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11 Mar 2014
The positive streak of Deportivo B was cut with a defeat before a candidate to the promotion spots. The team allowed the goals in the worst possible moments and is almost out of the promotion race. Croatian Mujan scored his fifth goal.

Bicho, Uxío Marcos and Marc Nierga were all back and available for coach José Luis Devesa. Striker Dani Iglesias plus centre-backs < b>Róber and Quique Fornos reinforced the Juvenil A squad for the derby with Celta, while Juampa, Ángel, Álex Pérez Toni Insua and Stefan Deák were out injured.

The figure was a similar 4-2-3-1 to the scheme used in previous games. Marc Martínez was the starting keeper, Jorge Callón performed at the right side of the defense, Adrián Martínez played at the left, while Uxío and Sidibé were the centre-backs, Álvaro Queijeiro and Bicho were the centre midfielders, Portuguese Miguel Cardoso attacked from the left wing; Croatian Tonći Mujan did it from the right, Jorge Romay was the playmaker and Marcos Remeseiro was the central attacker.

The rival was promotion aspirant CCD Cerceda. They spent the first 18 matchdays without suffering defeats, but recently lost three of the previous five meetings. For this reason they were out of the promotion seats. Coach José Luis Lemos was trying to bounce back and presented a 4-4-2 figure with four ex-Depor players at the starting lineup: wingers Chirri and Jorge Cano, plus attacker Herbert Rey and centre-back Marcos Caridad. Cano is making a great season; actually he’s the Pichichi in the competition (17 goals).

It cannot be said that Depor B played a bad game; it was visiting one of the most regular teams in the competition and the tendencies defined the game. The tendencies because Fabril continued to fail at defense during the crucial moments and, despite creating scoring chances, they wasted the major part of them. The draw with the “false nine” was implemented once again, but this time it didn’t work.

Another key in the game was the presence of ex-Fabril Herbert, who was involved in both goals. Depor B missed a decisive player like him and only the few sparks from Romay and Bicho invited to think in a different outcome, though they only showed up at the end of the match. In the first part Remeseiro brought some light, also Callón with his crosses from the right side, but the most regular player was Queijeiro, always controlling midfield territory in the first part and later with a decent performance at the centre of the defense.

Fabril had the ball possession in the first part, though the best opportunities were for the locals. Remeseiro headed out a cross of Callón (5’), two minutes later Cano completed the first shot on target in the game, his attempt was saved by Marc Martinez.

At minute 23, Marc Martinez made another save, this time after an attempt by Herbert. The visiting outfit responded with a shot from Bicho that missed the target. Then Dani Gelo didn’t find the goal after an assist from Chirri (35’).

It seemed the first half was going to end scoreless, but the locals found the goal in the last play of the half. Herbert made a big play and easily surpassed Uxío to assist Jonathan Martín ‘Granada’, who scored his first goal on the season from close range.

Devesa introduced a modification at the beginning of the first half as Álvaro Lemos replaced Uxío, who was dragging a problem in the neck; the change pulled Queijeiro to the centre of the defense, Romay and Bicho played at midfield, while Lemos joined Remeseiro up front (4-4-2 figure).

And Fabril was still digesting the changes when the second goal arrived. It was a cruel outcome as, in the previous play, Romay was close to score with a header that hit the far post of local goalie Diego, then Herbert showed up to score from close range after a great play between Cano and Dani Xelo.

So, from the possible 1-1 the game went to the 2-0. Then Devesa decided to replace Remeseiro with Marc Nierga and Fabril claimed the ball possession. The virtue of Depor’s youngsters is that they didn’t surrender despite allowing two goals in critical moments, instead they pushed a got the reward of a goal. Devesa moved the players and Mujan and Nierga were the central attackers and Lemos started to penetrate from the left wing.

And the goal arrived from the side. A cross of Adrián Martínez went into the box, Lemos was unable to connect the ball properly, but ended assisting Tonći Mujan, who scored his fifth goal with a high header from close range. The Croatian has netted goals in each one of his last three presentations with Fabril.

There was enough time to search for the equalizer. Cańi reappeared and claimed the place of Cardoso, but the visiting team was unable to break the deadlock despite Mujan (84’) and Nierga (89’) had chances to tie the actions with wide shots from inside the area.

Positive performance by Fabril, side that was close to get a positive result before a more experienced rival. The problem for the team is that it has missed the victory in 19 of the 29 matches disputed so far, so the promotion aspirations are almost over. Mujan continues to score goals, while Callón and Queijeiro were the best players at their team. Depor are 13 points below the promotion zone and on next Sunday the youngsters visit UD Barbadás, team that has one more point than Depor B (Os Carrís, 17h00 CET).

Comments of Devesa: “We were coming after a positive streak, but the progression of the team continues to be good. It was a pity the errors at defense that allowed Herbert to create both goals. We missed maturity to materialize the chances that we had, but in a general sense I’m content for the way we played. Fabril are playing well and Cerceda too, so it was easy to see an exchange of blows in this game. It was a pretty game, but it was prettier for them as they won.”

Cerceda: (4-4-2) Diego - Noé, Juan, Angeriz, Marcos Caridad - Cano, Elmer (Peke 69’), Granada, Dani (Eibe 90+1’), Chirri (Peloto 65’), Herbert
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez – Callón, Uxío (Lemos 46’), Sidibé, Adrián Martínez – Queijeiro, Bicho – Tonći Mujan, Romay, Cardoso (Cańi 80’) – Remeseiro (Nierga 59’)
Goals: 1-0: (43’) Granada, 2-0: (52’) Herbert, 2-1: (63’) Tonći Mujan
Referee: Óscar Martínez Santos. He showed yellow card to Queijeiro (41’), Adrián Martínez (77’), Granada (80’), Dani (86’), Marcos Caridad (87’) and Angeriz (88’).
Venue: O Roxo (450)




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