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01 Feb 2015
The coach was content with the victory and emphasized the high pressure on the pitch. The players celebrated at the changing room. Debutant Celso Borges was proud with the attitude shown by the team.

Coach Víctor Fernández was pretty happy with the victory, the second on the road during this season, “All the games are going to be important, each time there will be less opportunities in this second round, therefore the importance of the points is bigger. This was a hard working triumph before a very good team that never surrenders.”

“The true is that we made a very good first half, later we found the goal and Rayo put a lot of resistance. We defended well, without giving up to the counterattack and I believe that this team demonstrated that it’s ambitious and that it goes out in order to win. We forced their goalkeeper to make a lot of saves. I’m very happy with the work done and for the victory.” He added.

The Aragonian man emphasized the high pressure put by both teams, “Not even Rayo were able to create a lot of game. I believe there was an important pressure put by both teams. Both sides tried to do the same. A high pressure to avoid the rival coming out with a combinative game. At times it forced to search for long throws, only when we surpassed that pressure it was possible to make good combinations. Definitely we were adapted to the demands of the game, so we had tactical and technical responses to the match.”

Depor’s coach was praising the debut of Celso Borges, “He’s a solid player. A consistent player that brings a lot of things. Maybe he won’t shine for his virtues with the ball, but is effective in short and long passes. This is his first game in Spain and sometimes he couldn’t understand the secondary plays. He’s a player with a sense for the set-pieces. He’s cold minded and was right in the penalty. His debut was impeccable to us.”

He didn’t give importance to the error in Rayo’s goal, instead was praising the level of the rival, “The goals were also errors by the rival. We scored a goal against Rayo in a set-piece and later the penalty. There are errors in all the penalties, and you are at the mercy of committing an error playing against Rayo. They, despite been playing again with a back line of four men, it pushed us and we had to be prudent. They had a lot of players in attack. They are the braver team in the Spanish league and they gave a lot of problems to us, so the virtues of Rayo have a lot to do with it.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández informed about the status of Sidnei, who had to be replaced at the end of the game, “I asked him and it seems it isn’t serious. The doctors told me that new scans will be made in A Coruña. Fortunately I hadn’t made the third substitution as the game was so thigh that I was holding the last change. It was good to us to see the entry of Pablo Insua, because they were throwing a lot of ball into the area, and with the height of Manucho it could have been nefarious to lose a centre-back.”

The players celebrated the victory at the changing room and several of them posted photos in the social networks, one of them was Albert Lopo, who wrote in Instagram that, “Great team Depor, this is a great victory!”

José Rodríguez was feeling sorry as he will miss the next game due to suspension, “I’m very happy for the work done and also for the victory. The pity is the five yellow cards and will have to rest against Eibar and Real Madrid.”

Lucas Pérez visited his former club; the Galician player commented that, “It was special to return to Vallecas and met the people that treat me so well. We are happy for adding these three golden points.”

Celso Borges was the centre of the attention; he commented that, "I'm content with the team. We showed the teeth and had the attitude. If I’m correct we spent since matchday 03 without winning on the road and it’s good to keep adding and let’s see if we can climb some positions at the standings.”

The Central American was emphasizing the attitude shown by Deportivo, “I'm proud of the team as we fought until the end. We won at the end, if it was fair or not then I don't know. I just know that we showed attitude and that’s the reason why we deserve this victory, because we showed that attitude. The goals were special to me, without doubt it is something that I won’t forget. A new feeling that I hope it can be repeated.”

Meanwhile, Juanfran Moreno was showing his satisfaction with the victory during a hard match, “This has been a great victory to us. It was a game with fight and struggle. We are happy with the victory on the road.”

President Tino Fernández made the trip for the game and he was content with the result, “It’s a happy weekend, when you play on Friday and win, because you later spend two calmed and content days. But we remain in the jammed zone, there’s a lot of traffic in the second block of the competition and it seems we are getting in little by little, but you cannot relax and now we must beat Eibar and launch our comeback.”

At Rayo Vallecano, Paco Jémez was feeling sorry with the errors committed by his team, “There is no explanation for the game. Today we could hardly win. It's a game that you can lose, but will hardly win it. We need a lot of work to remove some mistakes and will work day and night to continue improving and doing things better.”

"Today the team did everything they could, it has done its best, but I was expecting for more. There have been other circumstances that have made us to lose again. I apologize to the fans. All I can promise is that we will continue working to move forward soon." He said.

Without mentioning names, the ex-Depor man seemed upset with Ba, who committed two penalties in both games against Depor, "We're a team that fits goals too easily, sometimes in a penalty and other otherwise. It costs a lot to win games like that. The games that we won it was because the rivals were misguided. I have to take responsibility for what the team makes on the field and must choose better, because the team has much room for improvement. Against Deportivo we have made more mistakes than successes. I don’t know the reason why we always have to come from behind, it forces us to hurry up the things playing at Vallecas. If I would be able to go back in time then I would change names, but I won’t say who."



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