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12 Jun 2014
The season ended with Depor clinching a new promotion to Primera, it was a campaign based in the strength at defense and the performance playing away from home. Poor record of goals scored and the worst season at home.

44 official matches in eleven months (42 in Liga and 2 in Copa Del Rey); it was the season of Depor that was transformed into 19 wins, 13 draws and 12 defeats. The Galician outfit scored 50 goals allowing 38 for a goal difference of +12.

Deportivo clinched two promotions to Primera in a matter of three years, but both were very different. Two years ago Oltra’s squad was characterized for been a solid scorer with defensive problems, now it was the opposite picture as Fernando Vázquez’s team was a more solid defense that had big problems to create scoring opportunities and find the goals.

Also to notice that two years ago in only one opportunity the squad spent two straight matchdays without at least winning once, which allowed to establish a new record of points. Meanwhile now it occurred in several opportunities; actually in two different moments the team spent five matchdays without winning a game.

First to all to remember that Liga Adelante 2013/14 was a tight competition in which the differences where very small, so it isn’t strange to realize that champions SD Eibar ended at the top of the standings with the lesser number of points on this century: 72. It’s the same added by UD Las Palmas on the Segunda season 1999/2000.

In the case of Deportivo, it added 69 points, curiously two years ago, when the Galicians broke the mark of points in the league during the previous promotion, it wouldn’t have been enough to qualify to the playoffs as 7th place UD Almeria ended that season with 70 points.

Then to notice the fact that Depor was the only Segunda club that added more points on the road (36) than at the Riazor (33). The numbers playing away from home were impressive as the Blanquiazul team broke its historic record of points added playing in this condition during a league competition –the previous mark was 35 on the campaign 2011/12- and at the same time it tied the historic mark of away victories (11).

Meanwhile, the home performance broke a negative record in the history of the club: the percentage of points rescued playing at the Riazor for Segunda División: only 52.38%. The previous lowest mark was the 55.26% of the season 1988/89.

This was the first big problem for Fernando Vázquez during the season that has just ended; the second problem was the goals. Depor only scored 48 goals in 42 games, it was only the 12th best mark in the league; actually a relegated team like Real Madrid Castilla scored one more goal. The last time Depor scored less goals in a Segunda tournament was during the campaign 1989/90 (45).

So, the whole season of Deportivo was hold on by the strong defense. The Galician outfit only allowed 36 goals, which was the second best mark in the league behind champions SD Eibar (28). It’s the lowest mark at the club since the season 1990/91, year in which Depor clinched the promotion to Primera only allowing 32 goals.

The lack of goals can be explained by the lack of shots; after all Depor only completed 406 shots during the Segunda season (9.67 per match), which was only the 14th best mark in the league. Curiously the leader in this department was Real Madrid Castilla (574), a team that suffered the relegation. Also worth to mention that Depor was the sixth team in the league with more passes 19,759. It means an average of 470 per game.

A final stat related to the defense: Depor clinched 19 clean sheets on this season. It’s the second best mark in the history of the club tied with the season 1974/75 (Tercera División). The best campaign in this department arrive for the Primera season 1993/94 (26 clean sheets).



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