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17 Sep 2014
The papers applauded the first win of the season; they agreed that Depor was a tiny team in offensive tasks, but that knew how to defend the goal scored through the lonely shot on target completed in the game.

Deporte Campeón: Victory and growth. Deportivo claimed the win on their visit to Ipurúa thanks to a lonely goal by Juan Dominguez. The Galicians, who with this win are giving a significant leap at the standings, needed the points before the hardness of the calendar and they achieved the goal. Victor Fernández warned that there would be changes compared to the game against Rayo Vallecano. More than half of the team was modified with Luisinho and Sidnei as starters at defense, Alex Bergantiños in midfield, Juanfran on the right wing, Cavaleiro on the left and Hélder Postiga in attack. Six variations.

The Galicians claimed the triumph though, as the coach commented after the game, it’s necessary to keep improving, gaining a competitive tone and, above all, keeping the team spirit that’s the flag of this changing room. Depor showed that’s a team following the right path of a very long road in which all the outfits have to add in order to achieve the permanence. Alberto Torres

La Opinión A Coruña: Encouraging result. It seemed that the initial approach was seeking the depth and defensive solidity, and that the team wouldn’t be surprised in the countless secondary plays that could occur when Eibar were playing more direct or trying to release crosses into the area. It found a pair of flawless centre-backs: Lopo and Sidnei; and the defensive aids provided by Juanfran and Cavaleiro to Luisinho and Laure that were solving the problem of the arrivals by the wings. On offense, it resigned a little to the elaborated game, with two midfielders, Álex and Medunjanin, more concerned to defend and balancing the team, and converted Juan Dominguez into a tireless worker to clog the output of the rival, but facing problems to play backwards or between the lines.

All this with a tireless Postiga in pressure and searching for the creation of spaces. After the goal of Juando, a product of a great combination between Juanfran and Laure, the defensive intensity was renewed and it reinforced that idea of fighting tooth and nail to defend the result. From there, the difficulty to maintain control of the game was big and at times the team was at the mercy of the opponent, but ultimately it clinched an important and encouraging result that will bring peace. Luis Santiago

La Voz de Galicia: Depor fishing in the war. The Deportivo of the three new faces picked the three point at Ipurúa, hardly fought match like few. In a game of fight, strength and a lot of contact, the Galician team was able to compete at the limit of their physical capabilities against a possessed team and asserted the opportunist goal from Juan Dominguez to add their first win in La Liga. With two centre-backs that were tuned and a stunning Lux in the aerial game, Depor were able to resist all the attacks of an Eibar without too many ideas, and although the Galicians barely disturbed the local area after their goal, it was enough to not lose the early lead and prop with a win the first steps in the rebuilding of a Depor that remains in their particular and lengthy pre-season.

Javi Nieto wanted to change the face of the game, coming off the bench to start the second half. He had three attempts with some danger and Lux had to repel one. The Argentine imposed his authority on the thousands of crosses that were raining inside the area and Depor were strong enough at defense to hold on the local pushes. The Galician team only brought a few problems in attack, not even when Eibar began to crack and leave spaces for the counterattacks, very shy by Los Blanquiazules. The entries of José Rodríguez, Cuenca and Canella (this for Juanfran, who was at the edge of the faint due to the effort) brought fresh air to Deportivo, a team that didn’t test Irureta throughout the whole second half and ended tired, but it fought hard to overcome their low pace to add a moral victory. Miguel Piñeiro.

Marca Depor strike in Ipurúa. Deportivo La Coruña became the first team to get a win in the top flight playing at Ipurúa. A goal from Juan Dominguez after taking advantage of a defensive error from Eibar decided a game in which the Armeros did enough merits to get something else.

The Galicians took oil from the visit to Ipurúa. They scored their goal with their lonely shot on target of the match and knew how to survive for the rest of the meeting. The goal was scored by Juan Dominguez, netted before the first fifteen minutes. Juanfran beat the mark of Abraham and put a cross that Bóveda, inadvertently, left in his area. Domínguez just had to finish it to make a difference.

At that point in the game, the goal seemed a fitting reward for a Deportivo that had come out boldly to the field. However, seeing how the rest of the meeting took place, it was a too generous prize. After the goal, Eibar improved a lot. Especially in the second half, moment where the entry of Dani Nieto was the mordant that the Basques needed.

Despite the greater offensive capability of Eibar, it was not enough to beat the goal of Lux. Among Dani Nieto and Javi Lara they weren’t able to knock down the wall of Deportivo. The Galicians barely attacked, but yes, defending, they were solid rocks. Ramiro Aldunate

Diario Vasco: Eibar taste their own medicine. Gaizka Garitano warned the day before: "I’m worried that people will think that Deportivo will be an easier rival than Atletico. We have to play like there's no tomorrow. "The coach, who has been an altar boy before friar, knows that meetings like tonight’s one will give the real measure of the SD Eibar in their debuting season at Primera División.

On the third matchday, in front there was a Deportivo under construction after the arrival of Victor Fernandez for Paco Vázquez and that, as Eibar did, it reinforced the squad within the last days of the summer market. And Eibar were unable to succeed facing an opponent that has responded with their own medicine. It was an impossible mission before a Deportivo that, strong at defense, knew how to defend its treasure and clinch their first win of the season. Or what is the same, the first home defeat of Eibar. Axel Guerra



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