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13 Mar 2014
Uruguayan striker Diego Ifrán lands at Deportivo as the replacement of Diogo Salomão. The operation was closed on Wednesday as Depor and Real Sociedad signed a loan spell lasting until the end of the season.

New signing for Deportivo as the Galician club and Real Sociedad agreed in the loan of striker Diego Ifrán. The operation was negotiated on Tuesday and was closed one day later. It’s a loan spell lasting until the end of the season. There are different rumours that the operation includes (or not) a buyout option over the player, but the issue hasn’t been clarified by the clubs.

The signing is possible as Depor were granted to hire a player after the serious injury sustained by Diogo Salomão a fortnight ago.  Ifrán is a central attacker that has played in certain situations as a winger. Coach Fernando Vázquez has stated before hat Depor were looking for an attacking player and that the signing to be made wouldn’t necessary be a natural winger.

The 26-year-old player arrived to Spain in 2010; he didn’t enjoy of too many opportunities after suffering two knee injuries, the last one sidelined him for the current season. He received the medical okay to play in January. Last season he only scored 2 goals after 28 presentations between liga and Copa.

Ifrán is expected to arrive to A Coruña on Thursday and should be presented on Friday. The striker is the 18th Uruguayan player that will perform for Deportivo and the first since Jonathan Urreta during the campaign 2010-11.



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