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02 Oct 2006
Coach Caparr??s and the players are satisfied with the three points achieved at home, they also recognised that it was a hard job to fulfil since Real Sociedad was a tough rival to beat. President Lendoiro even appointed that this will be the normal thing to be seen during the present season.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s believes that Deportivo is gaining maturity in this kind of encounters: "You can see how this team is growing up in each minute. I think that this game is helping us to be a more mature squad. We had to open the account with a sensational play of Barrag??n, but we have also to value the work done by the squad until that point. This is going to be a tough year for Deportivo, there's a lot of youth in the team, and the structure and the philosophy is also changing."

The Sevillan coach also explained the problems that his team lived during the game: "It was a tough game against a rival that played with a defensive lineup. Besides it's difficult to win using a 4-1-4-1 formation, but Depor knew how to maintain the serenity, we achieved also a clean sheet, the team blocked every way and at the end, we enjoyed the reward to our effort."

Antonio Barrag??n scored a magnificent goal in his fifth match in Primera, he explained the action to the reporters: "I knew that it would be a goal since the first second, because it was a strong hit and the ball gained a lot of velocity. I dedicated the goal to the fans, they always supported us and the public was deserving it."

Five minutes after Barrag??n's goal, Riki scored his first official goal with Deportivo. The Madrilian striker said that his team mates were deserving the victory: "I am happy because the work done by the hole team has been rewarded with the goals. The rival was like Levante, they closed the spaces and their players are really strong. Now we have to improve against Betis. I prefer to reach the pause in la liga with ten points instead of two, I am really happy for it."

Albert Lopo admitted the difficulties that his team lived during the game: "It was a hard task to open the spaces. We were trying to play, but it was difficult because Real Sociedad was defending really well. At the end, two quality goals have helped us to achieve our objective. Now we can rest a bit, after the defeat in Levante, a victory was our only objective."

Depor's president, Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro, was satisfied with the three points achieved, but he warned that the road will be difficult for his team: "We will always suffer, it's a fact that not only affect us. There are only a few clubs that won't suffer in la liga. It's the normal thing and we have to learn and live with that. I am happy with the work done by the squad, we demonstrated that with the right attitude, you are able to replace a lot of things."

Although Real Sociedad occupies the last place in the table, coach Jos?© Mar?­a Bakero was satisfied with the effort done by his men: "To lose is always a negative thing, but there are ways to do it. This was a different team to the one that was defeated on the past week in Anoeta. It has been our best game of the season, specially for how  this Deportivo is playing. As the coach of the team, I can say that I liked the game." Bakero didn't want to comment about his future after some papers speculated that he could be fired during the next days: "You will have to ask it to the board of directors" he answered.

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