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02 Oct 2014
Cuenca has been named as the best players of Depor in September. Despite losing 3 of the 4 games in the month, and the large number of goals allowed, the defenders prevailed in the votes of the peña members.

The RCDLC.com peña members chose Isaac Cuenca as the best player in the month of September. It was a month that started well as Depor clinched the first victory of the season visiting SD Eibar, but later things changed as Los Blanquiazules suffered three straight defeats against Real Madrid, RC Celta and UD Almeria. A thing to notice is that, despite allowing a lot of goals and currently been the worst defense at Primera, three of the four more voted players in September were defenders.

Cuenca was named as the best player in the disastrous defeat before Real Madrid, in that game he assisted Toché for the second goal and the Catalan was also chose as the best player in the game before RC Celta, match in which he scored the lonely goal of Depor.

Centre-back Sidnei Rechel added the same number of points than Cuenca in the month, but was only named once as the man of a match, it was for the victory over SD Eibar, match that witnessed the lonely clean sheet of the season and later he was the second most voted player in the defeat with UD Almeria.

The ex-Espanyol defender has adapted quickly after arriving on deadline day; the Brazilian replaced injured Pablo Insua and soon was favored by the peña members. Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ is another player that was noticed by the peña members, he only earned one less point than the other two and was named as the best player in the last defeat before UD Almeria.

A third defender at Deportivo’s squad, Albert Lopo, is among the four most voted players in the month. The Catalan man was the third most voted man in the matches against SD Eibar, RC Celta and UD Almeria.

Summary of the month:


Best player

Collective note




Real Madrid









Overall: Only four players have added more than ten points after six matchdays. Isaac Cuenca is leading the race for player of the season. Laure is the second place and Sidnei, despite missing the first two games, is already third. Lopo is the fourth place.

Overall Table
1st Cuenca 24pts
2nd Laure 20pts
3rd Sidnei 15pts
4th Lopo 12pts
5th Medunjanin 9pts
5th Cavaleiro 9pts
7th Juan Rodríguez 8pts
8th Fariña 6pts
8th Juanfran 6pts
10th Álex 3pts
11th Juan Dominguez 1pt
11th Luisinho 1pt




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