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17 Feb 2015
The biggest win on the season for Deportivo B. The first half was boring, but in the second there was a rain of goals. Brace by Dani Iglesias plus two assists, hat-trick by Cardoso and two assists by full-back Jorge Fernández.

Coach Manu Mosquera was recovering centre-back Róber Suárez and winger Miguel Cardoso for the game, both went directly into the starting eleven, while Pancho Cotos and Hugo Díaz returned to Juvenil A. Attacker Jorge Lópezwas back after been out injured for a while, but he was left out of final roster. Midfielder Santi Taboada is the only player that remains out injured.

The lineup returned to be a 4-2-3-1. David Gómez was the goalkeeper, Adrián Martínez was playing at the right-back position, Jorge Fernández performed on the left, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber. Sam Piette and Marcos Remeseiro were the centre midfielders, Ángel Fernández was performing on the right wing, Korean Kim Woo-Hong was the left winger, Cardoso was the playmaker and Dani Iglesias was the centre forward.

The rival was Ribadeo CF, the team coached by Germán Campos arrived to Abegondo after losing four of the previous five games and was the worst defence in the group after allowing 43 goals before this meeting. For this reason they were only four points above relegation. Santi García is their reference in attack (12 goals). The curiosity is that second keeper Javi Liz was out injured, so they faced the game with only one keeper: Francisco Mariño ‘Kiko’.

Big win for Fabril at Abegondo, the six straight success at home and the biggest score on this liga campaign. The game had two very different parts, in the first Depor B scored its quickest goal on the season and later faced problems before a combative rival then, after the entry of Queijeiro, Depor’s lads were more vertical and scored four times in a matter of half an hour.

The game started with the quickest goal on the season for Depor B. After only two minutes on, Jorge Fernández released a cross from the left that Dani Iglesias controlled inside the area, he ended assisting Miguel Cardoso, who scored his first goal in the game with a crossed shot past Kiko.

The early lead was inviting to think of a big win, but later Ribadeo proved that they weren’t going down without a fight. They were unable to create too many opportunities, just a couple of chances for Javicho and Santi García, but were obstructing the ways at midfield.

Sam Piette had big problems at midfield and his partner, Marcos Remeseiro, was looking outplaced. It was the same feeling with Cardoso, who always acted as a winger and was now the playmaker in the formation. In recent months Mosquera has used Ángel as a right winger -just like Víctor Fernández does with José Rodríguez- so three of the five offensive players were out of their natural positions.

In this way the only one that created danger for Deportivo B in the first part was Kim Woo-Hong, who was performing on the sides –his natural place. The Korean player was a dagger and had a couple of opportunities, the main one was a shot that missed the target (22’).

Things radically changed in the second part with the entry of Álvaro Queijeiro (51’); he replaced Ángel and everyone returned to their natural positons: Remeseiro was the playmaker and Cardoso the right winger. Beyond the replacement of the players, the presence of Queijeiro at midfield, plus the will of Dani Iglesias, revitalized the offense of the team and it was then when the rain of goals commenced.

The second goal started with a pass of Adrián to Dani Iglesias, then the striker made a solo-play on the right wing and drilled a cross into the box, Kim was there, but it was Cardoso who only had to push the ball in. The second goal ended with the resistance by Ribadeo, side that suffered three more goals in a frame of fifteen minutes.

Jorge Fernández gave his first assist of the evening and Dani Iglesias scored the third with an accurate and beautiful volley that went into the left side of Kiko. Shortly after it was Remeseiro who assisted the striker in the fourth goal. The playmaker sent a low cross from the left and Iglesias got in the middle of two defenders to push the ball in from close range.

Dani Iglesias had a great performance a fortnight ago before Pontevedra CF and now he repeated in this game with a brace and two assists. The other man of the match was Cardoso, who improved a lot after switching his position.

Cañi and Álex Pérez refreshed the attacking line replacing Kim and Dani Iglesias. And there was time for a fifth goal, it was a counterattack that ended with Jorge assisting Cardoso, who scored his hat-trick after controlling the ball inside the area at will.

Deceiving score, for sixty minutes Ribadeo gave a fight, but the entry of Queijeiro unleashed the deadly punch of Fabril to end clinching the biggest win on the season. Dani Iglesias scored a brace and gave two assists, Cardoso netted his first hat-trick with Depor and Jorge provided two assists. The result allows Depor B to recover the second position. On next Saturday the team plays again at Abegondo facing promotion aspirant SD Órdenes (17h00 CET).

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Adrián, Iago, Róber, Jorge – Piette, Remeseiro – Ángel (Queijeiro 51’),  Cardoso, Kim (Cañi 81’) - Dani Iglesias (Álex Pérez 72’).
Ribadeo: (5-3-2) Kiko - Rafa, Brais, Vilela, Coki (Fernando 72’), Isma - Andrés Bouza, Jacob (Dapo 53’), Javicho - Santi García, Miguel Gomes (Adrián García 58’).
Goals: 1-0: (2’) Cardoso, 2-0: (54’) Cardoso, 3-0: (69’) Dani Iglesias, 4-0: (72’) Dani Iglesias, 5-0: (83’) Cardoso
Referee: Uxío Caamaño Vázquez. He showed yellow card to Róber (29’), Adrián Martínez (37’), Dapo (67’) & Javicho (80’).
Venue: Abegondo (900)





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