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20 Apr 2014
Depor’s coach sees the game as a final and expects for a tough meeting against a team in need; Mallorca’s coach admits that Deportivo is the best team in the league and hopes to avoid the defensive errors of past games.

Lluis Carreras Ferrer is a forgotten player that came out from the youth teams of Barcelona FC; he just spent a few months at the first squad of the Catalans, but helped in the quest to conquer both la liga and the Copa Del Rey tournaments during the season 1993/94, precisely the campaign in which Miroslav Đukić missed that infamous penalty. During that summer he left Barcelona and signed for Real Oviedo, and then he had a three-year career at Atletico Madrid retiring at Deportivo Alavés in 2007. His player career included a stage of five years at RCD Mallorca (1996-2001).

He just started his career as a coach in 2009 and it must be said that things have been quite positive for him; he began working with Deportivo Alavés B, club that was performing at the Regional Preferente de Álava league after the demotion from Tercera. The Catalan coach was unable to achieve the promotion and left Alavés in order to sign for CE Sabadell, club that at the time was performing at Segunda División B.

And that’s when his good streak started, because he achieved the title at Segunda B allowing the return of Sabadell to Segunda A for the first time in two decades. In the following two years he successfully clinched the permanence at Liga Adelante and was even included in a list of the ten candidates to replace Guardiola at Barcelona FC. He left the Catalan club at the end of last season.

On February 26, Carreras was named as the successor of José Luis Oltra at RCD Mallorca after a disappointing season; things started fine for the Catalan coach as he won two of the first four matches, but later the team fell down again and lost two of the next three games. This is his first meeting against Fernando Vázquez, who was the coach of the Majorcans during the season 1999-2000. It was a positive year for him as the team played the UEFA Cup and ended tenth at Primera. Curiously, Carreras was part of the team when El Profesorwas coaching RCD Mallorca.

Depor’s coach offered a press conference on Saturday’s morning; he talked with reporters for twelve minutes. He was once again warning of the rival’s potential while he described the game as a final, “In front we have one of the best rivals in the league, at least for me. Evidently the results aren’t confirming this idea, but surely it will be a very different rival playing against us. We are traveling hopeful and eager to keep the distance with the third place, so it’s a final.”

He admitted the tension as Las Palmas and SD Eibar were playing on Saturday, “The moment of truth is approaching; it’s clear, so I prefer to play on Saturday, before the others, but well... you must accept the situation. If the rivals win, I believe it’s unavoidable that you are going to feel the pressure, but our task is to play our game without thinking of the consequences of the result. You compete better in that way.”

As always the Galician tactician didn’t give any hint of the lineup, but said that he’s thinking in playing with a line of four defenders, “We will know that tomorrow, one hour before the kick-off [he smiled] I just trained everything possible during the week. The most probable thing is that we are going to play with a line of four defenders.”

Asked if Ifrán has chances of being a starter, the answer was, “He’s better each day, more involved with the passage of the days. Each day he’s closer to have what a coach wants in order to be a starter. But I don’t have doubts on who will be the starting choice.”

El Profesor explained the reason why Álex and Toché are not part of the team that will play the game, “I’m leaving behind Toché, Álex Bergantiños, who still is making the trip, and Luis Fernández. We had to leave three men out and are the ones that won’t play tomorrow. Álex is traveling as he has a relative there. Today was one of the toughest Saturdays, because you have to leave out three players in a group that has a great relation, so I decided that Toché should stay as he needs to train tomorrow in order to improve his physical condition.”

He also refused the idea that Depor played its best game on the season against Recreativo, “There are players in a better shape and for this reason it looks that the team is playing better and prettier. I’m content with the team, but also believe that we had other games in which our performance was similar, what happened is that we had the ball possession, but didn’t create scoring opportunities, so it was sterile and the fans ended mad.”

“But it’s hard to make a hard team, we had problems at the beginning of the season and had to suffer. There’s no magic wand to see the team playing like the angels; you need to accept and wait, and that’s the process in which the team is involved. Maybe there won’t be enough time to see the team playing as they should.” He added.

The Castrofeito-born trainer was reflecting on how the expectations have changed at Deportivo, “You need to see the change in the expectations from June until now. Now it seems that it would be a big failure to not clinch the promotion as the first place .It’s football. The game transforms you without noticing it.”

Then Vázquez was asked if Deportivo are going to return to the 4-2-3-1 system, but he said that the decision hasn’t been made, “It hasn’t been decided. I don’t really know and haven’t decided the details. Clearly the games aren’t the same when you play on the road.”

He was also admitting the similarities between this game and the past visit to Real Zaragoza, “Yes, both are similar teams, clubs from Primera, living a bad situation at Segunda División. Yes, there are similarities, but in Mallorca the change of coach was made one month ago and at Zaragoza he was just landing there”

The coach was explaining what he expects from his team during this game, “We must keep or identity: trying to avoid the shots on target and therefore to not concede goals. We will try to do it, that’s non-negotiable. From there, if we can do that and have the ball, then we’ll try to do it. If we’re capable of dominating having the ball and creating scoring opportunities, it would be wonderful. But the point is to not concede anything to Mallorca in order to beat us.”

If the game is a final for Depor, he admitted that the need is bigger at the local team, “Mallorca is tighten by both sides, because they’re only six points below the promotion, but are closer to relegation, so if I said that for us it is a final, then the need is bigger at Mallorca, which can bring us an advantage.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez explained that he doesn’t see big changes between Oltra and new coach Carreras, “The team has a different structure, but the global concept is the same as they try to dominate and come out with the ball from behind, but the structure is different. It seemed they were reacting, but within the last games there was an important slowdown.”

Mallorca’s new coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he was praising the level of Deportivo, “Deportivo is the best team in the league, either in stats or in results. This is the most difficult game, not because is the next one, but for many other reasons. We aren’t looking upward and neither downward; we have just looked at Deportivo. It’s useless to see other games than the one against Deportivo; it’s a very important match.”

The Catalan trainer was saying that his players aren’t thinking of the latest defeat before SD Ponferradina, “The worry is there since the beginning, but the players are focused in knowing where they should be. It isn’t that they don’t want to analyze it, but is hard to extract conclusions after only a few days. It’s more real when you have watched the game a couple of times.”

He was also admitting that RCD Mallorca has been a disappointment on this season, “We are one of the giant clubs, though we haven’t demonstrated it with results, but at least we are like that for our history, and the rivals that are facing us end playing having that extra point of motivation. We cannot repeat the error committed against Ponferradina. Now we face a team similar to us in different things, but it’d the team that’s at the top and the rival to beat. We play at noon at home and I believe people know the importance of the meeting. The motivation must be ours.”

The ex-player of Barcelona was also admitting the multiple errors at defense committed during this season, “Normally the goals came due to errors of the team that’s defending, and RCD Mallorca, in a general sense, has committed many errors and later reacted to these goals. The fact we aren’t creating scoring opportunities it doesn’t mean that we are missing intensity. The errors have weighed more than our successes and we must try to minimize these effects.”

Finally, Carreras, who was a player of RCD Mallorca when Fernando Vázquez was the coach, was remembering a moment with his former mentor, “He’s a good coach and a good person. I remember a moment when we saved his head. Samuel Eto'o, Jovan Stankovic and the rest of the guys, at the Camp Nou [0-3 win], we have a solid game and Vázquez stayed as the coach.”



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