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10 Mar 2014
The papers remembered the doubts on the penalty committed by Álex Bergantiños, but also pointed out that Deportivo played an ugly game. There are many concerns on the capacity of the team in order to face the last part of the season.

El Ideal Gallego: Total disappointment in Miranda. The Deportivismo, which had lived a 'black' week after the suspension of Luisinho and the injury of Salomão, lived yesterday another disappointment with the defeat in Anduva in a stuck match, a game in which Los Blanquiazules controlled the first period, but with a second half in which they allowed the opponent to have a greater prominence.

It was expected that the coach was going to use a line with three centre-backs in Anduva. Vazquez didn’t raise the game like that, with the defensive system on hold he ended up putting a scheme with four defenders, giving the sides to Laure and Seoane. It was a novelty though clearly from this Deportivo, for its ductility and working hours, you can expect many tactical variants.

At the 76’ there was a play that was going to mark the end of the meeting. The ubiquitous Pablo Infante was brought down by Álex Bergantiños, who previously gave him the ball inside the area. Cuenca Sureda whistled the penalty between the despair of the Galician team, because they understood that the action didn’t deserve such punishment. The protagonist of the play transformed it to put the score at 1-0. Thereafter all were 'pushes' from Deportivo, side that failed to create clear chances-not even in the two free-kicks near the area- and returned empty-handed from Miranda, disappointed, as their fans. Now, it’s time to get up and win. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: This time there was no miracle. The key hides more than it seemed. Deportivo are still without finding their desired offensive game or the hierarchy required to a candidate for promotion, and before Mirandés staged its worst versions being defeated with a debatable penalty exploited by Pablo Infante, a doubtful penalty that doesn’t hide the meager offensive balance of Depor and neither the fact that Lux, with his saves, became the best player. This time not even the epic saved a Deportivo that begins to complicate their life based in the results and feelings.

Sissoko and Núñez went first to rehabilitate the sides. Then Bastón joined Toché. Nothing worked. Only Insua was dangerous at the far post, but was caught by Koikili. Deportivo neither found the epic nor its game to add points in Anduva before the penultimate spot, Mirandés. The defeat without miracle at the last minute put back into focus Deportivo’s poor balance with the ball, more worrying as the calendar is progressing. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña:  Anduva buried the miracle. The one walking on the wire, eventually ends falling. It happened yesterday to Deportivo, used in recent weeks to add in extremis and with large doses of fortune. Thus clawed a point against Sporting, with the miraculous goal of Toché at the 95’, then lay down Alcorcón also with a last-minute goal thanks to a header by Lopo (1-2) and last weekend it did something similar with the goal of Toché at the end against Hércules, side that lost 3-2 despite playing almost the entire second half in numerical superiority after the expulsion of Luisinho. Too many strokes of luck for a team that is still stuck on the offensive side. If it was hard to create danger with Salomão and Luisinho on the pitch, yesterday,  without the Portuguese lefties, it was flatter in attack.

It neither help the position of Juan Dominguez, the midfielder was wasted in the playmaker’s role, nor the intermittency in the game of Rabello, a player who is far from offering a similar performance to Culio. Even the controversy with the referee for the rigorous penalty may serve to divert attention from what’s really important. The team is lacking a defined plan to attack and it was felt no matter the results were accompanying until now. In earlier days Depor lived of the strategy, but only with that resource you cannot aspire to get the promotion with full guarantees. You need to define the strategy in attack and, with only thirteen matchdays left, it leaves the impression that this is still a team under construction as several players are out of their natural position.

Everything remains the same: if Dominguez performs as a playmaker then Depor’s game suffers; Rabello and Juan Carlos will continue to not be wingers, so that's giving advantage to the rival in attack and defense. Luckily Seoane and Laure were fine defensively speaking. The offensive strategy in the corners is still without making any damage. However, the ones released at the end almost meant a goal for Insua. We continue with the same defects and the luck will not always help. Eugenio Cobas

Marca: A child stumble. The game in Anduva started with that sun and shadow endangered in the stadiums and finished in a dark night for Deportivo. If Mirandés’ fans are faithful and colorful , Depor’s fans competed with them in another mass trip (about 1000 travelers). The ones that weren’t able to compete were their respective teams, at least in the first half: Deportivo accused the sensitive casualties and Mirandés the wickedness and lack of potential in the final meters .

The football logic, which you occasionally have to attend and observe, finished drawing a clear temporal axis in the game, dividing it into two: B.I. and A.I. Before Infante, Don Pablo , and after Infante. The midfielder started as a substitute due to a physical problem and late (in time, not in effectiveness) delayed the entry of the show over the grass. And it’s that both teams took the field to enjoy the peaceful afternoon : Far from the trenches, they seemed content to enjoy a day of nonexistent truce, outside the strictures of the ongoing war involving the second division this year .

Too much Infante for too little Depor. Terrazas didn’t see where to put the spoon until his eyes crossed Infante on the bench, his face of not hurting a fly and boots to decide games. And then, and only then, the game said good-bye to its initial stage BI (before Infante, Don Pablo, remember) to unleash the AI, which was played within the last 30 minutes, enough to allow the three points stay at home. A delight for the neutral bystander.

Depor couldn’t add and made good the draw of Eibar before Alcorcón, which seemed like a stumble. The other side, the one of a Mirandés that added three golden points, result that let them sleep out of the drop zone, positions in which they could end if the results are favourable to them during Sunday. Mario Cortegana

Diario de Burgos: A superb step forward. There are victories that go beyond the three points disputed in a game. The one harvested  by Mirandés against Deportivo is one of them. Los Rojillos, which had improved their image in recent weeks, defeated in Anduva the maximum aspirant to promotion at Segunda División and made it convincingly, with a superb performance, coral and playing face to face before its opponent. Although the action of the winning goal, the penalty of Bergantiños over Pablo, offers many doubts, there are no questions on the merits made by the locals throughout the 90 minutes of play and the confidence and belief in their own potential ahead of the final stretch of the season.

The commitment was pouring more and more towards the interests of Mirandés, but lacked a point of imbalance . And that shade was provided, again, by Pablo Infante, who entered the field to play the last 30 minutes. With him on the pitch, acting up front with Iriome back at the wing, Mirandés resolved the game. The Canarian, Pablo and Rios had warned before, but the goal came on a controversial penalty that Pablo transformed. With the 1-0, Anduva grew up and helped its team to hold the final minutes against a desperate Deportivo in attack. Jorge A. López.



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