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16 Mar 2014
Deportivo finally stopped the bleeding and didn’t concede a goal, but also missed to score and therefore it only got a point, which seems too little after the failures of the chasers. After a poor first part, Depor improved a lot in the second half.

Fernando Vázquez only made one modification in the expected lineup, but it was significant as it meant to switch the draw into a 5-2-2-1. It was a system with three centre-backs. Lux was the keeper, Laure covered the right side of the defense and Diego Seoane performed at the left.

Then, the centre-backs were Insua, Lopo and Marchena. Midfield was territory for Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez. Juan Carlos Real and Rabello were the playmakers and Toché was the central attacker.

At Barcelona B, coach Eusebio Sacristán presented a 4-3-3 draw. The surprise was that Cameroonian Jean Marie Dongou was a starter at the same time than Canarian Sandro Ramírez. It was an offensive draw that included the presence of Galician Denis Suárez and ex-Alcorcón Dani Nieto attacking from the sides.

Before the game Fernando Vázquez talked of alternating the defensive with the offensive approach, but the true is that Depor was only a defensive team in the first half. Perhaps too delayed on the pitch, which allowed the rival to reach the area in countless opportunities, but then it happened the same thing of past games as the Catalan youngsters only completed one shot on target. Depor only created danger at the moment of stealing the ball up front, but it didn’t capitalize these opportunities.

As it was practiced throughout the week during the training sessions, Depor were putting a lot of pressure in the output of the ball by the rival, in this way the Galicians were close to capitalize a bad clearance by visiting goalie Jordi Masip, but Juan Dominguez never had the chance to shot on target (2’). The first dangerous play for the visiting team was a quick pass into the path of Sandro that was cleared by Insua (5’).

Taking in mind the lineups of both teams, it wasn’t strange to notice that the Catalan youngsters claimed the ball possession since the first stages of the meeting. At minute 11, Patric completed the first shot on target –the only one for Barca B in this half- with a low shot from the right corner of the area that was cleared by Lux. After two straight corner-kicks, Sergi Gómez headed the ball out after a poor clearance attempt by Lux.

At minute 15, Denis Suárez appeared for the first time in a free-kick action in which he missed the target. Depor were too delayed and allowed the visiting team to find cracks to reach Depor’s area. The first shot of Deportivo in the game came at minute 17, Toché got the ball after a long threw from Lux and after Rabello made an assist through a header, but the Murcian missed the target from the left side of the area. He was the most active man in attack together with Juan Carlos during the first part.

The first shot on target for the locals came two minutes later; it was a curved attempt of Álex Bergantiños that was caught by Masip. The Catalans responded with a long-range attempt of Edu Bedia that went over the crossbar.

The pressure of Deportivo up front brought a second important opportunity after stealing the ball near the visiting area, this time it was Juan Carlos who got the ball running towards the left side of the area and releasing a crossing and drilling shot that was cleared by Masip (28’).

It was the expected script: Barca B were having the ball, but at the same time they had big problems to create scoring opportunities. Depor were waiting and pushing up front, which brought two chances to score in this part of the game. The problem for the Galicians is that they had big problems to step into the rival’s area. Juan Carlos and Rabello were jammed at the centre, and neither Seoane nor Laure had the needed depth to penetrate by the sides. For this reason the visiting outfit was having the ball and Depor looked uncomfortable over the grass.

Toché had a double chance between minutes 31 and 34; in the first his  scissors-kick attempt, after a cross coming from the left, missed the target, then he released a drilling shot from the edge of the area, but it was too easy for Masip. The last opportunity in this half was a confusion between Insua and Seoane that almost cost a goal through Dongou, but Marchena cleared the danger (36’).

The locals improved a lot in the second part. Barcelona B didn’t create too many problems and, after the entry of Sissoko, Depor had the best opportunities, but it wasn’t able to seize any of their four shots on target in the half.

Depor had the first attempt in the second part: a lateral shot of Rabello that was caught by Masip (46’). The Galicians were more offensive in the second part, in the first minutes the side defenders joining the attack and Juan Carlos had a clear chance that couldn’t be transformed into a shot on goal (50’).

At minute 52, Rabello attempted from the edge of the area after a good collective play of Deportivo; his shot was deflected by a rival, but referee Ocón Arraiz didn’t concede the corner-kick. Minutes later the referee also failed after not granting a corner in favour of the Catalans.

At minute 54, Sandro had the best chance for Barcelona B. Depor couldn’t clear the ball after a cross from the left and the Canarian got the ball at the far post, but his drilling and crossed attempt missed the target. Depor responded with two opportunities, the main one a drilling shot of Juan Carlos that was too easy for Masip (56’).

Then Depor had a new opportunity after stealing the ball up front; Toché got the ball at the edge of the area and assisted Rabello, who released a shot from the left corner, but Masip made the save (59’). This was the third and final opportunity in which Depor enjoyed of a clear chance after stealing the ball up front.

Vázquez’s first modification was the entry of Ibrahim Sissoko for Juan Carlos. The Ivorian brought more depth to the team. He performed at the centre. With his accurate passes, together with the improvement of Rabello in this half, Depor were more dangerous. At the same time the visiting team lost the freshness of the first part and therefore Deportivo owned the actions.

At minute 66, a corner-kick from the left ended with a cross of Rabello that Masip cleared before the pressure of Lopo.  The second substitution in the game was the entry of Luis Fernández for Toché. Both attackers had their chances, but missed the goal.

Both teams were looking tired for the final ten minutes. Depor were no longer putting pressure up front and Barcelona B were content with the point and spent the time controlling the ball at their side of the pitch. Still, there were three scoring opportunities in this frame of the match. The third change was the entry of Núñez for Rabello. The Chilean had a great game, mainly in the second part.

Luis Fernández had two opportunities for the locals, in the first he missed the target from the edge of the area after a combination with Sissoko (83’). One minute later his drilling attempt was too easy for Masip. The final opportunity in the game was a lateral free-kick for the visiting outfit that Insua cleared inside the box sending the ball over the crossbar (90’).

Double reading from the game. Depor finally stopped the bleeding after conceding goals in five straight games and it did it before a rival that practices an offensive game. However, the clean sheet only meant to get a point as Depor couldn’t score after completing 11 shots (6 in target). The first half was poor, with the Galicians feeling uncomfortable over the grass, the team improved in the second led by Rabello, and mainly after the entry of Sissoko, but it only got the sixth goalless draw of the season.

Deportivo lost a great chance to return to the leadership, but especially to put some distance with the chasers after the defeats of Recreativo de Huelva (2-3 Vs. Castilla) and Sporting Gijón (3-2 at Real Jaén). The Blanquiazul outfit visit Real Zaragoza on next Sunday (La Romareda, 12h00 CET).

Deportivo: (5-2-2-1) Lux – Laure, Insua, Lopo, Marchena, Seoane – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez –Juan Carlos (Sissoko 62’), Rabello (Núñez 84’) – Toché (Luis 72’).
Barcelona B: (4-3-3) Masip - Patric, Sergi Gómez, Ié, Planas - Ilie, Bedia, Dongou (Samper 72’) - Dani Nieto (Adama 62’), Sandro, Denis Suárez (Grimaldo 84’).
Referee: Daniel Ocón Arraiz. He showed yellow card to Juan Dominguez (80’) and Álex Bergantiños (85’)
Venue: Riazor (19,355)




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