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20 Jan 2014
Unfair defeat in the good-bye of Lendoiro; Las Palmas had the ball, but the best opportunities were for Depor, side that had 16 corner-kicks in favour. There were two goals from the penalty spot and a very doubtful goal due to an offside position.

Fernando Vázquez chose to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation, the novelties were that both Rudy and Paulo Teles were starters. Diego Seoane, Luis Fernández, Kaká and Luisinho were the other changes compared to the lineup of last weekend. Five modifications caused by the injuries and suspensions.

Lux was the starting goalie, Seoane covered the right side of the defense, Manuel Pablo played on the left, Kaká and Insua were the centre-backs. Juan Dominguez and Teles performed at midfield, Antonio Núñez attacked from the right wing, Luisinho did it from the left, Rudy was the playmaker and Luis the central attacker.

At UD Las Palmas, coach Sergio Lobera presented the expected lineup; it was a 4-2-3-1 figure with ex-Depor players Juan Carlos Valerón and Aythami Artiles as starters. Nauzet Aleman, Antonio Galdeano ‘Apoño’, and Nigerian Macauley Chrisantus were the others references upfront.

There was a lot of expectation before the game as it was the last game of president Augusto César Lendoiro. There were many personalities at the stands, including the sporting director of RC Celta, Miguel Torecilla. New signings Diogo Salomão and Toché were also at the stands. Depor’s president received a plaque at half-time.

Equal first part that witnessed two penalties in a matter of fourteen minutes, a weird situation that was the only excitement in this half. The ball was for Las Palmas, but it was Depor the side that had the best opportunities. After the promising start the game lost pace and excitement.

Depor began the game having the ball possession and having a couple of approximations that didn’t bring any danger to visiting goalie Mariano Barbosa.  But soon the Canarians claimed the control of the actions, though the first big opportunity was for Rudy, who collected a loose ball at the box to end sending the ball wide (7’).

But Depor weren’t going to waste the next opportunity; Luisinho stole the ball upfront and then David García committed a silly penalty after a challenge over the Portuguese player. Luis Fernández netted the first goal of Depor in 2014 from the penalty spot.

Still, the Galicians only enjoyed the advantage for four minutes, because there was a new penalty at the other side of the pitch. This time with Pablo Insua tackled Macauley Chrisantus from behind. Nauzet Alemán didn’t waste the opportunity and scored the equalizer from the penalty spot.

After an intense beginning the game reached a low point in which both teams were trying to practice fast attacks, but without depth. Depor had a couple of interesting approximations by the sides with Rudy and Núñez, though without creating a clear goal attempt, while the visiting outfit responded with a shot of Chrisantus that was stopped by Lux (26’).

Deportivo showed the same inaccuracies of past games in attack; Luis Fernández was pretty active, but no one was allowing him to enter into the area with the ball at the feet, while UD Las Palmas were practicing a pretty football, with short passes that gave them the ball possession at the end of the half (54%) and with Chrisantus brining problems to the local defense, but the fact is that they neither created clear scoring chances.

The last two opportunities in this half were for Deportivo; first Rudy attempted from the edge of the area, but he sent the ball out (41’). The clearest chance was a big error of Aythami, who in the attempt to stop a counterattack made a bad pass that Luis collected on the left wing, but later the Galician attacker missed the target when he tried to chip the ball past Barbosa (44’).

The feelings didn’t change in the second part; Vázquez made early substitutions this time, but only the entry of Wilk brought something to Depor. Meanwhile, Las Palmas had the ball possession, but once again lacked powder upfront. Still, the Canarians clinched the three points in a controversial play ironically finished by the two ex-Depor players on the pitch.

The second part began with a substitution as Cezary Wilk returned after two months sidelined replacing Rudy. The Polish joined Juan Dominguez at midfield and Paulo Teles was moved to the playmaking function.

The change was made in order to regain midfield territory, but the game followed the same path of the first half, with the Canarian outfit having the ball possession (56% at the middle of the half), though without creating scoring chances. Then Vázquez ordered the second substitution and Arizmendi took the spot of Manuel Pablo.

Manuel Pablo wasn’t fit to play; he was dragging problems from the first half. Luisinho delayed his position and was now defending the left-back position, while Arizmendi was attacking from the left flank.

Lights and shadows with the changes, because Wilk looked fine despite missing the action since October, but Arizmendi was erratic and never brought depth up front; actually he rested powder as Luisinho was now forced to make a bigger sacrifice at the moment of attacking. Then the game was going to change as Las Palmas scored the winning goal in the endless torment for Deportivo: the set-pieces.

Núñez fouled Nauzet Aleman and the Canarian player released the free-kick at the edge of the area, the ball hit the wall and was cleared into the edge of the area, then Dani Castellano released a high cross into the area, there were three players in offside position, but the ball went into the path of Valerón, who was able to drill the ball into the area and, after several rebounds, Aythami Artiles scored from close range.

There was no offside in the first play, but the secondary play left many doubts as the ex-Depor centre-back seemed to be offside after a previous attempt by Chrisantus. There were many protests over referee Iñaki Vicandi Garrido -Lux was booked for protesting- but the goal was allowed.

The game changed after the goal, Borja Bastón replaced Teles as Fernando Vázquez switched the draw into a 4-4-2. Las Palmas lost control of the actions and left many doubts as its week defense allowed several free-kicks before a desperate rival. Actually, Depor had 16 corner-kicks in the whole game –the highest number on this season, 11 in this frame of the clash-

But the sin of Depor were to not seize this opportunity, many of the corner-kicks were bad throws by Luis, while other players missed the target after collecting the few good crosses, like Kaká, who sent the ball out from the box (76’).

Juan Dominguez had the next opportunity with a drilling attempt that was an easy catch for Barbosa (78’), ten minutes later Núñez had the clearest opportunity to tie the actions. The winger collected a low shot of Wilk after a new corner, but his deflection just passed close to the far post.

The most dramatic minute was the 89’, first Wilk made a solo-play on the left corner of the area and his final shot was stopped by Barbosa, and in the counterattack substitute Asdrubal missed the ball after a drilling cross from Nauzet.

Deportivo lost its first game at the Riazor since September 8 (0-1 Vs. Real Murcia) and also lost the leadership at Liga Adelante in the farewell match to president Lendoiro. There was a lot of controversy in the second goal of the Canarians as there was a possible offside position, while the other two goals were scored from the penalty spot within the first fourteen minutes.

The Galicians now drag a mark of five straight games without wins and loss the first place for the first time in almost two months after Sporting Gijón won its game on Saturday. Depor remain in direct promotion seats, but only two points above Las Palmas, side that won the tie-breaker with this result. On next Saturday, Depor visit Córdoba CF (Nuevo Arcángel stadium, 18h15 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Seoane, Kaká, Insua, Manuel Pablo (Arizmendi 55’) – Juan Dominguez, Teles (Borja Bastón 69’) – Núñez, Rudy (Wilk 46’), Luisinho – Luis Fernández.
Las Palmas: (4-2-3-1) Barbosa – David García, Aythami, Deivid, Dani Castellano – Vicente Gómez (Javi Castellano 81’), Apoño – Masoud (Máyor 84’), Valerón, Nauzet Alemán -  Chrisantus (Asdrubal 76’)
Goals: 1-0: (9’) Luis (penalty), 1-1: (14’) Nauzet (penalty), 1-2: (66’) Aythami
Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido. He showed yellow card to David García (9’), Insua (14’), Seoane (28’), Deivid (38’), Manuel Pablo (40’), Lux (66’) & Vicente (81’)
Venue: Riazor (20,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (45% - 55%); Attempts to score (10 – 5); Total shots (18 - 7); Shots on target (3 - 4); Saves by the keepers (2 - 2); Corner-kicks (16 - 4); Offsides (0 - 1); Fouls committed (16 - 13); Passing accuracy (85.13% - 86.61%)




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