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03 Oct 2014
Roberto Canella conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the fullback talked of his current situation after losing a starting spot. He admitted the errors committed by the team, but also believes they are missing some luck.

Q: What is your assessment of this league start?
A: I think we have enough team to do much more, especially to keep growing. We still have room for improvement. And mainly the luck factor should be with us, because we arenít having any. Any ball thrown at us hits someone and suddenly it ends in. This is impossible. But I'm sure the team will go further because we have good players. Thereís enough squad.

Q: And on the personal side? You were signed with Fernando Vazquez as the coach. To what extent do you think the arrival of Victor Fernandez affected you?
A: Nothing. In the end, the place where you earn the spot is in the training, and whoever is the coach will choose the best. It is what it is. I try to do my best in every training session and later seize the opportunities when they arrive. Work and work. That's the motto.

Q; When analyzing your performances, what do you think made you lose the starting spot?
A: I honestly donít know. The two games I played I think I was right. Then the coach decided to play with Luisinho and Iíve nothing to say. Each coach has his own style and chooses to put one or another player. I donít know at what time I lost the starting spot, but what I havenít lost has been my way to work every day, trying to improve myself.

Q: What do you think you need to do in order to regain a place at the team?
A: I donít know. I try to do my best to later see the coach deciding. Luisinho is doing well and thatís also crucial for not making a change. I, for my part, have to maintain consistency and slowly earn his confidence. I know itís difficult, but I come to work every day to get it.

Q: If we return to the summer, would you rethink coming to Depor?
A: Not at all. It was a wise decision. Then I can play more or less, but initially I think I was right. I donít know. At the end of season, when one looks back, it might be that I only played two games so... maybe I would change my mind then, but football takes many turns. I came with the idea of playing and wonít be irritated because only six matchdays has been played. An entire league still ahead and I must keep working.

Q: What did Depor and the city of A CoruŮa bring to you?
A: Much. Iím very happy. I think the environment at the changing room is spectacular. There are very humble and hardworking people. I, who come from mining family, like hardworking and humble people, am delighted. Itís a changing room that supports you when you are not playing. We are all one. And as for the city. What to say? I love it. It is like Gijůn.

Q: How is the mining life?
A: It lasts for eight hours walking underground without seeing anything. You donít know if you're going to go out again. It is hard but what remains is to maintain the familyís status.

Q: Lately we are listening a lot the expression "bad luck", is a way to avoid self-criticism?
A: Not. It is a reality. We have to fix errors, of course, but we cannot ignore that the slightest mistake cost us a goal. We missed a penalty at the end in Vigo and conceded a goal against Almeria at the last minute. That we need to improve? Yes, but we are having bad luck too.

Q: The game against AlmerŪa seemed important.
A: Yes, because apart from playing at home, we were coming after two very tough matches. But we have to go to Seville and recover what we lost at home. We arenít afraid.

Q: The fans are pessimistic and are having doubts.
A: We cannot have doubts. We're screwed by what happened the other day, but we cannot fall on that. If we go to Seville with doubts and pessimism, then weíll surely lose. So we travel with confidence and enthusiasm. Also, if people see us going to the field to train, surely they will clear the doubts and would rely more.



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