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14 Sep 2014
The last signing completed during the summer window conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia. Diakité talked of his first impressions of Depor and also explained how his career started.

Q: How were these first days at Deportivo?
A: So far everything has been fine. All I need are some more training sessions with the team to reach my best level, I need to gain pace and play games to show what I can do.

Q: What is Victor Fernandez asking from you?
A: The coach insists that the defense should participate in creating the game; he wants to see the game starting with us.

Q: And you, a very physical player, do you think that you can be able to adapt to these requirements from the coach?
A: For me it isn’t something new. Clearly, it may be different from what we experienced in Calcio or the Premier, but at Fiorentina with Montella, I was the one starting the game from the back, the style was quite similar. So I think this will not be a problem for me and I’m sure I’ll be able to offer solutions to the coaching staff.

Q: Do you expect to find continuity at the Riazor, the minutes you missed in the Premier?
A: Without a doubt. I'm here for it. But I know that before having those minutes I must deserve them. I will give my best in every training session to convince the coach, so he can put me in the lineup for each weekend.

Q: How do you see the Spanish league? What makes it different compared to other competitions in which you have played throughout your career?
A: The Spanish League is not as physical as the Premier, neither there’s much contact as in the Calcio or the Premier, but is tremendously spectacular, because in every team you will find players with a high technique, with the ability to move the ball , quality, and that makes it special.

Q: What were your first steps in football?
A: I started in Paris. I’m a neighborhood kid and I started there playing when I was little. Then everything happened very quickly. A scout discovered me while I was still in the neighborhood and took me to Italy. Over there I started my career in Pescara, then Lazio, Fiorentina, the Premier, I returned to Fiorentina, back to England and now here I am.

Q: Who did you admire when you were a kid, who did you want to imitate on a pitch?
A: From the beginning, and since I put on my boots for the first time, I noticed Lilian Thuram. He was my idol.

Q: A player who became an icon in France...
A: Not only in France, the world! [He smiles].

Q: What’s your impression of A Coruña?
A: It's a beautiful, very nice. The sea is everywhere. After going through England I quite like this, I think I'll get used to being here very easily.

Q: Do you see it as a city to stay and live?
A: Of course.



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