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16 Feb 2015
The coach and the players were satisfied with the attitude and performance of Deportivo despite the defeat. Álex was even saying that the team lost a good opportunity to add points in a difficult stadium.

Coach Víctor Fernández commented the game as his expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the team, “I believe it was very important to go out to the pitch with decision, boldness and bravery. I believe the best moments of Depor coincided with the first fifteen minutes of each half. We tried to surprise Madrid putting a high pressure and demonstrate that we were a humble team trying to win the game, trying to play and combine. In several stages we were superior to Madrid, but they have something extraordinary: Madrid dominate both areas.”

“We were unable to seize our chances. The opportunities were neutralized by Varane or Iker Casillas. Later, in our area, they have players with a speed that’s difficult to neutralize. Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema… they only needed four runs to destroy you. Definitely, you end with the idea that we are growing, because this isn’t our war, our war is different, but we are a team that has grown up a lot. Our war is on next Saturday and Madrid will face their own battles. We played well within our possibilities” He added.

As the Aragonian coach said before the game, for him the important thing was to compete, “The game didn’t punish us, with the exception that we missed to add three points, obviously. But about the rest I believe we have competed pretty well and we must translate it at our field in order to defeat Celta, which is a game that we have to win for necessity, conviction, feelings and for what the game means. We had a better criterion moving the ball. We were strong at midfield due to our organization. This good work at midfield couldn’t be completed with goals, because it is difficult.”

Fernández is content for how the team has evolved on this season, “We don’t have the money and the reinforcements arrived at the last moment, some of them without playing for months. We didn’t have a proper pre-season. There were a lot of changes and we suffered a lot within the first six/seven weeks. We also suffered a social crisis. Now everything is getting normal. The board of directors knew how to hold on despite the external pressure, while the winter window allowed us to get players to cover zones where we were weak. Later the results arrived and are allowing us to have positive feelings.”

The Zaragoza-born man was asked about the external pressure over the team and he responded that the demands were too high since the beginning of la liga, “I was surprised as, by matchday 05, they were telling me that we were needing to win. I never saw a team in the world that, by matchday 05, it was fighting to clinch its goals, no matter it’s to become champions or get the salvation. I already told my players that this is going to be very long. A lot still ahead and it will be hard, but it will be hard too for other nine teams. The goal cannot be achieved and neither lost at matchday 05. It’s unbearable, fortunately we assumed at the team that this is a long fight. The side with more strength to bear this stress has the advantage and I believe that Depor are in the right way.”

Finally, Víctor talked of Manuel Pablo, “He’s an example for the group. A lad that hasn’t played throughout the season and that had an exemplary behavior during the trainings. He has the same hope than when he was 21. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy him been 22, but when he was already 38/39, and his conditions aren’t the same though the will is the same. I believe he’s one of the great players in Spanish football. A player that was aspiring for more and that’s an example of exceedance after overcoming an injury. I don’t know if this was his last game at the Bernabéu, but he had dignity and professionalism today.”

Precisely Manuel Pablo was commenting the game and showing the satisfaction for the good performance, “We were coming in order to compete. It was the pending issue: to face the big teams, something that we had missed before. When you forgive and they score the second goal, then the game ends. If we would have seized some of our chances then we would have stretched the game until the end. We are content for the impression left.”

“We had a strong start, but they press a lot and it forces you to make intense retreats, because they are athletes and always win the one-on-one plays. We made a big effort and it was paid at the end of the first part. In the second we went out trying to stay alive, but the batteries were gone after they scored the second. I’m happy for playing and especially for doing it at the Bernabéu. I was focused and performing in a positon that isn’t mine. You suffer as they are good in one-on-one actions.” The Canarian veteran added.

Fabricio Agosto was content with the impression left by Depor, “We have improved with the passage of the time. We knew that we had to compete and give everything. The pity is the result. In some phases of the game we gave a lot of problems to Madrid.”

Celso Borges was a starter for the third time and was satisfied with the attitude of the team, “We must emphasize the attitude shown by the team. It wasn’t possible to get a positive result, but we are leaving with the head held high.”

Meanwhile, Albert Lopo was talking of the mental attitude shown by Deportivo, “We faced the game highly prepared and mentalized. The result is a pity, but I’m proud of the team. We must continue in the fight.”

Álex Bergantiños was also content with the performance of the team, “We made a competitive game, having chances to tie with the 1-0 on. The main goal was to leave a positive impression. We knew it was difficult to add points here. We felt comfortable having the ball. The players upfront were fine, reaching the area, but you end unable to do anything taking in mind the players that they have."

Still, the midfielder was aware that Deportivo lost a good chance to add a point, “Maybe they weren’t feeling as secure as in other games. We had a good percentage in the ball possession, and it was a pity to not size our chances. We leave with that feeling of failing to take advantage of the situation, but also satisfied with the impression left. This is too long, but it's true that the team is earning confidence. If we compete like this, then I believe that we can claim the permanence."

At Real Madrid, coach Carlo Ancelotti admitted that it was a hard game and that the best thing was the result, "It wasn't an easy game. We only played well for part of it and we had some problems. It's been a strange week, a difficult one, and we've ended it with a victory. There was some concern, but it all worked out. We lacked spark, because this week was an odd one with a result that surprised us. That's to be expected after a match like the Atlético one. We reacted well and have a cushion in the league, and we're in good stead for the Champions League.”

The Italian man was aware of the whistles at the beginning, but thanked the public for their support, "The whistling at me or the team is normal. It's frustrating for everyone to lose a derby 4-0. We have to congratulate the fans. It's difficult to support the team when things go wrong. The team are grateful. We were good at times and the people realized we needed help".

Isco scored one of the goals; he was saying that Real Madrid were still paying the price for the defeat before Atlético, "I think the team has to gain confidence for what’s coming. It has been a strange game, tense from the beginning. Together we can paddle forward to get to a better place, playing better. The game was strange due to sporting issues. It has been difficult for the big hit of the previous weekend. This team knows how to move up from tough situations. “



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