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23 Dec 2014
The coach and the players of Deportivo admitted that Villarreal deserved to win the game, though Víctor Fernández was saying that the score was too big for what occurred on the pitch.

Coach Víctor Fernández only spoke for three minutes after the defeat at El Madrigal. He admitted the defeat, though he said the score was too big, “Possible the score was too big, but it cannot be changed. There was a fair winner, which was Villarreal. For me it was undisputable. They had more goal opportunities and appearances inside the area. Maybe the score was too big for what the game was.”

“The first half was unbalanced with only one chance for us. The first goal left the game opened and later had two options to clinch the tie. The second goal arrived after a poor clearance and Villarreal are deadly having open spaces. They manage the counterattack and have fast players in attack. We were unarmed and the consequence was to allow the third goal.” He added.

The Asturian coach was asked about his feelings for the end of the year, “We will have to fight and suffer. We knew that today’s game was difficult as we were facing a very powerful rival, a rival with big aspirations of entering into Europe. We weren’t surprised then, now we have to compete against our direct rivals and fight for our goal. We were searching for a better outcome, but we must recognize that the rival was superior.”

Finally, Víctor denied that he was nervous during the game, this after been asked for his shouting from the bench during the match, “You live the game excited, trying to help and pushing trying to fix the situations, but it wasn’t different to other games. When you live a game with passion then you end up gesticulating too much.”

Fabricio made key saves in the game and was disappointed with the performance of the team, “I believe they were superior. We didn't match the expectations and made a very bad game. We had chances in the second half, but the game was broken after the second goal.”

Asked about what Depor need in the second round, the Canarian goalkeeper said that, “We can only ask to be more solidary and to improve in several aspects. We and other teams are down there and we must improve in order to make a better second half in the season.”

Álex Bergantiños was commenting the game, “They overflowed us with the fast people that they have. With the 1-0 we had a couple of chances to tie the game and to continue disputing the match, but the second goal ended out our options.”

“We must compete better. They overflowed us in several moments in the game and we missed to press when we were losing the ball. If you don’t put pressure then they dominate and don’t face problems in the output of the ball. We weren’t intense after losing the ball and in attack we missed that last pass and arrivals to make more damage. We must improve the concentration and defensive intensity, now we will work to fix the errors and watch a different Depor in the second round.” He added.

Juan Dominguez was trying to explain what happened in the match, “Their first goal came after a counterattack. We tried to react, but we weren’t able to do it. We fell down with the 3-0. Just when we were starting to create danger they scored the second. We are pretty bad and have margin to improve. We have to improve.”

“When things go wrong then it seems that everything is wrong. We were disputing all the balls, but the secondary plays were never favourable to us. The second goal was a play that cannot happen in professional football. We must eradicate those errors. A lot remains on the season and now we need to disconnect in order to return stronger.” The Galician midfielder added.

Juanfran Moreno was one of the few regular players in the game; he commented that, “It was a tough and hard day for everyone, now we must learn from our mistakes and against Athletic Bilbao we must be all together.”

At Villarreal CF, coach Marcelino Toral was commenting the game, “The result was fair and deserved. Before to the 2-0 Deportivo only created one scoring opportunity and we had enough chances to have scored that second goal. We missed to end up the plays and a little of continuity. We are lacking regularity playing at noon. The pace was low.”

The Asturian man was pretty happy with the situation of his team at this height of the season, “We are satisfied and proud of the squad that we have. On last season we added 28 points before reaching the vacation period and today we have 30 with one less game. Despite the positive streak the team needs a break. We have accumulated a lot of training sessions and also games throughout four months of effort and concentration. These eight days will be great to us.”



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