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09 Aug 2014
Coach Víctor Fernández conceded a press conference on Friday. He confirmed that Seoane is at the door out and also talked briefly of Henrique Sereno. Deportivo will try to sign a centre midfielder after the failed attempt to get Bruno Zuculini.

Two weeks before the debut in liga and Deportivo are still trying to close the squad. Currently the Galicians are attempting five more signings (two centre-backs, two centre midfielders and one centre forward) and at the same time find an exit for the players out of the coach’s plans.

On Thursday it was known that Manchester City FC won’t allow the arrival of Bruno Zuculini, the 21-year-old Argentine player was the main target to reinforce midfield. One day later coach Víctor Fernández addressed the media and talked of the case, “It was a player that interested us, but his parent club has the right to decide whatever they want with him, so we need to search for other players. It has changed the plans, but there are other footballers on the market.”

The Aragonian trainer confirmed that Depor are still trying to sign two centre midfielders, though the profile is now changing, “Yes, we will sign another midfielder, but it will be a different type of player, someone with other characteristics. Logically we are playing with several alternatives and I am calmed. Let’s hope we can find a player that can be important to us.”

Despite the failed attempt to get Zuculini, Víctor is content with the moves done so far by the club, “We are fine. It isn’t easy, what happened yesterday was unexpected; because it gave the impression there was a fight between Depor and other clubs. The response of his parent club was the less expected one. We already had everything tied, including talking to the player and the sporting director. Until you have signed the player you cannot think it’s done. Maybe we have faced problems to sign players on this week, but on Saturday or Monday you can end up unexpectedly getting two or three at the same time.”

On Thursday it was also know that Depor are chasing Henrique Sereno (29), a Portuguese centre-back that played before for FC Porto and Real Valladolid. He currently belongs to Turkish outfit Kayserispor. The club already has a verbal agreement with him and will join Depor if he can rescind his contract.

Víctor didn’t want to talk too much of Sereno as he doesn’t belong yet to Depor; but he still said that, “I will give my opinion when he can be on here, all I can say that this is a profile that we are chasing.  Yes, he can perform as a side defender too and that’s fine, because what we need is to have players that can perform at other positions.”

The exits from the squad are another issue that remains blocked. According to the media the players that will surely leave Depor are attacker Javier Arizmendi, centre midfielder Cezary Wilk and winger Rudy. And the last name added to the list was full-back Diego Seoane.

The same Víctor Fernández confirmed the issue on Friday, “He’s 26 and must play every Sunday and he won’t have an opportunity on here. I don’t want a saturation of players for one position. It also comes with the idea that I only want 22 or 23 players and later use Fabril’s members. There are many factors and I neither want to stop the progression of anyone. There are different factors at the moment of making decisions. “

Víctor confirmed this after having a private conversation with Seoane. The name of Juan Carlos has been also linked with a possible exit, but in this case the coach denied it, at least for now, “I don’t want to talk in public about the situation with the players, because I prefer to focus on the private conversations that I could have with the men. In the case of Juan Carlos I haven’t talked to him, so I won’t say anything in public.”

Another name rumoured to be at the door out is striker Borja Bastón, but according to La Voz de Galicia Depor’s new coach is seriously thinking of keeping the Pichichi of last season, this since he has doubts with Diogo Salomão due to his continuous injuries and Víctor could be thinking of keeping the Madrilenian striker as the possible player number 23 at the squad.



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