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12 Sep 2014
Not too hot, not too cold. It was a discrete game in which Deportivo only attacked during the first half. Three players debuted; Postiga was the best among them with a goal scored and some solid passes.

This friendly match against Tercera club Arosa SC was arranged during the pre-season, but due to the trip to Colombia it was postponed.  Now, with the break in the league, and with Depor playing until Monday, the match was rearranged. Coach Víctor Fernández used the match as a test for the last four signings, who were starters in the game.

Initially, the coach was going to present a 4-2-3-1 figure with Isaac Cuenca on, but the winger wasn’t fit after picking an ankle injury during the morning’s training, so he was left out and the draw was switched into a 4-4-2.

Fabricio was the keeper, Laure covered the right-back position, Luisinho performed on the left, while the central positions at defense were for Sidnei and Diakité. Álex Bergantiños and Haris Medunjanin played at midfield, Juanfran Moreno attacked from the right wing, Cavaleiro did it from the left and the strikers were Postiga and Toché.

Víctor Fernández announced the day before that this game was going to be an exam for the last four signings. The true is that only Postiga shone among the last arrivals. The Portuguese veteran scored one and provided one assist. Diakité and Sidnei didn’t face too many opposition in defense and also failed at the moment of defending a set-piece, while Juanfran didn’t show up on the right wing. Deportivo attacked in the first part and, after scoring three times, it reduced the pace before a willful rival that gave some problems to Lux.

The game was wide open in the first part, because there were several scoring opportunities. Deportivo had the ball possession and the best opportunities. The first big chance came at minute 20, Medunjanin assisted Toché and the Murcian striker missed the target when he was alone before local keeper Lucas Gallego.

Just one minute later Depor claimed the advantage in the scoresheet after Cavaleiro collected a cross from Laure, the Portuguese man scored with a crossed shot. Shortly after the previous missed play by Toché was repeated, this time Postiga made the assist and the Murcian attacker didn’t fail from close range. With the 0-2 on the scoresheet Depor were calm and weren’t facing complications at defense.

But despite the presence of Diakité and Sidnei, Deportivo continued to show its weakness defending the set-pieces. The Brazilian centre-back committed a foul on the right, the resulting free-kick turned into a cross that found Santi Padín alone enough inside the area to push the ball in.

Cavaleiro had a new chance to score, but on this opportunity his header went out (31’), but Depor were going to reach half-time with a third goal in favour. It was the first goal of Hélder Postiga at Deportivo as the Portuguese attacker headed in a corner of Medunjanin and after a bad clearance by Lucas Gallego.

For the second half, Víctor Fernández made five changes and also switched the draw into a 4-2-3-1. Lux, Lopo, Juan Dominguez, José Rodríguez and Canella entered for Fabricio, Sidnei, Álex Bergantiños, Medunjanin and Toché.

Arosa SC had a better start in the second half, in just five minutes they had two chances to score; the clearest one was a shot from the edge of the area by Quique Cubas that missed the target (55’). The response of Deportivo was a shot of Luisinho that hit the post after a pass by Cavaleiro (57’).

At minute 60, Lux deflected a shot by Adrián Camiño. Depor were a complete different team in the second part, it lacked depth and preferred to spent the time defending at their own half, a concept that was reinforced by Víctor Fernández after he removed the second striker from the pitch, this since Wilk claimed the spot of Postiga, while Manuel Pablo did the same with Laure.

But then Víctor returned into the initial 4-4-2 figure and it was a weird move as two of the players that left the game at half-time returned for the final fifteen minutes. Álex Bergantiños and Toché replaced Diakité and José Rodríguez.

Wilk was close to score the fourth goal with a shot from close range that was saved by Lucas Gallego (78’). Two minutes later Quique Cubas had a new attempt to score and once again it was saved by Lux. The last chance was a wide shot by Luisinho (81’)

It was another game in which it isn’t possible to extract too many conclusions; the defense didn’t experience too many problems, though they failed in a new goal allowed in a set-piece. Besides, the only player that shoe in attack was Postiga, who scored a goal and assisted for the second goal. Cavaleiro was also very participative in the game.

Arousa: (4-2-3-1) Jorge Pérez (Lucas 46') - Santi Padín, Juan (Pablo 46'), Alfonso, Fernando (Juanjo 46') - Vixo, Iago Pérez (Nando 46') - Gregorio (Martín 46'), Adrián, Eloy (Cubas 46') - Javi Pazos (Rivas 46').
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Fabricio (Lux 46’) – Laure (Manuel Pablo 61’), Diakité (Álex Bergantiños 76’), Sidnei (Lopo 46’), Luisinho – Juanfran (Toché 76’), Álex Bergantiños (Juan Dominguez 46’), Medunjanin (José Rodríguez 46’), Cavaleiro – Toché (Canella 46’), Postiga (Wilk 62’)
Goals: 0-1: (21’) Cavaleiro, 0-2: (29’) Toché, 1-2: (32’) Santi Padín, 1-3: (38´) Postiga
Referee: Loira Rodríguez. No cards were shown.
Venue: A Lomba (500)



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