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16 Sep 2014
Great victory for Deportivo B in one of the most difficult visits on the season. There were only a few scoring opportunities and Fabril succeeded after scoring twice only creating three clear chances in the whole game.

Coach Manu Mosquera was recovering Dan Iglesias, who started on the bench, but lost Samuel Piette for at least two weeks due to a shoulder injury. The other players out injured were David Gómez, Álvaro Queijeiro and Álex Pérez, Skipper Adrián Martinez was completing his league game number 100 with the team (94 at Tercera and 6 in playoffs).

The figure was a 4-2-3-1, Veloso was the keeper, Jorge Callón covered the right-back position, Adrián Martínez played on the left, while the centre-backs were Quique Fornos and Róber Suárez. Santi Taboada and Iago López were the centre midfielders, Korean Kim Woo-hong attacked from the right wing, Miguel Cardoso did it from the left, Jesús Cańizares ‘Cańi was the playmaker and  Marcos Remeseiro was the centre forward.

Pontevedra CF arrived to the season as one of the favourite teams to fight for the promotion, but also arrived to this game with doubts after the previous defeat against Ribadeo FC (2-3), game in which they conceded three goals in just 29 minutes committing huge defensive mistakes. Coach Manu Fernández had his best men available, including ex-Fabril striker Jorge Rodríguez and keeper Edu Sousa.

This is one of the most difficult visits on the season, but somehow Deportivo B have clinched positive results in their recent meetings with Pontevedra; after all Depor’s youngsters had chained seven straight games without losing against Los Granates (6 wins & 1 draw)

Fabril extended to eight games their unbeaten streak facing Pontevedra CF after a match without emotions within the first 70 minutes, but with a winning team that knew how to seize their few chances. Manu Mosquera was performing with four men out of their natural positions and all of them did a solid job. Adrián and Remeseiro have been playing in other positons since some time ago, but Iago López was just making his first appearance as a centre midfielder, while Cańi was moved from the wing to the playmaking function.

The result was a more balanced team at defense, but at the same time it missed fluidity in attack. Korean Kim and Remeseiro didn’t appear too much in the first half, so it had to be Miguel Cardoso the one starring the few opportunities of Fabril. And it was going to be the Portuguese winger the one that scored the first goal.

It seemed that Pontevedra were going to repeat the disastrous start of one week ago facing Ribadeo FC; because Adrián Gómez miscalculated a pass to local keeper Edu and instead assisted Cardoso, who scored his second goal on the season with a drilling attempt.

After a few minutes of hesitation, Pontevedra claimed the ball possession, though without having depth. The locals only created danger through the aerial game. At minute 11, a corner kick of Centrón was sent into the far post, midfielder Pedro García was there, but he missed the target.

And Pontevedra were going to equalize the game in another aerial play, Anxo released a cross from the left beating the mark of Callón, then Jorge Rodriguez met the ball at the far post after Róber couldn’t reach the cross, his perfect downward header was impossible for Veloso.

There were two goals within the first twenty minutes, but it doesn’t mean that the game was entertaining. The true is that the game was boring, something that was confirmed as nothing special occurred in the rest of the first half. The only things to emphasize was the solid work of Taboada at midfield, plus the few chances had by each side.

At minute 31, the locals had a new attempt through the aerial game; Adrián Mourinho released a cross that Jorge Rodriguez found again inside the area, but this time Veloso made the save. Four minutes later Cardoso attempted from the edge of the area and his shot missed the target. The final attempt was a dire free-kick of Cańi that went wide (39’).

The game didn’t change for the second part, it continued to be boring as the ball spent more time at midfield and as both teams lacked ideas to create scoring opportunities. Both coaches were preparing changes trying to change the course of the meeting, and actually the local coach made one modification, but soon an isolated play was going to change the rest of the match. It was the second goal of Fabril.

And Depor B paid with the same coin as the goal came in an aerial play. Callón released a cross from the right that turned to be a perfect volley met by Marcos Remeseiro alone inside the area to cross Edu with a perfect header. It’s his first goal on the season. It was minute 69 and the game was going to experience a drastic change, because Pontevedra opened the lines and finally there was some excitement as Los Granates were pushing for the equalizer while the visiting outfit was looking dangerous in the counterattack.

Until this point Fabril converted the 100% of their best opportunities, but couldn’t kill the game after enjoying of a clear opportunity to score the third goal. Cardoso launched the counterattack and assisted Kim, who collected the ball at the penalty spot to release a drilling shot on target that was saved by Edu (75’).

The miss increased the drama for the final fifteen minutes, period of time when it occurred a lot of things: two expulsions, the three changes of Fabril and two clear chances for Pontevedra. Dani Iglesias reappeared after the injury sustained in the pre-season, he replaced Cardoso. Juan López and Ángel Fernández were the other substitutions as they entered for Remeseiro and Cańi.

Pontevedra had two chances in this frame of the game, the first was a shot of Adrián Mourinho that was saved by Veloso (80’), the other was a direct free-kick of Anxo that was repealed by Fabril’s goalie (82’). There was also a possible penalty over substitute Jacobo Millán. He was entering the area by the right and felt into the ground after Adrián tried to clear the ball (86’). There was also time to see two players sent off. First Fabril were reduced to ten men as Callón saw two yellow cards, but the numeric advantage only lasted seven minutes as Jacobo was sent off for committing two fouls. His participation was particular as, in only 12 minutes, collected two cards and also provoked a possible penalty.

Deportivo B returned to winning ways with a serious presentation, though it was also a boring match for 70 minutes. Fabril scored seizing two of their three best opportunities with Cardoso being the best player in the match. The second win on the season is pushing Fabril to the fourth position, only two points behind leaders CCD Cerceda and Ribadumia CF. On next Sunday, Depor B are hosting Bergantińos CF (Abegondo, 16h30 CET).

Comments of Mosquera: ”It wasn’t easy; we were fine at the beginning, but in the next minutes to our first goal Pontevedra had us against the ropes; they were fast and hammered us by the left side until scoring the equalizer. But after the goal, and until the end of the game, we didn’t suffer. We were a balanced team and weren’t nervous despite allowing the goal. They key was to mix fast players with keeping the ball at complicate moments; we stopped Pontevedra.”

Pontevedra: (4-2-3-1) Edu – Adrián Gómez, David Feito (Jacobo 76’), Campillo, Capi - Pedro García, Anxo - Kevin Presa (Benja 76’), Jorge Rodríguez, Mourinho - Centrón (Fran Fandińo 61’)
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Veloso –Callón, Quique Fornos, Róber, Adrián - Taboada, Iago López -  Cardoso (Dani Iglesias 80’), Cańi (Ángel 90+2’) Kim – Remeseiro (Juan López 77’).
Goals: 0-1: (3’) Cardoso, 1-1: (18’) Jorge Rodríguez, 1-2: (69’) Remeseiro
Referee: Alexandre Mazaira Rodríguez. He showed yellow card to Adrián Mourinho (3’), Capi (39’), Jorge Rodríguez (72’) and Kim (75’). Callón (46’ & 81’) and Jacobo (78’ & 88’) were sent off with two yellow cards.
Venue: Pasarón (1,300)





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