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16 Oct 2006
It should be a difficult game to analyse, Firstly it was a sad result because Depor was near to achieve its first away win, but a last-minute error expelled the Galician squad from the Champions league places. But the game has also a positive lecture, because Babydepor left a solid image -specially in defence- in a stadium that's always difficult to visit.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Depor was on the verge of reaching the Champions League positions, and inaugurating its count of victories outside home, but somebody had an attack of excessive sentimentality. Certain is that Lopo wasn't in Depor when Betis' trainer, Javier Irureta, prevailed in La Coru?±a. Perhaps the Catalan has integrated so much in the idiosyncrasy of the Blanquiazul squad, that he felt a depth sorrow to see a myth of the club's history sank into Betis' bench. So his wires get crossed in his head, and during one of the last plays of the game, he committed an absurd error that Robert turned into a goal. A draw and a lightening result for the good man of Jabo. He reduced his pains in this way. Perhaps Depor didn't deserve the victory, but they were caressing it in such a way, that the happiness of an old friend wasn't able to erase the bitter taste of the achieved point. Rodri Su??rez.

La Voz De Galicia: Necessity and patience. Betis imposed its rhythm, attacked with more intention and enjoyed the best occasions, but only an unexpected gift -at the last minute- allowed them to add a point and to perhaps, save the head of Javier Irureta. For the Andalucian squad, the draw serves to restrain the fall. For Depor, it prevents them to settle into the group of the Champions League, but the squad maintains the European position thanks to its first goal away from Riazor. The Galician team has the virtue of shrinking its rivals, thus it was during a good section of the first half when, after containing the initial pressure of the local side, Depor appropriated of the rhythm, or at least it was able to offer the sensation of been more comfortable than Betis. But nobody was counting to see the error of Lopo, he was very secure all over the night, but the Catalan jumped an committed an incredible penalty. Unexpected yes, but it was fair after all. Jos?© M. Fern??ndez.

El Mundo Deportivo: Two squads in construction, at least in the words of their trainers. Nevertheless, the architecture of Joaquin Caparr??s, with new material in his Deportivo, is already appointing to bigger achievements. It isn't an example of virtuosity, but is an anti-earthquake construction. In the tactical order, any military resemblance will be a perfect addition to this armoured and destructive Depor. In the other side, Javier Irureta is having more troubles to build his squad, but we can already see a silhouette of his Betis, is a pleasant image and it's only missing the roof: the GOAL. The fight between two adversaries in different situations had dramatic dyes, mainly for Betis, the team that invested more football on the game. And it was bad treated by fortune, specially after a magnificent shot of Arizmendi. Then referee Daud?©n gave a small support to Betis when he expelled Filipe Luis, and left Depor with 10 men and 65 minutes in the clock. It was an illegally call. But we didn't see an improvement in the strategy, nor in the production of Irureta's group. Ineffective, Betis disappeared and the squad became more tightened by the anguishes dictated by the clock.  Justice finally came to the scenario and Robert established it when -already playing 10 against 10 by another unexplained expulsion, and with the regular time already fulfilled- Lopo put his hand where nobody was asking him to do it. The draw slightly calmed the spirits of an excessively upset public. Fernando Llamas.

AS: Betis didn't play bad, but it was facing a perfectly installed and serious rival on the pitch. Caparr??s, by the way, continues to obtain petroleum from his confrontations against his nemesis. Between his stages as a Sevilla's coach and now in La Coru?±a, he only suffered one defeat in 14 games. Truly, the Utrera-born trainer is a 'black beast' for Betis. And it would be better if it wasn't for that absurd penalty. But Deportivo gave a very good image. Betis failed a lot, they even sent three shots to the wood. And Deportivo had also its errors. Doblas made a couple of good interventions in which that fantastic player, Arizmendi, was involved. Who by the way scored an extraordinary goal from 30-meters. We also saw a couple of red cards, one of those was a mystery. Filipe was sent off after a foul made by Coloccini, and after looking the repetitions on the TV, we still don't know how to explain it. Carlos Cari?±o.

Diario de Sevilla: Lopo was fair with Betis. The innocence of the central defender served to end a negative dynamic in Betis, one that is difficult to explain and that gave a cruel suffering to the fans. Because it was incredible to hear the chants " Lopera, vete ya" after the several occasions that the squad failed against Deportivo. Mainly, after seeing an squad that gave everything on the pitch. But fortune is always unforeseeable in this world of football, and nobody was thinking that it would became into an allied during the last seconds of the match. If the theory considered Deportivo as the favourite, thanks to its impetus, the practice demonstrated that it was going to happen right the opposite. Javier Irureta's men, after a doubtful beginning, started to push them until Betis locked the rival to the proximity of Aouate. Rivera should be the main actor, but he was stopped by Juan Rodr?­guez during the game, and the red card of Filipe changed the scene. Caparr??s ordered to contain the result. Then, Juan Rodr?­guez left Rivera alone, but Betis didn't have clear ideas, although the numeric advantage on the pitch served to increase the pressure over the Galician squad. Lopo gave to Betis the prize that should came before, and that must be useful in order to change the things, and to know that the constant effort always take you to the final reward. Francisco Jos?© Ortega.

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