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02 Jun 2014
Despite it wasn’t a brilliant game, the papers applauded the performance of the team, beyond the match and the outcome the media celebrated the return of Deportivo La Coruña to the elite of Spanish football.

Deporte Campeón: Riazor puts the icing. Deportivo returned to Primera and did it as it was expected. Winning its game, controlling the timing of the match, without anguish at the stands and, not least, with the results of the day joining the party. Vazquez began the meeting serious, but ended up partying with the crowd and even crying on the bench. There was anxiety and it was suddenly removed when the referee whistled the end.

As the night was eternal, the celebration and great joy that will be lived in the coming hours by the whole Deportivismo. With the satisfaction of accomplishment, with the desire to return to the stage it deserves and in which it must remain, as in the penultimate occasion, at least another twenty years. Forza Depor.Alberto Torres.

The special edition of Deporte Campeón

La Opinión A Coruña: To Primera through the front door . It was the big day, pointed to certify the coveted promotion, and Deportivo didn’t fail. It was enough to get a draw, even losing the team would have clinched the promotion due to the failures of Sporting and Las Palmas, but wanted to cross the finish line in a big way, dedicating the victory to the fans before Jaén after a particularly bitter season at the Riazor. It was time to carry with everything. There was no room to speculations with the scoresheet. It was time to leave the doubts in the changing room and get the courage to take the field and eat the opponent. No matter it was Jaén, or anyone else, because the confidence of Depor in the final victory was total.  Everyone was convinced: Fernando Vazquez, his players and of course the thousands of fans who packed the Riazor. It took until the penultimate matchday to celebrate a goal that seemed in the hand for a month, but resisted by the downturn of the team in the final stages and also because Segunda is a long and demanding league for everyone, even for the best. No free lunch, neither at the top nor at the bottom, no matter the many setbacks suffered by direct rivals for the promotion.

Nobody missed the promotion party. Not even Sissoko, whose issues on the left knee didn’t prevent him to participate in the most important game of the season. His presence wasn’t testimonial. He was seen a lot and well, with quality touches for a superlative player at Segunda, but perhaps more interesting at Primera. The Ivorian and Rabello were the players that appeared most in the start of the meeting, pulling the team up to put pressure over the goal of Jaén from the opening whistle. The harassment was complete, continuous, unabated. Depor attacked and attacked to find the prize of the goal. It did it with order, without impatience, cooking the offensive actions at low heat. Juan Dominguez was responsible for throwing the game, the only pure pivot used by Vázquez. The coach opted for a 4-1-4-1, a draw that usually works for the Galician team, especially at the moment of searching for the opposite goal.

The second part would not be a cakewalk. For this reason Jona came after the break, looking for more arrivals, although the Andalusians only created a few clear chances. The ticket to Primera was already sealed. By the result of the Riazor and also of the rivals, Sporting and Las Palmas. The Galician team limited itself to control and simply let the minutes pass without rounding the game with a second goal. Depor didn’t need it because, except for some isolated plays, it always had perfectly controlled the encounter. The countdown to Primera was unstoppable. The party was already underway for some time, with waves at the stands and pipes on the field. There was no time for more, only for the referee whistling the end and confirming the definitive return of Deportivo to the elite. It’s their place, where it belongs. It goes back through the front door. And this time to stay. Eugenio Cobas

The cover of Opinión A Coruña on Sunday

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo recovers its place. At Primera, as it deserves one of the few champions in La Liga. Riazor expected for a party and the Galician team didn’t deny it. After a month and a half of suffering, Depor broke its run of five games without a win, just when it mattered. Without looking at other fields, without waiting for the more pressed Jaén, Los Blanquiazules went out for the goal to reassure them and they got it. Marchena claimed the role of Xisco as the hero with a goal on the half hour that Deportivo knew how to administrate during the rest of the game. Without big problems and without much fanfare in the final match, Depor sentenced a return to Primera that led to the necessary party in A Coruña.

The glory of the promotion was in the hands of Deportivo, from minute 1 it was a Primera team for the tie on the scoresheet. It went out into the field ready to show its stripes before a Jaén with the permanence at stake. The Andalusian team strengthened its midfield removing Jona, an Abegondo student. The declaration of intentions went wrong to the modest Jaén, because the pressure of Depor was pumping over them. With Sissoko forcing his injured foot, with Juan Carlos and Rabello betting on the touch and driving, Vázquez’s team squeezed as if the victory was the only plausible outcome to return to Primera. It struggled to find the final pass, but ended up scoring thanks to opportunism of Marchena.

It wasn’t his spectacular and unusual bicycle-kick, but the goal by the Andalusian defender worth the same. Replacement of suspended Lopo, and pilloried for his public distancing of Fernando Vázquez, the world champion put justice on the scoresheet. The goal didn’t sit quite right to Depor, loosened up. It had done its homework at the Riazor and the other results of the day were also favorable. Things changed in the second half. Deportivo played with the score, time and the anxiety of the rival. It retreated and lost the ball before Jaén, a team that still it didn’t create too many problems. Despite Jona was in from the first moment of the second act, the Andalusians’ attempts didn’t create too much concern in the wake of a contemplative Depor.

Deportivo let time pass, knowing that there was no pressure from the results of Las Palmas and Sporting. The stands began to sing songs of victory waiting for the minute 90. It mattered little that Borja Bastón (replacement of Ifrán) wasted a chance to sentence the victory and neither the disallowed goal to Servando in the added time. The game died peacefully to bring the party of the most needed promotion.  Miguel Piñeiro

The cover of La Voz de Galicia on Sunday

AS: Depor returns to Primera. "We will return," Vazquez said a year ago after falling against Real Sociedad. And yes, Depor has returned and is here. At Primera, a place they never had to leave. It has been a suffered promotion, with suspense, with five consecutive games without a win to make it even more tasting, the long-awaited return to the elite.

Besides, the Galicians did it through the front door without transistors, without a calculator, without earrings of the gifts by the direct rivals, that existed, and with a packed Riazor. From the first minute it was clear that it was the day of Depor, the day of the Blanquiazul ecstasy. Vázquez left on the bench his defensive midfielder, while Herrero did the same with Jona. The messages were clear, and so the ball became private property of Deportivo.

With the score in favour, Depor merely limited itself to control the game and Jaén had two clear chances through Victor Curto and Machado, but didn’t even force German Lux to work. With the water up to the neck, Herrero pulled Jona after the break. Above, the rivals of Deportivo were losing and the ones of Jaen were winning, so the Andalusians went for the match against a comfortable Depor and a Riazor that begun to do the wave as a prelude to a long night, very long.

The head and tail of football were passing through the Riazor. Party and Galician delirium, anguish and despair for the Andalusians for been in the relegation zone. The suffering was even greater when a goal was disallowed during the injury time. Yes, there was an offside. The return to Primera awards Depor, the squad, Vázquez and Tino Fernandez, who debuted in the presidency with a promotion. The promotion brings air to the delicate economy, but that's another story. Luis de La Cruz

Primera forever. The slogan chosen by the club to celebrate the promotion Deportivo secure promotion back to La Liga Carlos Marchena's solitary goal against Real Jaen ensures the Galician side return to Spain's top flight at the first time of asking Deportivo La Coruña sealed an immediate return to La Liga on Saturday as a 1-0 win over Real Jaen earned promotion back to the top flight.

Following their relegation last season, Deportivo have wasted little time in bouncing straight back, with Carlos Marchena's 29th-minute strike proving enough to secure second place in the Segunda Division with one game to go. Marchena's strike just before the half hour broke the deadlock, and as news from elsewhere began to filter through it was clear they were up.

Diario Jaén: Real Jaén complicate its life at Segunda. Sentenced to suffering. Real Jaén failed to add points on their visit to the Riazor, in a match where Deportivo La Coruña became a first division team (1-0). The Galicians, who did better in the early minutes, took the lead on the stroke after 30 minutes, though the Andalusians tried and had some occasions. But they failed in the definition and then, in the second part, accused the fatigue. A defeat that leaves Manolo Herrero’s team in a difficult situation for the last league game, which no longer depend on itself to clinch the salvation. They need to defeat Alavés and wait for other favorable results in a last matchday for the stroke.



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