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17 Mar 2014
Mixed feelings after the game; the coach and the players were conscious that Depor missed a great opportunity to increase the distance at the standings, but were also satisfied as they were expecting for a tough meeting.

Fernando Vázquez wasn’t content as the journalists were insinuating that he went out in order to not lose the game, “I believe it’s a lie I didn’t go out in order to not lose… because I went out in order to win. I never plan a game in order to not win. Today I played in order to win. It’s clear. And the team demonstrated it on the pitch. We could have won the match.”

“There were different phases, but I believe the team made a good game, before a complicate rival. Barca B have a lot of quality and they have won as many matches as we did playing on the road. I believe we played well, we suffered, evidently and went from less to more. We tried to press up front and had our opportunities. Both sides tried to win and it ended in a draw, but it isn’t true that I didn’t go out I order to win the match. I wouldn’t be a coach in that case.” He added.

Later he explained why Depor played with a line of three centre-backs, “I said it during the week: this was a special week. This is an unusual rival at Segunda División. The rival was different, therefore I chose a different strategy. . We aren’t going to face a team like Barca B in this league, it meant to face different problems. This is what I was expecting. The game occurred as we expected. Our options were coming by stealing the ball up front.”

About the impact of Sissoko in the game, the Galician tactician commented that, “Little by little Sissoko is reaching a good form, he demonstrated it when he had the ball. The ball has no secret for him, besides he knows where the ball has to go, so he’s an intelligent player. If he continues to improve then I could give him a starting role, something I haven’t decided yet.”

El Profesor also explained that for him the result is good, “We lost an opportunity to get three points, but added one, so we must be content. I am content and we aren’t upset. This draw is entering into the list of draws that we can afford in this league.”

Finally, Vázquez said that he’s satisfied as Depor remain among the first two places, “It’s true that we aren’t brilliant, neither spectacular, but are regular. I said since the beginning of the season that Deportivo could be in the group of teams fighting for the promotion. The goal is fulfilled, but what happens is that I don’t know what will happen from now own. But the point is that we are well placed to get one of the first two spots. I would like to win at the Riazor 3-0, 4-0 or 5-1, but this is the reality and we need to learn how to live with it.”

Pablo Insua seemed satisfied with the result, “When you can’t win it’s important to add. I believe that we could have created more damage recovering the ball up front, but well… I believe the draw is more or less good. We knew they were going to have the ball possession and in the end it’s one more point; we are still adding.”

However, the Galician centre-back believes that it was a lost opportunity to increase the difference with the direct rivals, “We knew before the game that the chasers had lost, but were more focused in ourselves. We must try to add the three points. All the games in which we don’t win it means a lost opportunity, especially playing at home. We must always try to add the three points and let’s see if we can get the three points in the next games.”

Álex Bergantiños was feeling satisfied, “It was an equal game. We knew during the week how the game was going to be: they were going to have the ball possession and it’s difficult to steel it from them. I believe the game had pace, we were better in the second part and had our chances. We had to run a lot and it was an intense match. I believe the team was fine and we didn’t grant too many occasions. The pity is that we didn’t seize the chances in the second part.”

The centre midfielder also denied the idea that Depor were too passive in this game, “It’s really hard. If you watch all the games you will realize that Barca B won in Majorca and Zaragoza, so it was a rival with a lot of quality and it isn’t easy to put pressure as they have fast people that can harm you. I believe the team interpreted the game in the correct way. We missed freshness in the last pass and we cannot be criticized for this.”

Juan Carlos commented that, “The game was as we expected. We planned the things were going to be like that: to see Barca having the ball. Still, we had our chances and unfortunately we didn’t seize our opportunities as we knew that at home we should get the three points. We knew the direct rivals have lost. It was a good opportunity that we wanted to seize and we only got a point.”

“We knew that the team was forced to go out for the three points and that Barca were going to dominate. It was going to be hard, we had our opportunities and we are missing precision and goals. Still, one more point, the others are failing and we still there. The three points were important today. We didn’t do it, but all the rivals are failing and we stay there. Since we didn’t win at home the feeling is that we lost two points, also knowing that it wasn’t a brilliant game, but we must remain with the positive things.” The playmaker added.

Bryan Rabello confessed that he wasn’t content as, despite his solid performance, he preferred the victory, “I don’t know if I’m content. I would have preferred to keep the three points, but the true is that I felt comfortable. I still need to adapt and hope to continue raising the level. We knew it was going to be complicated for the issue of the ball possession at Barcelona. It’s always important to add points and let’s hope that things will be good until the end of season. We hope to continue in the same path.”

At Barcelona B, coach Eusebio Sacristán was satisfied with the performance of his boys, “I am content for the work done by the footballers. They played a real game, in a great field, in a stadium with tradition and history, before an aspirant to promotion, with veteran players and experience. We faced the game having personality.”

“Within the first half the dominion was at our side and in the second Depor controlled the situation and created more danger against our goal. We had our opportunities and Depor had their chances. It was a highly disputed meeting, each side offering their characteristics. Depor have big chances of clinching the promotion, though this year the league is very equal. It won’t be easy, but they will be there and have many chances.”



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