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10 Mar 2014
Nobody liked the performance of Deportivo in Anduva, but the players and the coach neither were content with the defeat as everybody believes there was no penalty and that the final score should have been a 0-0.

Fernando Vázquez commented the game and said that this should have been a draw, “It was a tactical and intense game, but at the same time it was imprecise in a technical sense. In the end a decision of the referee defined the game. It is clear. It was a game for a draw. Both sides had their options and we didn’t score a goal. About my team, I believe we didn’t make a good game. We had a strong start and wanted to harm Mirandés.”

“Little by little the team fell down during the first part, and later, in the second, there was another solid start, but things got worse. I believe the intensity of Mirandés was so big that let’s say we were unable to control the ball possession.” The coach added.

The Galician tactician was also saying that the penalty over Pablo Infante shouldn’t have been whistled, “I believe it wasn’t. I believe that Álex was in the play and later the player of Mirandés threw himself into the ground. The player touched the ball. Generally I don’t comment the penalties, but in this case it wasn’t far from my position and I watched the action. In my opinion it was like that. For me the punishment was too much.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez described the offensive game of Deportivo as poor, “Mirandés was what I expected: Intense and organized. They used their strengths. On our side, we were regular almost close to being considered bad. Anyone can beat anyone and today it was demonstrated. We were unable to impose our game, so our offensive game was poor. The keeper of Mirandés didn’t do too much. We were expecting to suffer two defeats in the rest of games, and we already suffered one. This hasn’t ended and we are there. It was hard for me to choose the lineup and the organization of the team. What happens is that the penalty broke the situation at the last minutes, which often is positive for Deportivo.”

Laure was feeling sorry for the penalty whistled by the referee, but also for the poor game of Depor, “We are feeling screwed after doing a good job. The referee didn’t help us. Clearly our player was quiet and the other arrived without options. The referee made a mistake, but well… we won’t talk about it. We must think that we neither were too good; now we must think of the next game.”

“We were fine in the first part, mainly within the first thirty minutes, because we were putting pressure up front. Later, in the second half, we were too delayed and it was difficult to create opportunities; definitely we missed more depth. We must try to fix the errors and gain presence in attack, because it’s complicated if you don’t have presence in attack.” The Madrilenian defender added.

Toché was aware that Depor didn’t make a good game, “I believe the game was pretty ugly. I believe that, according to how the game was, the most logical thing would have been a 0-0. We must learn from what we have done today. We can only think of the next game. If we lost it was because we have done several things in the wrong way. We didn’t make one of our best games and must move forward.”

The Murcian attacker also commented the play in which he was close to score, “It was a loose ball that I found there. I reacted as I can. I hit it with the knee and things didn’t work as I expected. We didn’t have too many chances and I believe we must focus on the game against Barcelona B.”

Juan Carlos was criticizing the play of the penalty, “The true is that the general feeling is that the referee whistled a doubtful penalty, but we must continue.  The key was the penalty, until then the game was highly disputed and that inexistent action marked the game. Clearly the game was going to be defined in a strategic play. That action changed the course of the game.”

“It was an equal and disputed game. There were only a few opportunities and the true is that we lacked fluidity. The set-pieces were the best opportunities, and now we must move forward as there’s a new game on Saturday.” The playmaker added.

German Lux was among the few players with a solid performance; he commented that, “I believe it was an equal game, more proper of a 0-0. It was highly disputed and there were a lot of secondary plays. There were a lot of long throws and direct game. We knew it was going to be like that and unfortunately we suffered a defeat.”

“The team had problems to connect three straight passes. I believe it was more a match for the direct game than to practice football. We must move forward and think of next Saturday’s game. We are only thinking of next game and we always do it in this way. We also thank the people that traveled here, they are always great and we don’t have any complaint.” The Argentine goalie added.

Carlos Marchena was another player complaining of the penalty, "The one that has damaged us is the referee, not the rival. The game should have ended 0-0. It was a game of only a few opportunities. We didn’t have chances and neither made good plays. “

At CD Mirandés, coach Carlos Terrazas was very happy with the victory, “The victory is really important, especially taking in mind that all the rivals in this league are really difficult, no matter it’s Eibar or Deportivo, clubs at the top, or Girona and Alavés. On Saturday we face another complicate game in Vitoria. It was a good game in which things were pretty equal in the first part and later we grew up.”



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