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27 Sep 2014
Modibo Diakité was interviewed by newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the French centre-back talked of the disaster against Real Madrid and also of the Galician derby. He admitted to not been 100% ready to play.

 Q: Why did you choose Santa Cruz [an islands in Oleiros, Galicia] in order to live?
A: I spend much time at home. I prefer to be quiet, resting.

Q: You didn’t know the major part of your partners; anyone of them have particularly surprised you?
A: I've seen that all of them are technically good. I was especially impressed with the number 10, Juan Dominguez. In general, I see that all are technical players.

Q: What is the main difference between the Spanish football and the one practiced in Italy or England?
A: The Italian league is very tactical, and also has quality players; English football is very physical and there are a lot of contact; and Spanish is the most spectacular one. It is played with a lot of ball possession and is the most beautiful to watch.

Q: Do you need time to get used?
A: If you want and have the desire to do it, then to adapt turns to be something quick. It is not a problem. Like all things, you have to get used to the novelty.

Q: What is Victor Fernández asking you to do?
A: The coach wants to practice a nice football. His ideas are good. What he wants from me is to defend. I hope to earn a spot, but know that right now the starters are Sidnei and Lopo. What I want is to see the coach having a hard time choosing.

Q: Despite you are tall, he emphasized your speed. Is one of your main virtues?
A: Yes. The speed, explosiveness and the aerial game. I try to adapt as quickly as possible to the mentality of football in Spain.

Q: And what is the change in the mentality?
A: To always search for the ball and start playing from the defense. A defender has only to defend but also starts the game of the team.

Q: Is your error in the sixth goal of Madrid the result of, precisely, this desire to always want to play the ball?
A: It's something I normally do, but perhaps the athleticism prevented me from doing well. Maybe it was better to play through long balls. I was the guilty one, but we were facing Madrid. We played against phenomenal people. Next time it won’t happen.

Q: Were you surprised to be a starter before the European champion?
A: No. I'm used to playing against great teams. I wasn’t 100% ready and the game went wrong, but even if I was physically fit it would not have changed anything. It is normal. It wasn’t a game to win. I am calm. You have to go slowly. I didn’t play in the pre-season games and only disputing games I can reach my top form. I lack pace, but with the games soon I will be 100% ready.

Q: How far until you reach that zenith?
A: I don’t know. It is true that I am a strong, very powerful and an explosive player. Only playing two or three games in a row I'll get that pace and my best form.

Q: Do you think your debut came too soon, and considering that the opponent was Madrid?
A: No. It was right to play and good for me because I played the full 90 minutes. I have to think so. Nothing would have changed if another partner would have played. Madrid made a great match. For me it was not a problem to play that game.

Q: Within the first half hour Depor stopped Madrid, but in the second half it lowered the arms and almost got a goal in each shot. Why the change?
A: The first 30 minutes were good, but a match doesn’t last 30 minutes but 90. At the beginning the team was compact and had no problems, but then things were too long. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. When we lost the position then they beat us clearly.

Q: Do you have a thorn for receiving eight goals on the day of your debut?
A: No. It will not weigh at all. In the quarterfinals or semifinals of the Champions League, Madrid would score four or five goals to larger teams, with all due respect to Deportivo. What happened serves me as experience. I don’t have a thorn, because if you look at all the goals, most of them were incredible. Even the strongest teams defend against a team like Madrid. The first thing is to defend and then attack. Goals are not just the fault of a player.

Q: You didn’t play on Tuesday, but found the excitement of the derby from the bench at Balaídos What do you think of the Galician derby?
A: It's a nice derby. The draw would be a fair result. Medunjanin was smart to switch sides in the penalty. You have to give credit to the goalie, which was fine.

Q: What references do you have of Almería, the opponent on Sunday?
A: Not know them well. I know it's a direct rival for salvation. We are at home and will try to get the three points. We always go out to win, but when you cannot add the three points then one is better than nothing. When you do the math at the end, a single point can make the difference.





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