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02 Nov 2014
Neither the coach nor the players were able to explain why Deportivo changed so much compared to the previous home meeting with Valencia. Insua was talking of a desperate team in the second half.

Coach Víctor Fernández couldn’t explain what happened to his team to end having a poor performance in this game, “We gave the first half for free, absolutely. We were soulless at the beginning of the game, bad placed. There were no individual nor collective solutions in the first part. They were superior and what we wanted was to reconstruct the team at half-time; then, 20 seconds into the second half, we allowed the second goal, which was a big blow. This is an unaccepted setback that’s slowing our recovery.”

“It’s difficult to explain. We were coming after two good results and after a positive inertia. We were facing a rival with quality, but that could have been surpassed. We didn’t find ourselves within the first 45 minutes and the consequence was that we had to reconstruct the team at half-time, but allowing the goal after just 20 seconds meant a big blow and it’s difficult to explain the game.” He added.

He denied that the role of Juan Dominguez as a playmaker was a factor to explain the low performance, “I don’t think the team depends only of one single player. In that sense we would be cruel. To believe the collective performance depends of one single player isn’t helpful to explain the situation and neither is fair. If we would only have one player misplaced, like the case of Juan, but it doesn’t explain our collective performance. It’s a problem of the whole group.”

“The lack of forms of some footballers was affecting us, besides I didn’t want to change the group changing one player for another. Evidently it isn’t the position where he can show his best level, but I didn’t want to start the game with two modifications already planned. So, I wanted to have fresh men for the second half and it didn’t work. I insist: I don’t think the game can be explained only by the fact that Juan Dominguez played as an offensive midfielder.” He added.

The Aragonian coach was listing Depor’s problems, “We weren’t focused on the pitch. There was too much distance between the players, we weren’t winning the secondary plays and they were building up solid counterattacks, having depth and good combinations. It wasn’t a problem of lack of attitude, we weren’t feeling comfortable and weren’t precise with the ball. We corrected it in the second half, but having a two-goal disadvantage meant too much. We were courageous and locked Getafe at their area, though using a more direct game, playing with two centre forwards and a wide man open on the wings. We tried to offer something different and weren’t able to achieve it.”

Depor’s trainer didn’t want to affirm that the effect of the big win over Valencia has ended prematurely, “It’s going to be a complicate fight. We will have good and bad moments. Today I was expecting to extend the positive streak. We tried to be coherent on this week and wanted to give confidence to a team that brought two good results. Several times the continuity leads you to progression and the improvement. I don’t think we can extract the conclusion that the reaction shown against Valencia was diluted, because we can end making a great game against Córdoba and win, so we will have a different effect.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández didn’t find the way to explain why Depor changed so much compared to the previous home meeting against Valencia, “We were misguided in all the lines. We should have played with a bigger pace, being more aggressive and playing more together. We should have been more alert in the secondary plays. All these errors occurred during the whole first half, so this transformation from one game to the next one turns to be inexplicable, at least for today.”

Iván Cavaleiro said that the team lost the concentration after the first goal, “We should have been more focused after allowing the first goal, later it was normal to see the team pushing in the second part. Then we allowed the second goal at the beginning of the second part and didn’t have luck in the finalization of the plays.”

The Portuguese attacker denied that the team is lacking motivation after this defeat, “We have the same humor, always thinking of staying at Primera División. We work in order to reach that goal. Now we must try to remain with the head high and try to win the next game.”

Centre-back Sidnei Rechel commented that, “It was a difficult game. We sought for the victory and now we have to work harder and think of the next game. We must try to fix the errors and try to have a better game on next week.”

The Brazilian also denied that Depor’s defense is the only sector to blame for the defeat, “We all attack and defend together. We tried to achieve the victory today, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. It’s hard to explain what happened in the second goal and must work to correct it. Football is like this, we tried to win and it wasn’t possible today.”

Pablo Insua said that the team lost the control in the second half, “I really don’t know. I think the game was equal and they scored the second goal at the first minute of the second half, then we were mad and the game turned to be a Russian roulette. After the second goal the game turned to be a lottery. The team was going up and down, but without being a block. In the end the result was fair.”

The Galician defender didn’t find an explanation to the distraction that led to the second goal, “It cannot be explained. I don’t know… we know that there was the impetus to go up front and steal the ball, but I cannot find an explanation to it. We didn’t match the expectations. Things didn’t work as we wanted. “

Juanfran Moreno was talking of a lack of aggressiveness. “We have taken a step backwards and on Monday we have to start working as bastards, that's what it is. It isn’t that we are players from the convent, but we are missing aggressiveness, especially at the moment of pressing up front. The coach explains to us where we should be putting the pressure, but haven’t been able to translate his idea into the pitch.”

At Getafe CF, coach Cosmin Contra was talking of the best game for his team in this start of la liga, “It was the best game of the season. The lads made a great effort, we prepared things pretty well, knowing that if we would have left Deportivo to play, then they would have created a lot of problems and I must congratulate my players.”

“It wasn’t that they were fragile, but that we didn’t allow them to play and we tried to bite in every ball. We prepared the game to play in the counterattack, because we have fast players, players that bring the last pass and everybody understood what we planned during the week. We suffered in the end because we should have sentenced before. We created a lot of scoring opportunities, but we don’t score too many goals.” The Romanian coach added.



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