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25 Jul 2014
The tour in Colombia ended with a new defeat for Deportivo. Once again the team missed ideas in attack, though it was good enough to keep the 0-0 by half-time. Later the team advanced the lines and suffered a lot at defense.

This was the second match of the LFP World Challenge and the last of Deportivo in Colombia. Coach Víctor Fernández presented a 4-4-2 formation, with Fabricio at the goal, Manuel Pablo covered the right side of the defense, Canella played on the left, while the central defenders were Lopo and Insua.

Álvaro Queijeiro and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders, Rudy and Luisinho attacked from the wings, and the duo Javier Arizmendi-Toché were upfront. Arizmendi was recovered from his muscle problems and was playing for the first time during this pre-season.

At Deportivo Cali, coach Héctor Cárdenas presented a lineup with normal starters despite the team played on Wednesday a game for the Copa Postobón, what happened is that he used substitutes the day before (1-1 at Deportivo Pasto). The lineup included the presence of veteran midfielder John Viáfara.

New poor presentation by Depor. The team looked apathetic and lacking form, which is normal as the pre-season is only starting. But the lack of ideas to create scoring opportunities isn’t new and is a problem that new coach Víctor Fernández must fix as soon as possible.

The first ten minutes were intense, though there were no clear opportunities. The Colombians were having the ball possession, but they had problems to penetrate Depor’s defense. Then the Galicians were looking fresh in the counterattack, with an electric Rudy, who gave problems with his long runs, though the Galicians didn’t give problems to local goalie Luis Alfonso Hurtado. In this way the sense of equality was present within the first half an hour.

Depor’s first approximation came at minute 13, Arizmendi launched the counterattack and Toché was close to find Rudy inside the area, but his cross was cleared by a defender. The first shot on target came at minute 18; Rudy released a direct free-kick that was stopped by Hurtado.

Cali’s first opportunity was a high cross of Miguel Caneo that Viáfara found at the left corner of the box, and his crossed shot missed the target (22’). At minute 27, a corner of Caneo was headed on target by Helibelton, but it was an easy catch for Fabricio. Caneo was the best player of the local team in this game, his penetrations by the right wing gave a lot of problems to Canella.

Then a new injury case: Pablo Insua. The centre-back picked a muscle problem on the Psoas muscle (lumbar vertebral column) and was replaced by Stefan Deák. Within the last fifteen minutes in the first part the situation changed as the Colombians were looking fresher in a physical sense.

However Los Azucareros only created two scoring chances in this part of the match, both on the boots of Carlos Rivas, first with a long-distance attempt that was easy for Fabricio (35’), later a strong shot from inside the box that Depor’s goalie cleared over the crossbar (39’). Depor’s only chance in this frame of the game was a curved volley of Rudy that was stopped by Hurtado (44’).

For the second half, Víctor ordered the entry of Álex Bergantiños replacing Queijeiro. Deportivo were now more focused pushing the output of the ball, but it continued to have problems to score scoring chances, and the worst part is that it advanced the lines, which was seized by Deportivo Cali in order to harm the lagoons at defense.

The first scoring chance in this half was a curved shot of Caneo that hit before the hand of Deák (52’).  Then Víctor made a triple change as Laure, Juan Carlos and Borja Bastón replaced Manuel Pablo, Rudy and Arizmendi.

And just two minutes later the locals scored the first goal in the game. Carlos Rivas easily beat Álex Bergantiños at the left side of the area and then his drilling cross was met by Sergio Herrera, who just had to push the ball in from close range.

The goal was a deserved reward for the best team on the pitch, though shortly after Deportivo had a clear  opportunity to tie the actions as the crossed shot of Borja Bastón from the right side of the area missed the target by inches (65’). The true is that Deportivo were lost after the modifications, it was unable to damage the rival and committed huge errors with the passes, something that Caneo almost seized at minute 67 after a perfect assist that allowed substitute Yerson Candelo to face Fabricio one-on-one, but the keeper made the save.

But the Colombians weren’t going to miss the next chance, again a drilling pass of Caneo was sent into the area, this time it was found by Robin Ramirez, who faced Fabricio one-on-one, he couldn’t bet the keeper, who sustained a knock in the face, but the loose ball was found by Yerson Candelo, who scored with a drilling attempt.

At this point Diego Seoane was already performing as a winger after replacing Luisinho. It was necessary a big play of Álex Bergantiños to score the first goal of the team in this pre-season. He got the ball at the edge of the area and released a rocker that went directly into the net.

The last five minutes were pretty active, first Robin Ramírez had a second chance that was a copy of the second goal and this time he capitalized it scoring from close range before Fabricio, and in the last play of the game Borja Bastón incredibly missed the second goal for his team from close range after a pass from Canella and a great play of Juan Carlos (90’)

Poor game of Deportivo, a team that seem to have wasted the week in Colombia. The team tried to advance the lines in the second part and it was then that Cali seized their best individual skills to define the meeting. To make things worse there was a new injury case as Insua had to be replaced due to a muscle injury.

Cali: (4-4-2) Hurtado (José Silva 46’) - Helibelton, Nasuti, Mera (Luis Calderón 54’), Fabra - Viáfara, Andrés Pérez (Robín Ramírez 63’), Bolivar (Giraldo 67’), Caneo – Herrera (Mosquera 58’), Carlos Rivas (Candelo 63’).
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Fabricio – Manuel Pablo (Laure 55’), Lopo, Insua (Deák 32’), Canella – Rudy (Juan Carlos 55’), Queijeiro (Álex Bergantiños 46’), Juan Domínguez, Luisinho (Seoane 69’) – Arizmendi (Borja Bastón 55’), Toché
Goals: 1-0: (57’) Sergio Herrera, 2-0: Yerson Candelo (74’), 2-1: (84’) Álex Bergantiños, 3-1: (88’) Robin Ramírez
Referee: Wilson Lamouroux. He showed yellow card to Helibelton (49’)
Venue: Monumental de Palmaseca (15,000)



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