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20 Sep 2014
Depor’s coach believes that the speed is going to be a key factor in the game. He’ also hopeful of clinching a positive result. The coach of Real Madrid left some clues of the starting lineup that will face Deportivo.

 Carlo Michelangelo Ancelotti is currently one of the most respected coaches in the world of football. Last season he signed a three-year deal with Real Madrid and had a direct impact at the club after clinching the Copa Del Rey and Champions League titles in his first year there. He previously had won the major tournament in Europe with AC Milan (2002/03 & 2006/07) and also won other big trophies like the UEFA Super Cup (2003 & 2007) and the FIFA Club World Cup (2007).

The true is that Ancelotti has been linked to football almost his entire life. From 1987 until 1992, he played for AC Milan, and was part of the squad that won consecutive European Cups in 1989 and 1990. So, he’s one of the few men that have won the Champions League both as a coach and as a player.

For this year one of his main challenges is to win La Liga; previously he won the league title in all the countries where he has coached (Italy, England and France). This his first meeting against Víctor Fernández, a coach that hasn’t won any league title, but that already conquered other important trophies like the Cup Winners Cup with Real Zaragoza (1995) or the Intercontinental cup with FC Porto (2004)

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s morning; he talked to reporters for 26 minutes. He’s confident of making a good game, “We are conscious of the greatness of Real Madrid, the current European champion, there’s no doubt about it, but in football there’s always a margin for the surprise and the fight, and in this case this game won’t be an exception. We play at home, at our field, with our fans and therefore we need to hurry up our options of clinching a positive result. I believe we can compete with Madrid.”

“When you play with a rival having these characteristics the first thing is to play at 100%. If you don’t play 100% ready then you don’t have any options of extracting any positive result. You need to make the perfect game and to see the rival not matching their best level. It’s the starting point at the moment of facing these teams: to give your best and to see the rival not matching their top level. We need to play our best game so far. “

Once again the Aragonian coach was remembering the busy calendar and how it affects the lineups for the games, “We aren’t at our best level and there are players that cannot bear this charge of games, but I’m content with the physical state of the players. We are going to play three games in eight days and we are coming after a very physical game at Eibar, so it will condition our decisions. Neither I’m too worried as we are assimilating the concepts and by the next break, in October, we should be much better, so for now I’ll try to squeeze the best from the resources that I’ve, so tomorrow there will be changes.”

Later the coach commented what he expects from the game and anticipated changed at the lineup, “There will be phases in which you need to defend with the lines close to each other, with a lot of aids. There’s no chance to stop a team with this punch if you don’t have aids. And in the offensive side probably you will have lesser options, so you need to be more effective. We need to be more effective at the moment of having the ball. I believe that, in this game, we are going to live all the phases, because neither Madrid have reached their best level and need to fit a couple of players. Neither we are close to see the best version of Depor. “

“A coach must try to find the best players for a game, also to hide the flaws and since that point to go out with a lineup that… I want to win. The players also know it. We are going out in order to win, another thing is to be content at the end of the game with the draw. But what I want is to go out in order to win. Neither we are going to be a suicidal team; all I can say is that the team will be different to the one that played at Eibar. Ancelotti will realize that the team has changed a lot since the first day. If you play in counterattacks you need fast players, if you make a half-speed retreat then you need control too, the true is that tomorrow we need fast players. Tomorrow’s novelties, some of them will surprise you, are made to defeat Real Madrid.” He added.

Víctor isn’t sure if it’s positive to see Real Madrid arriving after suffering two straight losses in liga, “All I can say is that Madrid have been criticized for those two games, but in the final of the Super Cup they made a real exhibition of football before a difficult rival like Sevilla. They have fluency and it’s difficult to block all their alternatives. They cannot concede more advantage, but this is just starting. Besides, Madrid is a team that never surrenders no matter they have a disadvantage of nine or ten points with the first place. It’s the only team in Spain capable of big comebacks. So, it’s the same if they are coming after losing twice, besides they’re coming after winning scoring five times in Champions and completing a great exhibition in the first half.”

He also denied any special mark over Cristiano Ronaldo, “It’s a matter of all their players, evidently Cristiano is the lighthouse of this team in the sense of been a competitive animal, an eater of records, a lad with a strong will to improve, and this is transmitted on the field. But my weakness as a coach is Sergio Ramos, for me he’s one of the best players that I’ve seen in my life. He’s a World Champion and a true leader. We’ll play marking by zones, which provides more aids. There won’t be any special mark over Ronaldo.”

About the long negative streak of Real Madrid playing at the Riazor, the coach commented that, “Previously to the game with Eibar you always killed my morale saying that Depor have never won there. These are just stats and each game is different. Each cycle at a club is different. The cycle you are telling me has nothing to do with the present, but it’s possible to have some kind of influence and we hope the tradition can continue tomorrow. We hope to be in the headlines tomorrow, it will mean that we got a positive result.”

The former coach of Real Zaragoza didn’t give importance to the fact that José Rodriguez isn’t allowed to play the game, “I don’t give importance to it. We knew it since the beginning; those were conditions of the negotiations, so I didn’t think about it. The great teams try to protect themselves.”

Depor’s trainer was asked if he has changed his view as Juan Dominguez played in a more advanced position during the visit to Eibar, the response was, “What has change is that now I’ve more players. We studied the game at Eibar and how they were putting pressure, so the choosing of the players was already decided. There are two specialists at the team to perform as playmakers, two, they are Fariña and Lucas, then we have the players that can perform there, for example Cuenca and even Cavaleiro. Juan Dominguez can perform there, but the specialists for the position are Fariña and Lucas, and none of them were available. Tomorrow’ I have more options in the attempt to surprise Real Madrid. It doesn’t mean we will change our view.”

He was pretty content with the training session completed by Fariña and Canella, duo that was doubtful throughout the week, “He [Fariña] has been phenomenal. The advantage of Fariña is that he was stopped for five days, but didn’t stop playing and training since his arrival, so you don’t notice the problem. He could have played at Eibar, but it wasn’t recommended as it was going to be a game with a lot of physical contact. Canella has also completed a great training. The eighteen players that were picked are fit to play.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández didn’t clary the doubts of who will be the pair of centre-backs, “You have to make an individual analysis and later talk of the mix; individually Lopo is a player that knows the Spanish La Liga and that has experience, he’s also physically strong. The other [Diakité] is much faster and doesn’t know the Spanish league. Then you have to analyze the mixtures. I didn’t see before Lopo playing alongside Sidnei, and haven’t seen Lopo playing with Diakité, and neither Diakité with Sidnei. No matter what we see it will be a novelty. If there’s something that can define the game is the speed. We need speed for the game.”

Real Madrid’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s evening. He left several tips about the lineup for the game. He announced that Pepe is out of the game after been asked about who’s going to play at the right side of the defense, “I’ve very good options, because Carvajal is available. Also Arbeloa and Nacho, who played a good game against Basel. Who won’t be with us is Pepe due to a muscle injury.”

Later the veteran coach talked about the role of ‘Chicharito’ Hernández in this game, “Tomorrow he [Chicharito] starts on the bench. If he plays it will be in the same position of centre forward and we won’t change anything. Karim [Benzema] is fine. Kroos is fine too, while Modrić and Bale need to improve their physical condition. But they will improve playing, because the best way to train is to play.”

He also confirmed that Casillas will be the starter at the goal, “Keylor [Navas] is very good and we are content with him. I believe the signing of Keylor has been great to us, because we got a keeper with great quality. But at this moment Iker [Casillas] is the one playing.”

Once again the coach was eluding the questions related to Casillas and the constant whistles at the Bernabéu, “No. I haven’t answered before. I would prefer to play all the games at the Bernabéu. From time to time they whistle and in the past they were right, but I prefer to play at the Bernabeú. It’s our home.”

Still, the Italian man didn’t want to confirm if he will use a similar lineup to the one that lost the Madrilenian derby, “I believe we are already used to play in these kinds of fields. You need to change the level of the game and the continuity. I believe we are going to improve and we are already doing it.” He said without answering the question if changes will be made to the team.

He isn’t worried with the possibility of seeing Depor putting pressure at midfield, “The pressure up front is good to us, because if you are able to get the ball despite the pressure, then you have more facilities to finalize the play. What we need to improve is the control at the moment of defending.”

About the poor start in liga and the decrease in the performance during the second halves, the former coach of Chelsea and Milan was blaming the lack of time during the pre-season, “We lived a weird pre-season due to the World Cup. There are players that arrived late and we didn’t have time to train properly. It’s the same problem faced by all the teams and we are going to fix it.”

Finally, Ancelotti said that he isn’t worried for already having a six-point gap with FC Barcelona, “We're not thinking about that, we are thinking that we need to improve our physical and tactical level, this is the concern. We have done well against Basel and it’s not the time to worry about this. We must have the needed peace, because the season is long and one thing is sure: we will fight until the end in all competitions. I don’t understand the concern. Everyone needs to have confidence in this team. We won the European Cup four months ago and might win it again. "



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