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30 Jan 2015
Depor’s coach is aware that the rival will probably have the ball possession, but also that his team will have chances to score. Rayo’s coach believes that this and the next game against Elche are important for their future.

Francisco ´Paco’ Jémez Martí is one of the most respected coaches in Spain. For the past two seasons he has been in charge of a club with very limited resources and he not only secured the permanence in both years, but also commanded the team to end eighth during the campaign 2012/13, the best position ever in the history of Rayo Vallecano. For this reason he signed a two-year extension that ends in June. Last season he was even in the short list of candidates to replace Tata Martino at FC Barcelona.

Previously, the Canarian man was a well-known player of the ‘Super Depor’ team that conquered the Copa Del Rey in 1995, though he didn’t play in the final game against Valencia CF. He spent five years at Depor and completed 94 appearances at Primera División wearing the Blanquiazul shirt. He also made 21 appearances with Spain’s national team. This is his second meeting against Víctor Fernández after the 2-2 draw of the first round.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He talked to reporters for nineteen minutes. He started talking a lot about Celso Borges, “The question remains about his level to compete for the full 90 minutes. He has spent two months without football, but has trained hard with us for two weeks. He has improved a lot in the physical sense. There’s also the question regarding to his adaptation to Spanish football, something that has nothing to do with pace or control over the ball, but he’s a lad that knows his profession, tactically intelligent and tomorrow he has options to play.”

“He [Borges] is a mix player, which means he isn’t a specialist. We cannot say that he’s a player for the last thirty meters on the field. He’s a defensive midfielder with his national team. He’s a tactical player, with good anticipation and aerial game. But he also likes to reach the rival’s area and is offensive. He’s a lad with criterion having the ball, a mix player that has both profiles. His advantage is that he can play both roles, been defensive and also loosing himself playing together with defensive midfielders. He still has to adapt to Spanish football and Depor.” He added.

Later Víctor explained why Hélder Costa wasn’t included in the roster, “It is a technical issue. It’s about learning more from the player. It’s also an issue related to the competence within the team. There will be days in which we will have to risk having only one defensive player on the bench. We must also remember that the skills of our defensive players don’t allow you to have more possibilities, with the exception of Manuel [Pablo], who can be useful in several positions. But playing in the little field of Rayo I preferred to pick two defensive players for the bench.”

The Aragonian is optimistic about the evolution of Lucas Pérez, “He’s better; actually I ‘m no longer thinking of Lucas. I am no longer looking to his fitness. Truly he isn’t at 100% as he will need a lot of weeks after been out for several months. Tomorrow the exam is more demanding than against Granada, because we play as visitors and probably won’t be too much in touch with the ball, but I believe he’s physically prepared for the challenge.”

He was praising the style of Rayo Vallecano, “Rayo is a team that fights with the concept of all or nothing. It’s a virtue as they are a team that doesn’t speculate. They want to go out in order to win all the games. They aren’t looking for the draw, only the victory. It is a team that I like; by a large margin they are the best among the teams at the bottom. It’s the best team that represents the combinative football. They present the sign of their coach, with a dose of risk and a daring behaviour.  I don’t know why it has bene hard for them to win in Vallecas, but the last game against Córdoba it was incredible to see Córdoba winning 0-1.”

There was also time to talk of Luis Fariña and his suspension, “I don’t know how much his sanction had to do with the one of Ronaldo. Of course both actions and the written of both acts are different, but evidently the sanction was the same, and since we don’t agree then the club will present an appeal. The normal thing should have been only one game, but we have specialists for that. I wasn’t expecting for this sanction. The referee is good, but I think that he had a bad night.”

The Zaragoza-born man explained what he expects from the game, “We will have our options and must be aware that, in order to win in Vallecas, we need to play really good. It’s game in which you must dominate at both areas. It’s hard to take the ball possession from Rayo. They represent a team with an average in the ball possession reaching the 70%, which is a lot as they aren’t Madrid and neither Barca. You must have patience at both areas. The fact that we won’t have the ball possession it doesn’t mean that we won’t have options, because we are going to have them. It’s going to be equal and I don’t think the game will be different to the one played at the Riazor.”

He repeated that speech of last weekend assuring that he isn’t worried about the way of defending the set-pieces, “I was upset, because we were defending pretty well in the whole game and were fine in set-pieces before. We neither were lucky in that play. It is something that worries me as we have improved.”

About market news and the possible signing of a fourth centre-back, he said that, “As long as I know there were chances with three players. There are other issues like the economic and the competition with other clubs, but I am not worried, because there are specialists at the club that are doing a great job. My only worry now is to defeat Rayo.”

Depor’s coach also explaining the status of Wilk and Salomão after the duo is out of the roster for the game, “The issue is that we will have 27 players and you will be able to ask that question every week. Today you can ask for Wilk and on next week for Roberto Canella. I will have 27 players, 24 field players and 3 goalkeepers. And the league only allows having 18 for the games, so every week we’ll be like this as nine men will be out. Today you ask for Wilk, the next week it will be for Canella and in the next about Manuel Pablo. It will be like that. Things have been line this due to the exits and arrivals and you have to accept it. The same goes with Salomão, when I tell you that this is a medical issue then I will tell you. Salomão has been training for the past two weeks, but there’s a tactical issue: we play on the road and if we suffer an injury with a side defender then I chose Laure. He’s fine physically, but we have a lot of specialist for the wings and it isn’t easy to enter into the roster.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández denied any offer to allow the exit of Wilk, “In order to see a player staying or leaving it depends of three parties: the club, the will of the player and the club interested in him. I prefer to see people content and will never close the door to anyone wanting to leave, but neither the club nor the player has told me anything about a possible exit.”

Rayo’s coach addressed the media on Thursday. He was saying that his team is always looking to improve and that the next two games are very important, "We are not satisfied only with a good note, we want the remarkable and then find the outstanding note. The games against Deportivo and Elche mean a test for our ambitions of winning. It’s fundamental for our future. I want to see the stats and an ambitious team, a side going out in order to win, understanding that these two games are fundamental for our future.”

Later he explained his intentions to face Deportivo, “Our goal is to see Deportivo unable to play against us. We need to have the ball and we must understand that it is a very important game. We cannot miss this opportunity; we must win, yes or yes. Against Deportivo I want to see an ambitious team, fearless and going out for the game. Deportivo is a team coming here in order to win and improve their situation. They are dangerous if they are having their day.”

The Canarian coach also confirmed that he’s ready to return to the 4-2-3-1 system after been playing with a 3-5-2 in recent months, “To build up a defensive line with four men is now the more logical and normal thing. The logical thing is to play tomorrow with four men at the back.”  He didn’t clarify if injured Tito and Leo Baptistão will be picked for the meeting, “Leo and Tito could be options for tomorrow. Possibly they could be part of the roster for the game.”

Rayo have lost the last four home matches; about the issue he commented that, "You have to analyze things globally. We are in a position where there should be no problem. I get the feeling that, around the team, there are things I don’t like, weird things. We're tenth and last year we were fighting like dogs to leave the last position. It seems that nobody remembers that. My job is to demand things from the players and I think they are doing a good campaign. It can be improved as the results at home aren’t what we expected, but the points are equal inside than outside. We'll see tomorrow, which is an important game, because if we want to focus on looking forward then we have to fix the situation.”

Before the press conference he conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; he talked about the current situation of Depor, “I see them fighting, just like the rest that are there. Beyond the love that I have for them, I consider it as a rival. I like it, because they have a coach that likes to play football and that’s always complicated. The bet of Víctor is plausible and people like him.”

“I will tell you something: the game against Deportivo is always one of the ones that bring more respect to me, this for what they can do. I have watched their games and at times they had a spectacular performance. As example, they defeated what was perhaps was the best Valencia of the season and they gave them a lesson.” He added.

Finally, Jémez didn’t want to say if he wants to coach Depor in the future, “You never know where you will be in the future and you can never say anything. Obviously I’ve a relationship with A Coruña and Depor, but anything you say may be misinterpreted. It happened recently. They asked me if I would train the national team and, as anyone, I said that I would love it. Of course. And there was a mess because some people transformed it into an offer coming from me. For this reason, the best is not to say anything about it, especially before a game. I don’t want that any comment can be misinterpreted.”



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