It’s hard to make signings in January, so we need to have calm and not be in a  hurry. Evidently Deportivo won’t get players that are currently playing, that’s the reason why it is so difficult. We need to be careful and guess right. I believe that whatever Ernesto Bello decides it will be supported by all the candidates.” He added.

El Profesor said that he has yet to decide the number of signings that will be made, which will depend of their quality, “We now have time to think. We will negotiate. If they offer me one player that can guarantee me the promotion to Primera División, then I will do it no matter is only one. I prefer quality before quantity. I am not asking for specific positions, I would be lying, before I want to see the names.  It could one footballer, if not two or maybe three.”

At the same time he admitted the interest in Ariel Ibagaza, the playmaker from  Olympiacos FC, “The lad is on the list. He’s a player that we wanted to hire before, but later got an offer from a Greek club. Now there’s the chance he could go out of there, but it isn’t definitive, because the fact he wants to leave doesn’t necessary mean that we will hire him. We are analyzing the case. Ibagaza is 36, which is a negative point, but clearly he’s a more important player than Culio. Another thing is how he is right now. He was affected as Michel [Olympiacos’ coach] didn’t include the player in the list for the Champions, reason why he wants to leave. His agent is the same one of Culio, and that’s why he offered the player as some kind of compensation. We still have to decide.”

Contrary to what was witnesses in previous week, now Vázquez was more optimistic after saying on last week that he didn’t want to see the exit of Culio, “We should be able to take advantage of it. With the money we’ll get let’s see if we can, not only equal, but improve the squad. I am hopeful that we’ll be able to save the situation without problems. But the clear thing is that for Saturday’s game we lost an important element, one man in which the game of the team was based. There’s no question about it, but I’m hopeful we will be able to overcome the situation from here to January 31. “

“The exit of Culio could reduce the spirit of people, because they could end thinking that the promotion is in danger, but we must respond making the proper signings. I want to say to the fans that we are going to sign a replacement or replacements. The key is to guess right, for that reason we made the reunion with the president. I need to see the players that we could sign and since that point to build up the team again. We could be searching for a number nine, but we could end finding an extraordinary number eleven, So I need to see what’s available and from that point we will try to build up a structure.  I am open to any possibility that can improve the squad.” He added regarding the issue.

In any case the Castrofeito-born coach denied that the exit of Culio or the problems with the unpaid wages are going to affect the performance of the team, “I believe my team has been professional enough, and right now what they need is support. We will keep fighting in the same way and the fact of being smaller it doesn’t mean that we are weaker. We are first place and have the chance to be crowned as the winter champions, which statistically seems to be good. The rest must be solved by the sporting secretary.”

“I don’t think the team will be affected by the subjects surrounding the club, we will be the same strong team that faced Numancia and Jaén. We are hopeful in order to defeat Girona. We have spent three games without winning and it’s about time.  You always have the need to win, the draw is useless. We are the leaders and therefore can feel vertigo, but we must face the situation with tranquility. To be the first place means to have a responsibility, it’s something I always say to the players.” He added.

About the rival for the game, Deportivo’s coach said that, “Girona changed the coach, but still is a team that tries to play. They will come here in order to play, just like the rest of teams at Segunda División. What we must do is to match or level, being intense and strong.”

Asked about the tactical options for the game; he hinted that Borja, Arizmendi and Rudy could be starters, “I have a few possibilities. I remember that in the first lineup used on this season it was with Rudy playing on the left wing and Arizmendi on the right, with Culio at the centre. That solution still there. I have two strikers, always remembering that I use both Arizmendi and Rudy as wingers, so if I play with one central attacker then the other must remain on the bench. “

“At the beginning Borja was a starter, later I took him off, then Luis was at the team, later he was off. Now Borja is a starter again. The chance of the other is according to the performance of the one playing as a starter. For the moment Borja is the starter, but tomorrow or the day after Luis can be the starter. The one playing should demonstrate that he brings results and goals, and if it doesn’t happen then he will be changed again.” He added. Asked about the chance to play with a 4-4-2 scheme, he only answered, “It’s an option; it’s a possibility.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez analyzed the current situation at Segunda División, “The analysis is simple: it is surprising. The ones waiting to see the standings breaking up at some point, like me, are surprised as it didn’t happen, so it is a Segunda campaign that… I believe it’s the European tournament with the smallest difference between the first and the last place, so it’s highly equal, as it never happened in previous years at Segunda División. Almost all the teams that were targeting the promotion still have options, something that, in my opinion, isn’t bad for Deportivo.”

Girona’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s morning, just before the trip to A Coruña; he’s hopeful about a possible victory at the Riazor, “To win at the Riazor it would mean to earn morale, to put an end to our current streak and have a reasonable situation at the standings. We have been working fine, improving and always targeting to improve.”

He also confirmed that winger Juanlu Henz is a last-minute casualty, “He’s out with fever and it’s a pity, but the good thing is that we are recovering Bordas. So, I believe we have enough to compete and search for the three points.”

Finally, the Catalan coach talked of Deportivo, “We know we are travelling to a complicate field, place where we must do a great job in order to add the points. Surely they don’t have stratospheric numbers, but Deportivo is a very strong team that goes out pretty strong every  week. Our group is feeling involved and moving forward, so the players are focused in doing their job.”



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