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25 Feb 2014
Deportivo’s coach denied that his team played a dreadful game and explained the reasons why he changed the system at the first half. Meanwhile, the players were feeling lucky for winning the game at the last play.

Fernando Vázquez was content with the performance of the team; actually he denied a comment from a journalist after he described as dreadful the game of Depor, “Dreadful is your personal opinion. These are football games and sometimes thing don’t work out as you wish, but I believe we made a great game, especially at defense and it was enough to win.”

“I am always content. My team always makes a good game, but you can always improve. The sacrifice of my players doesn’t deserve the description of dreadful. We are lacking game and everyone knows it. I already explained it many times. Our strongest point is the defensive aspect of the team. “ He added

The Galician coach was admitting that the new signings are still lacking adaptation, “We lack control of the game rather than dominate them. There were signings in January in order to improve this aspect, but they are lacking adaption; therefore this is like a mini pre-season. They need time and effort, so the result is what it counts, because we want to go to Primera División.”

He continued defending his job on this season, “We still have time. I believe the last ten games are going to define the promotion. Anyone can defeat everyone. I’m aware that we aren’t the Super Depor anymore; we are just another Segunda team. We have our own problems and if we want to return to Primera, then evidently we are going to do it through our own weapons.”

Finally, Vázquez explained the reason why he made a substitution in the first half, “The change of Lopo… before our and their goal I realized that we weren’t able to control the actions. They were moving at ease. I watched it and made the decisions at minute35. Since that moment we controlled Alcorcón. I cannot say that we played better, but Alcorcón didn’t have the same freedom. Their speed didn’t complicate us anymore, though we didn’t seize the advantage of having three men at the back.”

Juan Dominguez was confessing that everyone was tired at the end of the second half,  “Yes, it was again at the end of the game. The important thing is that we clinched the three points. We were better at the end of the game, because they were tired, but the true is that everyone was tired. I was having problems to run within the last fifteen minutes.”

The Galician midfielder was also saying that Depor need patience to face the rest of the league tournament, “The game started in the best possible way for us. But later they pressed a lot and we were locked at our side of the pitch. We cannot relax when we claim the lead. We cannot face the game feeling pressure. We must be focused and not pending of what others do. Now we remain at the top and must try to continue there until the end. The best is to go game by game.”

Albert Lopo was the hero this time. He commented that, “It seems we are used to score at the last minute. We have suffered in set-pieces, are also collecting the reward for the work done during the trainings. We claimed the lead and later they equalized with a great goal. It was clear that the side scoring was going to win the match.”

“This field was always difficult, with Getafe we allowed six goals in Copa and it was hard. We know this was going to be a complicate rival, because they put a lot of pressure. We want to thank the fans for the support. Things are pretty tight and now we must focus in winning the next game at home.” The Catalan defender added.

Antonio Núñez admitted that Depor played a bad game, “Despite this wasn’t our best game it was important clinch these vital points. I believe that we are demonstrating to be a solid team due to the results. After the latest set-backs we needed to be strong in this match.”

“The team was mentally strong until the end. The team knew that Sporting and Recre had won before and you need to physiologically manage the situation. We are a strong team physiologically and remain in the fight.“ The winger added.

At AD Alcorcón, coach José Bordalás was saying that the result was unfair, “We made a very complete game before a team like Depor, a clear candidate to promotion. In the first half we were superior and created scoring opportunities, and in the second part, with five defenders, Depor improved a lot, but we were hoping to clinch the victory. I believe the 1-2 result is unfair.”

“They only had two chances in set-pieces plus a play of Toché. That was all what the rival did. We, at our side, had plenty of chances in the first part and even scored the equalizer. They faced many problems and had to pick Lopo. We didn’t have problems in defense, but there was a disgrace at the last place with the clearance of [Fernando] Sales. They scored the 1-2. Am I worried for not winning at home? No. I am only worried for adding points. Today’s was an important game before a big rival like Depor. “ He added.



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