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08 Sep 2014
First defeat on the season for Depor B and for new coach Manu Mosquera. The team didn’t know how to face a more experienced rival and only reacted in the second part, just when the score was already 0-2.

Coach Manu Mosquera was having the casualties of Dan Iglesias, Queijeiro and Álex Pérez for injury reasons. Keeper David Gómez was a last-minute casualty for the same reasons. New signing Sam Piette was unavailable as his transfer hasn’t arrived yet. In the other hand Remeseiro and Iago López were released by the first team, while Portuguese keeper Rafael Veloso was making his debut at Tercera.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1, Veloso was the keeper, Quique Fornos covered the right-back positon, captain Adrián Martínez covered the left, while the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber. Santi Taboada and Ángel Fernández were the centre midfielders, Korean Kim Woo-hong attacked from the right wing, Miguel Cardoso did it from the left, Marcos Remeseiro was the playmaker and  José Fandiño was the centre forward.

Cerceda CCD arrived to the game after a convincing 6-1 win over Ribadeo CF. They are among the favourites to win the Galician group at Tercera. Coach José Luis Lemos didn’t have casualties during the week, but on Saturday centre-back Marcos Caridad suffered a gastric problem, while winger Herbert had a personal problem that sidelined him for the game. Both ex-Depor players are important pieces at this squad. Other two ex-Fabril men were on the spotlight. Keeper Marcos Valín was signed during the week, but was a substitute, so the starter was Javi Rumbo, a 17-year-old lad that came out from Abegondo’s academy.

Deportivo B was a confused team in the first half, it lacked control at midfield and ideas up front; a more experienced Cerceda took advantage to claim the lead and killed the game early in the second part. Fabril reacted taking advantage of the two injuries suffered by the rival, but it was too late and, besides, Fabril lacked aim to score a goal and add excitement during the last stretch of the meeting.

Cerceda totally controlled the first half, with ex-Fabril Jorge Cano giving a lot of problems and with Peloto and Granada controlling midfield territory. Depor B were losing the ball pretty easily, which lead to counterattacks that were giving problems to the defense, it was then that Quique Fornos emerged as the keystone at the back, making a couple of saving tackles that were keeping a goalless score. He should be considered as the best Fabril’s player in the match.

At minute 5, a corner-kick by Peloto was close to end at the back of the net, but debutant Veloso cleared the danger. Three minutes later Kim had the first chance for the locals with a cross that missed the target. The Korean was the only player bringing something in attack despite been performing at the opposite wing (he’s right footed and was playing on the left). Cardoso and Remeseiro never were factors in the match.

Cano starred the next dangerous play in the game, he assisted Agullo, but the final shot missed the target (13’). The polemic play of the match came at minute 15, Fandiño released a cross searching for Ángel, the ball hit the hand of a rival, but no penalty was called.

Kim had another opportunity at minute 21, but he missed the target. Four minutes later Cano was heading out the third corner in favour for his team. That play wasn’t a coincidence, because the headers were going to be determinant in the game. At minute 30, Dani Xelo released a cross that midfielder Jonathan Martín ‘Granada’ headed into the net.

The goal affected Fabril, there was no reaction and Cerceda even had the chance to increase the lead before the break. It didn’t happen then, but it occurred three minutes after the pause. And again it was through a header. This time it was Dani Xelo the scorer after connecting the cross released by Cano.

Fabril were out of control and Celestino Noe could have scored the third goal, but Veloso was there to make the save (59’). Then Cardoso picked a muscle problem and was replaced by Cañi.

It seemed Cerceda were heading into an easy win, but then they faced two injury cases. Keeper Javi Rumbo twisted his knee when he jumped for the ball before Fandiño and was stretched off, centre-back Adrián Peque was also replaced injured. Coach Lemos had to make changes and his team retreated.

The tide changed then, Toni Insua entered for Taboada and Iago López advanced his position to midfield. Óscar García also entered for Remeseiro. Both Óscar and Cañi were the factors that revitalized Fabril, so the locals started to have scoring chances. The difference is that they missed them all.

Fandiño headed the ball out in a free-kick action (62’), the biggest chance for Depor B came at minute 74 with Cañi taking a free-kick that hit the crossbar. Five minutes before the final whistle, there was another free-kick action, this time Cañi sought for Fornos at the far post, but the defender missed the ball.

The locals had two more chances to score in the stoppage time; a new cross from Óscar found Fandiño inside the box, but his attempt was cleared by Angeriz (90+3’). The game ended with the resulting corner-kick that Róber headed out.

Fabril paid the price for its plane first half; it missed control over the actions and Cerceda scored two goals before the mark of the 50 minutes, then the match changed with the injuries suffered by the visiting team, but Depor B missed its opportunities. This is the first defeat with new coach Manu Mosquera and on next week there’s a new big game as Depor B visit Pontevedra CF.

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Veloso - Quique Fornos, Iago López, Róber, Adrián Martínez - Santi Taboada (Toni Insua 57’), Ángel -  Cardoso (Cañi.52’), Remeseiro (Óscar 65’), Kim – Fandiño.
Cerceda: (4-4-2) Javi Rumbo (Marcos Valín.58’) - Noé, Angeriz, Adrián Peque (José Manuel 63’), Juan Pérez - Peloto, Granada, Agulló, Martín - Cano (David González.88’), Dani Xelo.
Goals: : 0-1: (30’) Granada. 0-2: (47’) Dani Xelo.
Referee: Sergio Espasandín Cores. He showed yellow card to Juan Pérez (26’), Granada (72’), Peloto (79’) and Angeriz (82’).
Venue: Abegondo (1,200)




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