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21 Feb 2015
Depor’s coach said that his team is the favourite as it plays at home, he is feeling relieved as there were no more injury cases during the week. Celta’s coach is eager to get the victory and expects to see a team playing its best football.

Manuel Eduardo Berizzo is a young coach that has just begun his European career after accepting the job at RC Celta during last summer. This former centre-back had a long career as a player, making 101 appearances with RC Celta during the first years of this century and also played 13 times with the national team of Argentina.

He retired in 2006 and launched his career as a coach working in South America. His first success was to cinch the national title in Chile with O'Higgins F.C. (2013). On May 19, 2014 he was surprisingly named as the coach of RC Celta after the departure of Luis Enrique to FC Barcelona. Berizzo had a great start, but later his results were so poor that was close to be fired, just like the case of his rival, Víctor Fernández, who was his coach during his playing stage in Vigo.

It’s a special game for Víctor, after all RC Celta lived its best years with the Aragonian man on the bench. He was the boss at the Galician team in four straight seasons between 1998 and 2002. He coached the team for 152 Primera matches-the highest number at the club- adding 64 victories and 44 draws, plus suffering 44 defeats.

Víctor coached Celta in ten Galician derbies (eight in liga and two for Copa Del Rey) and only won two of them, while suffered five defeats.  Now he lost the first one at Deportivo after the 2-1 loss at Balaídos during the first round. During his stage in Vigo, Berizzo was part of the team.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday evening. He’s already feeling the environment of a derby, “It is a day designated as a special for all the Galician football and also the Spanish football, because we are two teams in a good moment; we practice attractive football and there’s going to be an important attention coming from the media and the general public. They will watch a good show."

"It's a huge opportunity to set an example to Spanish football and to realize that the derbies in Galicia are lived with respect and education, from the enjoyment of the show. Each group of fans fan will want to see their side winning, especially Depor’s supporters as we play at home and as we’re in need. May the best win and hopefully it can be Depor.” He added.

The Aragonian man is confident of his team, “We have the confidence and secureness to win the game, the fans will be at our side and their push should bring the first goal. The derbies are equal, intense and sometimes you cannot demonstrate what you have, but we are going out with passion and conviction.”

“I don’t see my team out of the limits regarding the excitement that corresponds to a derby, but I see that the men are alert and will to play at their best. They want to seize their current good form. We arrive in much better conditions than the first round match.” He added regarding the issue.

He was praising the level of the rival, “Celta are coming after defeating the champion.  They have Nolito and Orellana. Both are pretty good, bringing unbalance, quick, always wanting to have the ball and vertical. But Celta have other players that are able to have long ball possessions and that can strike you. They are electric within the last meters. We must be prepared to fight for the ball.”

Víctor said that this was a calm week as he didn’t face any new injury case and since he recovered men like Juanfran and Sidnei, “It was a week without injures, so things were normal, which brings confidence to face the derby. We have enough alternatives and arguments to face any adversity that we can face throughout the game.”

An interesting thing is that the coach admitted that Depor are the favourite as it plays at home, “In my opinion we are always favorites when we play at home with the exceptions of Madrid and Barca. Against the other seventeen rivals, we are eleven men against eleven men and we must seize the fact of been playing at home. The field will be full and that should be a point in our favor.”

He’s aware of the importance of the derby for the fans, “These are three points, yes, at least in a numerical sense, but a victory brings a morale boost, so it will be very important to us, and to the fans. If the fans are content then it is contagious for the team and it brings more strength. This is an opportunity that we must seize. For the fans these are special victories. These are games with excitement and motivation. Everybody will give their best.”

Finally, Víctor expects to live a party at the Riazor, “This is a great opportunity to be exemplary. We must go out and defend our colours, without violence, because on the field it is where we must fight, respecting the rival and their fans. These are games with tension and everyone will offer what they have.”

Celta’s coach offered his press conference on Friday noon. He was pretty clear that this isn’t a normal game, “A derby is always special. I don’t agree with those that say that it’s only one more game and that this is only a matter of three points. It represents a lot of things for the fans and the club is devoted to its fans.”

The Argentine man believes that no one is the favourite for the game and praised Depor, “It’s a team with fast and skilful wingers, with a strong centre forward and a playmaker that found the goals on that position. They have improved a lot in defence and the arrival of Borges at midfield brought solidity. It’s an ordered team that likes to have the ball.”

He also affirmed that his team is going out for everything, “We want to win and want to do it imposing our game, though it might change or not the draw, but what’s not negotiable is the idea of the game. What we want is to have the ball and to know what to do with it, and when we lose it then we should try to regain it as soon as possible. The fact of playing in an adverse environment means a challenge for the character of the players.”

The coach also explained that the reason why he picked all the players at the squad was a petition of the same players, “It was something asked by the whole team and I thought it was right. It’s important to be together and it’s good to see everyone going.” But he clarified that Hugo Mallo isn’t fit to play and that Carles Planas is doubtful.

Finally, Berizzo isn’t worried as the game wasn’t declared as a high-risk match, “It could mean that both groups of fans are pushed to behave, to see the responsibility lying on them. And I think that we should target this situation: to see both sides controlling themselves and understanding this game as a party and not a collision.”




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