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17 Sep 2014
The coach and the players were satisfied after clinching the first win on the season, they also admitted that the team suffered and that it’s necessary to improve ahead of future meetings.

 Coach Víctor Fernández gave his opinion on the game and admitted that he suffered a lot, “The game was highly conditioned by the intensity and the fight. It was a very tactical meeting due to different aspects. The small pitch also lead to mobbing, to see a lot of physical contact. I saw two competitive teams. Eibar know what they are doing, with a great coach and that’s doing a great job so far. We knew we had to play more, and did it within the first minutes, but later forgot that we could also defend having the ball.”

“We were fine within the first 25 minutes. We knew it was going to be difficult on this field. We knew we had to attack a lot by the left side, and over there we found a good road to penetrate and played well. They realized about it and covered the cracks. We were fine within the first 25-30 minutes, later we lacked physical condition to keep attacking and the game was more equal. It was foreseeable what came later. Juanfran gave everything. Postiga should have only played 60 minutes, but had to hold on as we could. It was a difficult game for the coach, because we were conditioned by the physical condition of the players.” He added.

Later the Aragonian coach explained the reason to make six changes at the starting lineup, “The lineup was conditioned by the characteristics of the rival; we tried to be strong and incisive on both wings, because they are almost impenetrable by the centre with the combination between their centre-backs and the midfielders, and later we changed the defense. The appearance of Sidnei will also improve our aerial game and the output of the ball, but we need to improve, and it’s easier to do it with the triumph.”

Once again he was mentioned the disadvantage for closing the squad until deadline day, “We have a deficit before the rivals; within the last days we got four players that weren’t training properly; they made a great effort trying to hold on and, within this adaptation process, we are improving a lot. I say it once again: in a couple of months we will see a different level, but we need to emphasize the fact of been a competitive team. We knew how to suffer and were rewarded with this win.”

Víctor said that the best conclusion of the game was to clinch the first victory, “The best thing is to have our first win. Secondly to break the spell of scoring the first goal, because we always cored the first goal but were unable to win the previous two games. We clinched the clean sheet, which was important. I anticipated the changes before, because I needed to shake the squad. We are a team, we are a team of twenty-five players and all of them were content.”

There was also time to praise the level of Eibar and their strength at Ipurúa, “It will be almost impossible to add points on this field; if Eibar keep this level of pressure, then it’s impossible to move the ball. The teams will have big problems unless the rivals score an early goal to down the enthusiasm and energy.”

Finally, Fernández announced more changes ahead of the coming meetings, “We had to face three games in eight days, tough meetings that come really close, all of them with a high demand. I will have to make an extensive use of the squad, because we cannot play the three meetings with the same eleven men, because we need to remember that we have a deficit before the other rivals. But the time is at our side. This win reinforces us and we are earning time to improve. We need to improve a lot.”

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ made a great work at defense as he had to deal with Javi Lara; about this issue he commented that, “These are players that are difficult to mark, because they play switching their natural position. Maybe we were needing more aids by the centre.”

The Madrilenian was satisfied with the result, “We are content with the final result. We needed this victory. It was a very physical game, but we survived knowing how to suffer. We were doing a nice job, but needed to add points in order to confirm it. There was a moment in the second part when we missed a spark.”

Juan Dominguez explained the play of his goal, “I saw that we were going to end the play, so I entered the area thinking that you can find a rebound at any moment, it was like that and was lucky that I met the rebound and it was goal.”

Later the Galician midfielder commented the game, “It’s really hard to not suffer in these fields. We knew we were coming to this: to suffer. We need to be focused all game long and in the end I believe we did a great job and knew how to hold on that goal in favour, something we missed in previous games. It was an important win, all the victories are important, but to win in this field is very hard. Not too many teams will add points on here.”

Albert Lopo also did a great job at defense; he talked about the game, “They were harassing our area, but we were fine at the back and didn’t suffer too much. We only had one clear opportunity and we seized it. We must keep adding thinking of the permanence, the season is long and there’s a lot of work still to be done.”

German Lux was content with his performance while he admitted that he didn’t match the expectations against Granada, “We are lacking pace and to know each other. The road will be hard. I’m content with my performance, because I wasn’t fine in Granada. If they don’t score against us, then we will add and that’s what we need to search. We need to improve.”

At SD Eibar, coach Gaizka Garitano was feeling sorry for losing this game, “We were fine, but missed to do a better job upfront. Deportivo was the best side at the beginning, later we were better having the ball and playing at their side of the pitch. We tried, but lacked more patience within the last meters. We were unable to score and Deportivo did it, so they deserved to win.”

“We played good football for many minutes. They won doing little, only scoring one goal. We dominated, but missed a good pass or to complete a good play. That’s the big difference between Primera División compared to Segunda. Deportivo won only completing one shot on target, they didn’t do more in attack. We had a lot of arrivals, but didn’t create clear scoring opportunities. I have saw a superiority, but in football you demonstrate that you are better inside the area. Deportivo defended pretty well at their area, they are a Primera team.” He added.



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