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15 Sep 2014
Depor’s coach is concern as his team is lacking more control during the games while he announced changes at the lineup. The coach of Eibar is also worried, but for not facing the game with the needed concentration and intensity.

Gaizka Garitano Aguirre(39) made history on last season as his SD Eibar clinched the promotion from Segunda B to Primera in only two seasons. It’s something that Fabri González did before in 2011 with Granada CF. Besides, he’s the fifth youngest coach at Primera just behind UD Almeria’s Francisco Rodriguez, Real Sociedad’s Jagoba Arrasate, RCD Espanyol’s Sergio Gonzalez and Getafe’s Cosmin Contra.

He’s the nephew of Ander Garitano, a well-known former player of Athletic Bilbao. Gaizka tried to follow his footsteps and played at the academy of the Basque club, though without any luck as he never reached the first team, at least playing in liga, because he had the chance to perform in the UEFA Cup.

Garitano spent his playing career performing at five clubs, including Galician CD Ourense, and only reached some success at Real Sociedad. After his retirement in 2009 he signed as the assistant coach of SD Eibar; two years ago Garitano was named as the head coach of the Basque club and had a direct impact in the results, because the team clinched two promotions.

This is his first meeting against Víctor Fernández, who is the third oldest coach in the league. The current Depor’s coach is 53, and only two other coaches are older at Primera División: Granada’s Joaquín Caparrós (58) and Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti (55).

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Sunday’s morning; he talked to reporters for twelve minutes. He starting admitting that the lineup isn’t decided yet, “I’ve doubts and still have twenty-four hours to decide about some footballers. I must think of collective issues and assess the developments of the trainings and also the situation of some players that had physical problems, like the case of Cuenca, who was recovered at the last minute, and especially Fariña, who is out. I must think about all that and also about the characteristics of the rival.”

In this sense the Aragonian trainer announced changes at the lineup, “I can only tell you that it will be a very different lineup to the one that played the first matchdays. I need to make decisions based in fitness of the players that have arrived, also about what’s the best for the performance of the team, and we need to think of the rival. I’m perceiving things on the trainings and must translate these positive feelings into the game. I also perceive that we’ve improved in a physical sense, but especially we need to improve in the control of the game. We are too irregular within the game and need to prolong the phases in which our game is good. I also perceive that the players need to know each other better.”

“We have some handicaps that sound like an excuse, but it’s true that we need to see the players knowing each other better, to see them having a better assimilation of our game. It’s also true that tomorrow some players that haven’t participated in a long time at the elite will end playing. It’s a handicap before the rival, a rival that has been playing with the same base of last season, because only three players have entered their team: Abraham, Lara and the centre forward Ángel. The rest is the same team that was champion, a team with authority, so we have a deficit before them, but for me tomorrow’s game can be an important turning point to us. A victory will reinforce what we are doing, always understanding it will be a different game due to the characteristics of the rival. We must be a brave team trying to win at Ipurúa no matter is difficult.” He added.

Fernández insisted that his team needs to have a better control over the games, “You need more control. A team like Depor cannot have the control during the full ninety minutes, not even Real Madrid had it yesterday, and sometimes not even Barcelona. But we need more control. We need to know when to have the control and when to pause the game, also when to put pressure upfront. These are things that we need to assimilate. After re-watching the game against Rayo Vallecano I realized that what I liked the most, paradoxically, were the last 25 minutes. It was the time when the team was more coherent and I watched twice that game. We had the control at the first ten minutes and later it disappeared, that’s what we must try to avoid.”

About the rival, the coach commented that, “They swept away Real Sociedad in the first game and deserved more in the field of Atlético Madrid. This is a team that plays good football and that knows when to have a better control and when to play a more vertical game. It forces us to improve in order to get a positive result. But we need to go there and win. I want a brave team.”

Later he explained the situation of the injured players, starting with Pablo Insua, “Insua is fulfilling the expectations. We knew it’s an injury that needs time. He needs to improve his fitness. He’s 20 ad is a lad that needs to improve a lot in a physical sense in order to compete. He needs a more athletic body. He needs to improve, but fortunately the injury is almost gone. “

Then he commented the case of Lucas Pérez, “I am more worried for Lucas, but more for the hope, because he’s an important player. Especially with Fariña off, he’s the perfect player to perform as a second striker. I’m worried, because I like him. I don’t know what he can bring to us as he hasn’t played yet. The true is that the deadlines are okay as a muscle rupture takes five or six weeks. He’s there and we could think there was a relapse, but the doctors say that he’s okay. He’s having problems at the moment of striking the ball, what happens is that the scar is too fresh and he feels it at the moment of striking the ball, so he needs to stop for several days. Right now what worried me is the person, right now he’s a lad that’s feeling down as this is reducing his expectations. He was wishing to debut and has transmitted this sadness to me.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández was denying a comment of a reporter about that Seoane and Juan Carlos are sidelined during the trainings, “What they have dome today is to complete their physical work, because for ten minutes we trained the defensive tasks for tomorrow’s game. They won’t play tomorrow, so they didn’t take part of the tactical work. Apart from that, they have completed all the training sessions and the full work with the group. They haven’t training apart and will never do it. If someone says that they are training apart then it’s because they haven’t come here to watch the trainings of Deportivo. They are participating in all the trainings, in what they aren’t entering is into the games, because I bet on other players and they know it.”

Eibar’s coach addressed the media on Sunday’s morning; he warned that Depor won’t be an easy rival, “Their coach has experience and anywhere he has coached the teams have played good football. They have good moments and move the ball from behind, besides they have signed players for it. What worries me is that, until now, we have faced games that were tough, but that were easy for the coach. I’m scared of this game, because if we don’t face it with the same concentration and compete at the same level than against Real [Sociedad] and Atlético, then it will be dangerous. I’m worried that, for losing at the Calderón stadium leaving a positive impression, we could think that Deportivo will be easy. I’m worry about that.”

He was explaining the attitude that he expects from his team and also announced possible changes after repeating the lineup in the first two meetings, “The plan isn’t passing beyond what will happen tomorrow. We must play like the world is ending tomorrow. We must face a good rival to later face what’s lying ahead. We are fine physically. The new signings are improving little by little. We count with everybody and since tomorrow new people could enter. Many players are close to enter.”

“We know that there won’t be easy games for us at Primera. We have trained at the top and must go out in the same way than against Atlético and Real [Sociedad]. I hope to see a good Eibar and our best version. We will face a good rival and what worries me is to play with intensity. To play, sort or less, in the same way than before. We’ve two group of players. The ones that are coming with our ideas and have spent six weeks in the pre-season, the rest are closer each day. But tomorrow we won’t make six or seven changes.” The Basque coach added.

Before the press conference, Garitano conceded an interview to Marca; he was reflecting in the historic promotion of SD Eibar, “We believe on it, because it was a deserved promotion and a deserved first place. The lads were great. Apart from the promotion on consecutive years this is a pretty story for the club, because it demonstrates that not only the ones with more money can achieve things, but also others that aspire to big triumphs.”

He’s proud as Eibar are known for been a team that likes to practice good football, “At the Calderón stadium we had the 57% of the ball possession facing the European runners-up. It means that we are a team that, despite keeping the aggressiveness and the pressure, also have players that like to play football.”

“We are following an ascending line since two years ago and our ideas don’t change if we are at Segunda B or at Primera. The demands are high and there are codes that we must follow, though now we cannot commit mistakes as we are facing the best teams in Europe.  The debut in the league has been positive. The players already assimilated the ideas and we must enjoy the moment. Still, each game will be a final and we must add the points anywhere, it will be a tough year.” He finalized.



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