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01 Oct 2014
Deportivoís team has been questioned within the last week, the three defeats in a row have opened many debates, one of the main ones is who should be the goalkeeper. Many fans think that Lux is not offering guarantees at the goal.

Tough week for Deportivo, the Galicians lost three games in a row and are now the Primera team with more goals allowed (15). As its normal in these situations there are many doubts in the behavior of the defense and the figure of German Lux is also questioned.

Last season the Argentine goalie was considered as a vital piece at the squad, now there are many doubts as he has presented some errors in the first six matchdays, more in specific he failed in three of the goals: the first goals in the matches against Granada CF), Real Madrid and RC Celta. So far he has only made 9 saves before the 30 shots on target that Depor have allowed in liga.

Perhaps those werenít big errors, but the feeling is that he should have made a better job trying to block the attempts of the rivals in actions that ended at the back of the net. He was also questioned in the third goal of Real Madrid, which was also a lack of communication with the centre-backs in the quick move by Benzema.

He had problems during the pre-season after sustained a back problem, but was fit to play since the first matchday, though the general comment is that the keeper seems slow and lacking reflexes. Many fans believe that changes are needed and one of them is to replace Lux with Fabricio Agosto, who showed a decent level during the pre-season. Coach VŪctor FernŠndez has tested this possibility in the trainings, but later reaffirmed his confidence in the Argentine man.

Lux talked to reporters on Monday and said that, despite the doubts, heís feeling confident with himself, ďIím fine. Iím very calm with myself. I have plenty of confidence in me. I was always very calm, but am also conscious that I had failures, and I havenít started the season as I wanted. Those are my feelings. Iím fine, with confidence and what we are missing is to keep improving in an individual level. We all commit mistakes, sadly in this league all the errors end as goals. All our errors have been penalized with goals and thatís what we need improve. We need to be a more solid team and keep the clean sheet, because it will mean that Depor will add points. Thatís what we are trying to do.Ē

ďI already said it: Iím fine. Unfortunately when I fail then its goal. Because when the goalkeeper is the one that fails, then itís difficult to see the ball going out, but Iím trying to find regularity and a clean sheet, because it is what will allow us to add. I always re-watch my actions with Manu Sotelo [keeperís trainer] I was taught to work and try to improve. Thereís no other way.Ē He added.

He was also expressing his confidence about the chances of clinching the permanence, ďI have plenty of confidence that weíve enough squad to clinch the permanence. Iím sure about that. We all together will achieve it. There are ten teams competing at the same level. And that has been witnessed. Taking apart the game against Real Madrid, team that scored eight goals against us, we were close to add against the other rivals. There were no differences of 0-3 or 0-4. We cannot search for excuses, but the true is that things arenít working out. Probably tomorrow it will change.Ē



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