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01 Feb 2014
Depor’s trainer is pretty happy with his new team after the moves made during the winter window. He announced that at least one new arrival will be a starter. Sabadell’s coach was talking of the keys for the recent reaction of his team.

Miquel Olmo Forte is the interim coach at CE Sabadell CF after the negative results that struck the Catalan team at the beginning of the season. He was the substitute of Javi Salamero, but got the job as the latter was fired in November.

He just began his coaching career in 2005 working for UE Figueres at Segunda B and also for Terrassa FC; in this last club he was also the sporting director. He already had experience at Segunda A as he briefly coached Girona FC in 2009. Ironically he replaced Javi Salamero there too; he coached the team for the final three games on the season and clinched the permanence.

He signed for CE Sabadell CF in June and was supposed to coach the team only for two games after Salamero was fired, but the club liked the effect under his command and he will stay until the end of the season. With Olmo on, the Catalan outfit won five of eight games only losing twice, reason why the team is currently out of the pit. This is the first confrontation between the 48-year-old coach and Fernando Vázquez.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for fifteen minutes. He spent the major part of the time talking of the signings. First to tall he admitted that it was possible to get a sixth singing during the winter window, “I don’t know what to say. Probably it won’t happen. The true is that I don’t know. I must recognize that there’s a possibility. About exits, I don’t have any idea. Yes, there’s a chance to get a new player, but the money is scarce. I believe my team is already closed, so there are no exits, just a possible exceptional case that’s unknown to me at this point.” [Teles & Rudy were loaned out hours later]

He was explaining that the idea was to get a centre midfielder that could cover a possible casualty of Juan Dominguez, “I already commented it, midfield is the only sector where I don’t have any backup, so if we sign something it would be a centre midfielder. In this way the team will be perfect in all the positions.”

Still, El Profesor was very happy at the moment of making the balance of the signings, “I am prudent and will take my time to talk of the footballers. Don’t like prejudices, but I’m convinced that we gained quality and velocity; which are two important virtues for the team. I’m content for how the team was assembled, and it wasn’t easy as it isn’t easy to get the proper reinforcements in January, with players that could come here in order to be starters, but I expect that in this case many of them can demonstrate that they are better. I believe we have guessed right.”

“The club made a great work. We have released two players and with that money we got four or five players. And we didn’t get mediocre players, but ones with quality, so I believe we can be content. I said before that the departure of Culio could be hard, but thinking that Culio could win with this business, and Deportivo too, so in the end I believe both sides are winning, so in a couple of months we could be thanking him for leaving [He laughed].” The coach added.

In this sense he didn’t hide his thoughts after been asked if Depor are now forced to get the promotion, “It’s the same pressure. I said before that the reading could be a failure or a disappointment, but right now the team is demonstrating to be competitive, having limitations, but being the leader at this height of the competition. So, the team was prepared to get the promotion, now we have been reinforced and evidently the possibilities have been increased. No coach wins matches without players. We had a limited squad, but it was good and competitive. I don’t need extra-pressure, because I am the one pressing to get the promotion.”

At the same time Vázquez was saying that the new signings aren’t blocking the way for the youngsters at Fabril, “Last weekend we played with seven youngsters, we won in Córdoba and seven of the players were coming from the academy. Later I must say that the academy has the doors wide open. They don’t need to be competitive. They have to demonstrate what they have to demonstrate. No one has the doors closed, neither Juan Carlos nor Teles. Competition is arriving and this is, evidently, a new challenge for them.”

Vázquez even said that Depor is the club that has made the better moves in the market, “If a team was reinforced in this market it is Deportivo. I believe that yes, we made the better moves, because we got what we needed for the positions that we needed. If the new players manage to be starters then it will mean that we made good signings; if not then it would mean that we didn’t do the right things.”

Asked about the state of Toché, he commented that, “He’s improving. He was included in the list for the game and it’s possible to see him having minutes on the weekend. So, we will see how he is, because one thing are the trainings and later what you do in the games. I will try to test all of them as soon as possible. Bryan [Rabello], Salomão, Toché… I want to see them competing in order to see how there are in comparison with the rest.”

The Galician tactician was asked how many reinforcements are going to play in the game, and he said that, “Surely one. Probably two [he laughed].” Asked if Salomão and Rabello are going to be starters he only said that, “I just answered that question. It’s pretty evident.”

He also explained the expectations on Lopo, “We got him for six months and will explain the situation to him when he begins to train: Why I sign him and for what. He must demonstrate in these months that he could do a lot of things and then we can extend his link. “

Then the coach revealed that Sissoko will be under a special plan within the next month, “There is a one-month plan with him, sometimes with two and three sessions per day, but neither I want to exaggerate. He isn’t as bad as you can think. In the media it was reported an overweight problem, but he’s an explosive player, fast, a lad that won’t take time to be on shape. There’s a plan to have him available as soon as possible, but I don’t know when he could play, it will depend on the feelings. For now there’s a plan for one month. I don’t mean that he will last one month to be fit. In any case I believe it was a good business the money invested in him. As long as he can help me to win two games in two months it would be worthy.”

Asked about the rival, CE Sabadell CF, he said that, “It’s a rival that reacted with the new coach. They won in complicated pitches, so I’m aware that it will be complicated. Besides, we are having problems at the Riazor, something that’s pretty clear. We’re trying to avoid these problems. This is a special test for us. If you lose one or two games you can end out of promotion, so we must be careful.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez revealed his optimism with the case of Álvaro Lemos, “He’s isn’t fit to play, but things are going wonderfully for him. There are no delays and we are optimistic. At the beginning of March he could be training with the rest of the group and by the end of that month he could be competing.”

Sabadell’s coach offered his press conference on Thursday; he was admitting that the latest result before SD Ponferradina was painful for his players, “The team went out affected after that game, because we didn’t deserve that result (1-1). Now we are eager to change the picture against Depor.”

About Deportivo, he was praising the current performance of the Galician team, “This is a team that doesn’t score too many goals, but at the same time they only allow a few goals, and they obtain the maximum benefit from it. We must be careful. We face every game with the idea of winning. If we would plan it in other way then it’s easier to see the points escaping. Deportivo obtain a great yield from their goals, and the team that’s capable of achieving that is the one that disputes the promotion.”

He also explained the key why his team left the pit after the more recent results, “We started working with short deadlines trying to give the team an idea of football that matched their skills. To see the players identified with our idea was the best way to obtain a good performance from a squad that was in a situation that we didn’t deserve. I’ve tried to bring a lot of confidence and hard work. For a coach, this is his great asset: the work.”

“We have been living day by day and enjoying every moment. I had no license to think about the past, so I enjoyed every training session with my players, every answer they gave me. It’s difficult in football to see the players finding their position by themselves and they did it. They gave a response in training, also in competition. The judges of the coaches are the players. In day to day, what matters is the way you train and how you manage the squad.” He added.

Finally, Olmo talked of the equality on this Segunda season, “There are very few things that make a difference. There are seven points between the teams that are in relegation and the ones in the playoff zone. I don’t remember such a tight competition in this league. That spread that in many past seasons was already marked, it doesn’t exists in this campaign. That speaks a lot about the equality that’s converting this Liga Adelante into a more beautiful and exciting tournament.”



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