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02 Feb 2014
Diogo Salomão led the new signings to claim three important points to keep the leadership in the league tournament. The second half was exciting, with three goals and two players sent off, one of them was Juan Dominguez.

Coach Fernando Vázquez sent the expected 4-2-3-1 figure, with the debut of Bryan Rabello and with Fabricio Agosto as the starting goalie. Laure performed at the right side of the defense, Seoane played at the left, while the centre-backs were Álex Bergantiños and Pablo Insua.

Cezary Wilk and Juan Dominguez performed at the centre of midfield, Diogo Salomão was moved to the right wing, Luisinho attacked from the left flank, Rabello was the playmaker in the scheme and Borja Bastón was the central attacker.

At Sabadell, coach Miquel Olmo made the expected switch as he returned to the 4-2-3-1, but the novelty was that veteran Raúl Tamudo was the playmaker in the scheme. Martí Crespi was performing at midfield, while the references up front were Anibal Zurdo and Juan José Collantes.

This was the first home game for Depor with new president Tino Fernández. Former coach Arsenio Iglesias was invited to watch the game from the stands. There was also a minute of silence in the memory of Luis Aragonés and José Manuel Sertucha, the later a former player and coach of the first team that died two weeks ago.

Promising start for Depor that faded away as the rival began to practice its defensive game. Salomão was the main threat in an electric start, but later he disappeared after been switched to the left wing. The Galicians completed four attempts, but none of them on target.

The game started with Depor pushing forward; Rabello had the first attempt after collecting a cross of Salomão, but the Chilean sent the ball wide (2’). In the next play Laure made a bad pass and Fabricio had to clear the ball out.

Salomão was a real headache for the visiting defense, his fast attacks from the right wing were difficult to stop and the Portuguese made a couple of interesting approaches. Luisinho started to appear at minute 8 with a dangerous cross that needed the intervention of visiting keeper Nauzet Pérez. Rabello also made a promising debut, with interesting passes, though clearly needing more time to fit into the team.

But the first shot on target was made by Sabadell, Japanese Sotan Tanabe released a drilling attempt that was too easy for Fabricio (11’). Depor had the ball possession in the first half, but it was failing to translate the dominion into shots on target. Besides, the heavy rain reduced the pace of the game starting at minute 20.

Depor lost accuracy with the passes and it faced problems to create scoring chances. It only brought a sense of danger through the long throws searching for Luisinho, Salomão and Rabello, but they were unable to end the plans with shots on goal. Salomão and Luisinho switched their position at the middle of the half, but it didn’t change the picture as the locals were caught four times in offside positions.

Sabadell was defending pretty well. Still, the best scoring chances were for the Galicians. At minute 29, Rabello missed the target in a direct free-kick action. At least Depor pressed harder within the last ten minutes; at minute 39 a good collective play ended with Luisinho releasing a shot that was cleared to corner-kick, three minutes later Borja Bastón assisted Rabello, but the Chilean missed the goal again.

The last play of the first half was the first time in which Depor were able to break the offside trap, a long throw was caught by Salomão at the right wing, then he had enough time to find Borja Bastón inside the box, but the final attempt from the Madrilenian attacker was cleared by defender Carlos Hernández.

The second part was much more entertaining, with three goals, two players that were sent off and drama as Depor suffered in big part of the half holding on a narrow advantage before a serious rival that made a very serious game.

Depor began the second part in the same way than the first: trying to put speed on the wings and also with wide shots. At minute 46, Wilk missed the goal with a drilling attempt and two minutes later there was a play that was going to influence the rest of the match.

Rabello caught a long throw at the right wing and he was fouled by Carlos Hernández, who already was booked for a previous foul in the first part, so referee Jesús Muñoz sent him off and the visiting team was going to play the last 40 minutes with ten men.

Miquel Olmo made two quick changes, but his team failed at the moment of defending the eighth chance for Depor in the game during a free-kick. Luisinho released the cross from the left wing, the ball hit a defender and it was found by Diogo Salomão, who released an accurate and drilling attempt that enter into the net between the right post and Nauzet.

The goal changed the script of the game, now Sabadell were in a hurry and, despite the numeric disadvantage, started to push forward, while Depor were practicing its well-known game of being waiting at the back and then try to release a counterattack.

At minute 64, Crespi had a good chance to tie the actions with a shot from long-range that passed close to the crossbar. Those were dark minutes for Deportivo, because the Catalans were putting a lot of pressure and asphyxiated the output of the ball, which brought a lot of problems to the defense.

But the Galicians responded with a couple of opportunities in set-pieces; the most dangerous one was for Salomão, who again got a deflected ball, this time after a corner-kick, and this time Nauzet cleared the attempt sending the ball over the crossbar (68’).

But then there was a new twist in the game as Juan Dominguez was sent off with two yellow cards, the second for a challenge from behind in a play without importance. It’s the first time that the Galician midfielder is sent off after more than 100 games with both Deportivo and Deportivo B.

In this way the game became crazy within the last twenty minutes as both sides were playing with ten men.  It was an exchange of blows in which the visitant outfit was close to tie the actions with two drilling attempts of Collantes that missed the target by inches (72’ & 78’).

Fernando Vázquez tried to react and made two changes, first Toché debuted replacing Borja Bastón, while Uxío Marcos claimed the spot of Rabello. The young centre-back was performing at the centre of the defense, while Álex Bergantiños moved forward to join Wilk.

At minute 81, Salomão made another solo-wonderful play in which he eluded two rivals to end smashing the ball into the body of Nauzet. Until this point in the game the Galicians had only completed three shots on target and the three of them completed by the Portuguese winger; something that demonstrates his importance in the game.

Then another winter signing showed up to score the second goal. Wilk made a long clearance from the right side of Depor’s area, the ball went directly into the path of Toché, who was standing without mark at midfield, then he made a long run of 40 meters and ended scoring the goal with clinical finish before Nauzet

Toché only needed 10 minutes to score his first liga goal with Depor. It's the fastest goal for a debutant on this century. The previous record was for Juan Rodriguez, who scored after 16 minutes in the opening matchday of the Primera season 2006/07 playing against Real Zaragoza (3-2).

It seemed that Depor weren’t going to suffer as it had a two-goal lead, but the feeling only lasted three minutes. First Fabricio cleared a shot of Collantes and in the resulting corner-kick Japanese Sotan Tanabe  headed the ball inside the box to pull back the drama at the Riazor.

Ibrahim Sissoko made his debut replacing Salomão, which was the third and last change for Depor. Anything could had happened within the final five minutes, plus the three minutes of added time, Sabadell protested a possible penalty after the ball hit the hand of Laure during a cross inside the area (88’), then the locals missed a great chance after Sissoko made a solo-play to assist Borja Bastón inside the box, but the striker and later Luisinho couldn’t send the ball into the back of the net (90+2’).

Sabadell also had two opportunities to tie the actions, in the first substitute Edgard sent the ball into the back of the net, but he was offside (89’) and later Fabricio got the ball first after a solo-play of Anibal (90+1’).

Suffered victory for Depor before a well-placed rival that gave a lot of problems, especially in the second half. The new signings shone and scored the goals. Great game by Salomão, while Rabello made a promising debut. Toché only needed ten minutes to score his first goal and knocked down a rival that protested a possible penalty within the final minutes.

The victory means that Deportivo will continue as the leader at Liga Adelante, now waiting to see if Sporting Gijón fail in their visit to RCD Mallorca. The next game is the visit to Real Murcia (Nueva Condomina stadium, Sunday, 18h15 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Fabricio - Laure, Álex Bergantiños, Insua, Seoane - Wilk, Juan Dominguez – Salomão (Sissoko 87’), Rabello (Uxío 79’), Luisinho – Borja Bastón (Toché 75’)
Sabadell: (4-2-3-1) Nauzet – Cristian (Arteaga 51’), Crespi, Hernández, Lao – Sotán, Olmo (Edgard 84’) – Ciércoles, Tamudo (Kike Olivas 54’), Collantes – Anibal
Goals: 1-0: (55’) Salomão, 2-0: (83’) Toché, 2-1: (86’) Sotan
Referee: Jesús Muñoz Mayodormo. He showed yellow card to Cristian Garcia (12’), Álex Bergantiños (27’), Sotan (41’) and Tamudo (54’). Carlos Hernández (39’ & 49’) and Juan Dominguez (24’ & 71’) were sent off with two yellow cards.
Venue: Riazor (18,000)




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