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14 Feb 2015
Depor’s coach announced a lineup with Manuel Pablo and ten more players. He also repeated that the big loss of the first round was an accident and that it won’t happen again. Real Madrid’s coach cleared the doubts at the lineup.

 Carlo Michelangelo Ancelotti is currently one of the most respected coaches in the world of football. Last season he signed a three-year deal with Real Madrid and had a direct impact at the club after clinching the Copa Del Rey and Champions League titles in his first year there. He previously had won the major tournament in Europe with AC Milan (2002/03 & 2006/07) and also won other big trophies like the UEFA Super Cup (2003 & 2007) and the FIFA Club World Cup (2007).

The true is that Ancelotti has been linked to football almost his entire life. From 1987 until 1992, he played for AC Milan, and was part of the squad that won consecutive European Cups in 1989 and 1990. So, he’s one of the few men that have won the Champions League both as a coach and as a player.

For this year one of his main challenges is to win La Liga; previously he won the league title in all the countries where he has coached (Italy, England and France). This is his second meeting against Víctor Fernández after the devastating 2-8 of the first round.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked with reporters for nineteen minutes. The journalists were shocked as Juanfran wasn’t on the list of picked players, and the coach responded ironically, “I don’t see his name on the list [looking to a paper on the desk to latter offer a smile to reporters] The players that are out injured are the ones presented by the press releases of the club. The others are able to play. Another thing is that I see that they are ready to play a very demanding game or that there is a high probability of suffering an injury.”

“Juanfran is not out injured, but there’s a high probability of suffering an injury and I preferred to choose other players, because the game is highly demanding. I see him ready to play, but also see that others are more prepared.” He added about the issue.

Víctor was asked if this is a proof that the derby is more important than this game, “It has nothing to do. It means that nobody is staying out because it’s convening to me or because I am giving more importance to other matchdays. I would have preferred to have everyone available: Insua, German [Lux], Sidnei… the ones that aren’t part of the trip aren’t there because they cannot be there while there are others that I don’t see prepared, because the game forces you to run a lot. This is the best possible roster.”

He doesn’t know if this is a good moment to visit Real Madrid after their loss in the Madrilenian derby,
“It didn’t change my mind: Real Madrid is one of the best teams in the world. They are coming with a perfect run and breaking records. Maybe they aren’t living their best moment on the season, but they have been punished by the injuries. Truly some players are more important than others, even in a deep squad like Real Madrid. But I don’t know if this is a good or bad moment to visit the Bernabéu. They have problems, but we too.”

Despite the long list of casualties the coach said that only a few changes are planned, “It will be the closest thing to the one of the last matchdays. There are players that couldn’t be here due to injuries or suspensions, like Pablo Insua. In a tactical sense we will hardly see more than two novelties.”

He also confirmed that he won’t change the 4-2-3-1 system, “No, though there will be variants as you are playing on the road too. It isn’t the same to play at home before Eibar and it isn’t easy to keep the same attitude by the players.”

The Aragonian coach was asked if Borja López is going to play, he didn’t deny the option, but instead assured that Manuel Pablo will be a starter, “He [Borja] is on the list, but won’t tell you if he will play. But Manuel Pablo will surely play. It doesn’t mean that Borja won’t play, but Manuel is playing tomorrow.”

Then Fernández started to talk of Manuel Pablo, who announced his retirement on Friday, “I see him ready. Another thing is how the game will be developed. I believe a lot in this team and I said it before: the ones that will save us were already here. The new ones are going to enrich the team, but the base will move us forward. Manuel Pablo is a lad training at the top. The game is demanding and he has the experience. It’s a responsibility, but he is prepared to assume it. The ones going out, Manuel Pablo and ten more, are the most prepared players to compete.”

“I believe that Manuel is following a path. It’s clear that this is his last season. He must remain attached to the club, either to the sporting management or in another thing, because he’s a capable man. Now he must focus in the game. This isn’t a reward to him, because the rewards are received at the end clinching the salvation. The players receive a reward with the permanence and getting paid as part of the contracts with the club, later the recognition from the fans. Manuel Pablo helped to clinch to the promotion on last year and will help to clinch the permanence on this year. It is what I want. He can help in many ways, from the bench or in the pitch and during the trainings” He added.

Then the Zaragoza-born man explained the way to see Depor getting something from this game, “If you don’t compete then you don’t have options before Real Madrid, and even competing there are low percentages of winning the match. It all passes through competing. We need to compete as a group and also individually. We need to see everyone reaching their highest level and having the clear idea that you cannot surpass Madrid individually, and if you can beat them is through the collective game and the solidarity. We need to run more than them and also to see the rival not having their best day.”

The coach was saying once again that the big loss of the first round was only an accident, “We haven’t re-watched the game, but football always brings revenge. That was an accident, few times in my life I met a team scoring eight goals only making nine shots, and the major part of them shots going into the corners. It was an accident, it won’t happen again.”

He said not to be scared for the major casualties at the team, “I am not scared with the casualties that we have. I neither cry nor have pleasure with them. I only suffer as there are players in a good moment that face a good opportunity to show up at the Bernabéu. I am angered for Toché as he was working really well and got injured in a silly play. About the rest, I rely in the ones that will go out. I am not afraid.”

Cuenca was tested as a starter on Friday, but the coach didn’t confirm if he will play, “You test things according to individual performances and clearly I need different players against Madrid to the ones that can play against Eibar as example. So, in the quest I have a lot of resources, but what I do in the trainings it doesn’t meant that will be later translated into the competition. Normally yes, what I test is what I want to use on Sundays, but it doesn’t have to be definitive. I’m content with Cuenca and will the other players.”

Asked if Ronaldo is living a bad moment he answered that, “What I say is that it’s impossible to have a player having the same level of performance for ten straight months. There are ups and downs. But Ronaldo is a player that marks differences. Ancelotti said a phrase: you start winning 1-0 having Ronaldo on, because he’s always scoring goals. It gives you an example of his leadership.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández explained what has changed from the game of the first round, “Before I already had planned two substitutions for the games. I knew that I had to make two changes for physical issues. And we already surpassed that phase. Many players came here that spent a year without playing, months without competing. Now we are a different team in terms of adaptation, physical presence and experience. It had nothing to do. Besides, seven or eight players that didn’t play before will do it now and it changes a lot a team, isn’t?”

Real Madrid coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He practically confirmed the starting eleven for the game after clearing all the doubts. Firstly that Casillas will play “There won’t be a change at the goal against Deportivo.”  The ex-Milan man said.

Then he confirmed that Illarramendi and Arbeloa are going to play the game. This after been asked for Lucas Silva, “He [Lucas] won’t start, but I’ll give him some minutes. He has improved a lot physically. He is ready to play but Illarramendi will be in the starting line-up. Also Arbeloa is playing.”

A lot wans commented after the defeat in the derby and the birthday party for Ronaldo, but the Italian man didn’t give importance to it, "As far as I'm concerned it's a non-issue. I've never judged players on their private lives and I'm not about to start today. The problem is people thinking that it affects the players' professionalism, but they've always demonstrated their professionalism and they show great commitment when they pull on the shirt.”

He’s expecting a reaction before Deportivo, "Everyone was frustrated after the game [the derby]. We've had a week of frustration. That should spur the players on. The team have responded well in training. Now we have to wait and see if there's a reaction in tomorrow's match. With all the respect to Deportivo, this must be our game.”

Ancelotti also commented on the visit that president Florentino Pérez made to the team, "He spoke to me and the players and outlined his concerns in a positive way. We tried to come up with a solution. He told the players about his worries, but he also showed them affection and faith."




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