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01 Feb 2014
Albert Lopo was presented on Friday. The Catalan centre-back expressed his happiness for returning to A Coruña and will try to help the club in order to reach the promotion to Primera División.

The fifth signing during the winter window is Albert Lopo. The Catalan centre-back was presented on Friday after sealing a contract lasting until June. The player arrived to A Coruña on Thursday’s night and made the medicals on the day before.

Before the presentation he offered a sincere interview to La Voz de Galicia and tried to explain why he left Depor two years ago, “I was ending my contract and the renewal talks were too long and then the chance of Getafe came out. The true is that I didn’t want to leave. My heart didn’t want to leave, but had to do it, and sometimes you make bad and good choices. I was wrong in leaving to Getafe. Now I’m thankful for returning and I’m eager to remove the thorn.”

Lopo & Tino Fernández during the presentation

On Friday’s afternoon the Catalan defender was presented at Plaza de Pontevedra; he kept the speech of feeling great for returning to Deportivo, “This shirt represents a lot to me. I am enchanted and I hope to put my grand of sand in order to see the team reaching what it deserves. It was said that I wasn’t a player for Segunda, well here I am.”

“In Getafe I had a contract that was pretty good and you have to forgive things in order to be where you want to be, and what I wanted is to come here. The best way to speak out is on the pitch and I’m hoping for a warm welcome. I am eager to play as I wasn’t doing lately. This is a personal challenge as I hope to put Depor back at Primera.” He added.




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