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09 Mar 2014
Horrible game by Depor. Mirandés was the side that pushed stronger, though they needed a doubtful penalty to win the game. There was no miracle this time and Depor can end falling from the direct promotion spots.

Both teams presented different tactics to what was predicted. Fernando Vázquez surprised once again as he played with the traditional 4-2-3-1 figure, a draw characterized for the three centre midfielders that were on the pitch. Albert Lopo was on the bench, while both Bryan Rabello and Juan Carlos Real were once again starters.

Lux was the keeper, Laure covered the right-back position, Seoane performed on the left, while the centre-backs were Insua and Marchena. The centre midfielders were Wilk and Álex Bergantiños. Juan Dominguez was the playmaker. Juan Carlos and Rabello were the wingers, though always running through the centre, finally Toché was the central attacker.

At CD Mirandés, coach Carlos Terrazas left Pablo Infante on the bench. In the end he opted for a 4-2-3-1 figure with Igor Martínez as the novelty at midfield. The references up front were Aritz Mújika and José Antonio Ríos. Around 1,000 fans of Depor traveled to Miranda de Ebro for the game.

Another boring game for Deportivo. The Blanquiazul team had a decent start, encouraged by a rival that didn’t put pressure up front, but this impulse was lost with the passage of the minutes and the Galicians became a harmless team in attack, which led to see the locals claiming the ball possession, but they neither were effective and the first part turned to be goalless and boing.

The game began with both sides having chances in corner-kick actions, which invited to think this was going to be a match decided by the set-pieces. Depor was the first side with an opportunity, it was a chance for Toché cleared by a defender (2’). The locals replied with a corner-kick that was cleared by Lux with his fists (3’).

The first clear opportunity was for CD Mirandés, Mujika picked the ball at the edge of the area after a cross from the right, but he sent the ball out (7’). Soon the Galicians claimed the ball possession, but the true is that no one had control over the game.

Los Rojillos were locked at their side and their long throws were lacking danger, while Depor had the usual problems to create scoring opportunities through its combinative game. In this way the better chances continued to arrive in set-pieces. At minute 12, a lateral free-kick of Seoane was headed backwards by Koikili and local goalie Francisco Prieto made the save.

Juan Carlos and Rabello were pretty active moving the ball at the centre running towards the sides, but they were unable to connect with Toché due to the thick wall of the local team, at times with a mark of two men over each player. It was a similar picture to the one saw in the previous visit to AD Alcorcón, the difference this time was that CD Mirandés were not putting too much pressure, reason why Depor didn’t left the impression of been suffocated as it happened in the previous visit.

The first shot on target was released at minute 20, after many attempts of releasing crosses from the left, finally one of them met the head of Mujika, but it was an easy catch for German Lux. The tactic of the local team was simple, but until certain point effective: to rely in long throws and the endless crosses searching for the side defended by Seoane.

With the passage of the minutes the Galicians lost the initial impulse and was transformed into a clueless team in attack. Juan Carlos continued highly involved in the actions, but the bad passes were now the common thing. In this way CD Mirandés regained the ball possession, but their weak attacking line was simply inoffensive. They were relying in the long throws, but the crosses were always poor and without finding a receiver.

In the end the best opportunities were arriving through the only possible way: corner-kicks. There were six in this half and the major part of them meant an opportunity for both teams. The biggest chance in the first half took place at minute 33; a corner-kick from the left was cleared by the defense, but the loose ball went into the path of Igor Martínez, who fired on target and Lux was there to make the save (33’).

In the next play Rabello throw a corner-kick from the left and Insua missed the target from the box (35’). Nothing occurred within the last ten minutes. CD Mirandés had the ball and surrounded Depor’s area, but without any positive outcome.

Nothing changed in the second part; Depor were too weak in attack and only completed two shots on target, though Toché had the winning goal at the start. Later Pablo Infante entered and provoked a doubtful penalty that he transformed into three deserved points.

The second half started with two opportunities for each side, which invited to think that the half was going to be more entertaining. First Rabello completed the first shot on goal for Depor in the game after releasing a direct free-kick that was caught by Prieto (47’), in the next play Igor Martinez headed a cross released by Ríos and then the ball went over the crossbar.

And Depor had its best chance to score at minute 51. Juan Carlos released a lateral free-kick at the left and Insua ended firing on target, Prieto made the save and the ball went into the path of Toché, who couldn’t score the goal from inside the box despite there was no keeper. Four minutes later a crossed shot of Rios was cleared by Lux to corner-kick.

Mirandés began to gain control of the actions and was increasing its presence at Depor’s side of the pitch. Fernando Vázquez switched the strategy and introduced two wingers in order to gain the width missed before. Sissoko and Antonio Núñez entered for Wilk and Juan Carlos. But the modifications never had an impact in the game.

And the game followed the same of the first half: the locals had the ball possession and attempted endless crosses and long throws that never created any danger to Lux. However, there was a new factor in the game: Pablo Infante. The left winger replaced Igor Martinez and turned to be the motor of his team and the main danger through the set-pieces.

At minute 73, he was close to score in a lateral free-kick that Lux cleared to corner. Two minutes later he tried to repeat the action and once again Depor’s goal made the clearance. And then the decisive play of the game took place. Infante collected a short pass at the left corner of the area and fell into the ground when Álex Bergantiños was chasing him.

Referee Pedro Sureda Cuenca whistled the penalty that was highly protested by the visiting team –four players were booked for the protests- and Infante himself scored the goal sending Lux in the wrong way. It was a doubtful call as the veteran player fell without anybody touching him.

Ten minutes were left and Vázquez switched the draw introducing a new striker, Borja Bastón, replacing Rabello. The roles were switched now and Depor were pressing while CD Mirandés were holding on at their side of the pitch. The locals were tired, but the Galicians were dead and only created three chances.

The first was a drilling shot of Juan Dominguez that was too easy for Prieto, which was also the second shot on target for Depor in the game (81’). One minute later Insua headed wide a cross coming from the left. The final chance for the visiting outfit was a direct free-kick of Borja Bastón that went over the crossbar (89’). In the same frame of ten minutes Los Blanquiazules also protested two possible penalties over Insua.

This time there was no last-minute miracle; Depor played a new boring game. The rival didn’t put too much pressure, but clearly it was the side that deserved the most from this game, though they only capitalized the dominion with a polemic decision of the referee after whistling a doubtful penalty of Álex Bergantiños over Pablo Infante.

Referee Pedro Sureda Cuenca also reported that a stone was threw to his assistant hitting his neck, apparently the object had the colours of Deportivo, which will surely lead to a new fine. This new loss means that Depor could fell from direct promotion for the first time in 2014, this if Recreativo de Huelva are able to win their game. On next Saturday, Depor return to the Riazor in order to host Barcelona B (20h00 CET).

Mirandés: (4-3-2-1) Prieto - Flaño, César Caneda, Álvaro Corral, Koikili - Iván Agustín, Igor Martínez (Pablo Infante 60’), Muneta (Goiria 90+1’) – Iriome, Ríos – Mujika (Garmendia 54’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Insua,  Marchena, Seoane – Wilk (Núñez 65’), Álex Bergantiños – Juan Carlos (Sissoko 65’), Juan Dominguez, Rabello (Borja Bastón 79’) – Toché.
Goal: 1-0: (78’) Pablo Infante (penalty)
Referee: Pedro Sureda Cuenca. He showed yellow card to Juan Carlos (32’), Igor Martinez (39’), Iván Agustin (47’), Sissoko (76’), Laure (76’), Álex Bergantiños (76’), Marchena (76), Iriome (86’), Caneda (88’) and Francisco Prieto (89’)
Venue: Estadio de Anduva (5,500)
Other statistics: Ball possession (56% - 44%); Attempts to score (6 – 4); Total shots (13 - 6); Shots on target (7 - 2); Saves by the keepers (2 - 6); Corner-kicks (6 - 3); Offsides (2 - 3); Fouls committed (20 - 9); Passing accuracy (82.23% - 80.65%)




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