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08 Jan 2015
President Tino Fernández informed that the club is studying to make more signings, but before they must open the door to exits. The president confirmed that there was an offer for a player that was loaned, but that it was rejected.

After only six days in the winter market Deportivo already made three moves, one for next season and two for the current period. Defender Saúl García will arrive in June, striker Oriol Riera is already training with the team and Modibo Diakité is gone and negotiating in Italy.

More moves are expected to occur, but it won’t be closed soon as it happened with the first three operations. First to all the club is interested in hiring a new centre midfielder and a centre-back, but before it must open the door as the 25 spots are currently occupied.

The first two names on the list to leave are playmaker Juan Carlos and right-back Diego Seoane, who were invited to leave by coach Víctor Fernández at the beginning of the season. During the presentation of Riera, president Tino Fernández didn’t want to talk of their cases, “Seoane and Juan Carlos are players from the first team. Nothing more. We have 25 great players at the squad.” He said.

However, other players could end leaving. The president told to reporters that there was an offer for a player currently on loan at Deportivo. He didn’t tell the name, but it seems that it is centre midfielder José Rodríguez. The president affirmed that the player loaned from Real Madrid will stay and also Toché, the Murcian attacker was lately linked with RCD Mallorca.

Tino didn’t want to talk of names to reinforce the club, “Neither I like to talk of it, because I believe it isn’t helping Deportivo. Names start to flow out and it doesn’t help. It neither helped during the summer nor now.” But he admitted that there was a negotiation for Celso Borges, “He didn’t come. I won’t comment on the stories that aren’t completed. We talk to players and sometimes it cannot happen. I believe it’s an example that it isn’t helpful to talk too much to the players.”

He also admitted a past negotiation with a player from Wigan, who should be defender Iván Ramis, a negotiation that helped in the signing of Oriol, “We already have talked to Wigan for a player, who didn’t come, but the channel was open and it was used now to talk to their officials.”

Finally, Fernández accepted that Deportivo paid a fee in order to sign Saúl García, who will join the club in June, “We paid a fee for him, because he wasn’t free on January 1st. It wasn’t what the media said before. We got in the middle of other operations, this in order to secure this bet of Deportivo. He wasn’t going to be free in 48 hours. Our move disrupted other operations and we are content.”



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